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Love incompatibility: Signs of the zodiac that are not destined to be together

Love incompatibility: Signs of the zodiac that are not destined to be together

The world around us is polar, the love front is no exception. Some signs of the zodiac are combined in the best way, but some of them are simply not destined to be together.

It is worth noting that there are exceptions to the rules. We are talking about alliances that are successful no matter what. It also happens that marriages and relationships, which in all horoscopes have a high level of compatibility, quickly fall apart.

There can be no definite answer in love — you just need to believe in yourself and your soulmate, casting doubt and prejudice away.

In love, Aries is worst hit with Capricorns and Virgos. The elements of the Earth are difficult to combine with the element of Fire, but if with Taurus the chances are quite high, then with this couple they tend to zero. The only way to make life with the Virgin or Capricorn pleasant is to give them independence.

Strong feelings in any case, you will be prompted to exit.

You probably will not succeed with Aquarius and Gemini. First of all, it will be boring for both of you and others, and secondly, they are the very opposite type of people. You are phlegmatic and calm, and Gemini and Aquarius are windy and inconstant. Both you and they have a reason to end the relationship almost immediately.

Such a union will be successful only if there is a joint hobby or hobby.

It will be difficult for you to live with Libra and Maiden. Incredibly attractive Virgo may disappoint you in the future: 3-5 months is enough for this. If you have no common interests, then marriage and relationships are doomed to failure.

Libra will rage because of your inconstancy. Entering into a relationship with them, you need to set all the priorities at once, so that in the future there will be no problems.

Worst of all, Cancer will be with another Cancer. Yes, at first glance, everything is beautiful — the same values, one world view, but it will be so boring that the chance of a lover or mistress appearing is simply enormous. Such relationships fade away slowly but surely, and it is incredibly difficult to re-ignite them.

Cancers, Aquarius and Aries are the most terrible second half for Leo. Crayfish are too simple to adore Lviv, Aquarius does not have enough time for this, and Aries make Leo jealous. To become a strong pair of Leo, these three Signs need to radically reconsider their behavior and worldview.

There is little chance, because Leo does not tolerate insults, falsehood and lack of attention to himself.

Virgo is very difficult to get along with another Virgin. You can become very loyal friends, but the love between you just does not happen. Dev also irritates laziness and lack of initiative in Pisces. Next to the Virgin should be very strong-willed Fish.

Even these people do not get along with Libra, although there is sympathy — it is important to be diplomatic here.

The only Zodiac sign that does not suit you is Gemini. His inconstancy will cause an imbalance in the relationship, but even in this case there are still chances for a successful life together and love. Libra is a truly unique Sign, because with 11 of 12 Signs it has little or no problems at all.

Scorpio is difficult with all. Least of all problems and most of all their admiration from Virgins, Gemini and Aquarius. On the other hand, the same Signs are able to leave you at any time — especially Virgo.

Astrologers can not come to a common opinion, so you can decide for yourself who to be better with: those who are independent and will not tolerate your character or those who will obediently fulfill all your requests.

Worst of all, Sagittarius affect Cancers and Pisces. The former are too conservative and calm, while the latter are infinitely wounded and unable to appreciate the dynamic lifestyle of Streltsov. The problem in this case is in those who are in love with you — you need to adapt to you, although nothing prevents you from cooling off a little.

Capricorns are very suspicious and at the same time logical and rational. That is why they do not understand Gemini and Aquarius. The worst compatibility is with Capricorn Scorpio, which can make the first to hate the entire opposite sex in general, and not just one of its representatives.

Capricorns are very accustomed to the person, so the antics of Scorpio and his further disappearance can make of Capricorn one to whom any feelings are completely alien.

Lions for Aquarius are too proud. It makes the latter laugh, because they simply do not understand why people can love themselves so much. Libra, on the contrary, is too insecure in itself, which also causes only laughter in Aquarius.

If these Marks succeed in explaining their behavior by reasonable arguments, then there will be some chances for love or friendship.

Pisces are hardest to live in love or friendship with other Pisces. The fact is that in such a union there is no initiative. Rybka also needs love and attention, so the Lions fall away immediately.

With the rest you can find a common language relatively easily. Leos or other Pisces need initiative and sincere feelings, exactly like yourself. Only in this way it will be possible to live in such a union for a long time.

Surprisingly, the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac incredibly affects the success of love relationships. We wish you only pure and cloudless love. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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