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Leo: Astrological Sign, Health, Perfect Diet

Leo: Astrological Sign, Health, Perfect Diet

Lions have an incredible lust for life. They are always in good spirits, quickly find contact with people, love to be in the center of attention. In nature, Leo is called the king of beasts. The royal manners, power and vanity automatically migrated to the characteristics of the sign of the Zodiac Leo.

People born under this constellation are endowed with all the qualities characteristic of the concept of «king.»

For Lviv is characterized by a special manner of behavior and communication with people. Their desire to always be at their best and to manage people is combined with generosity, good nature and mercy. Lions do not know what depression and sadness are.

They always try to show others their optimism and resourcefulness. They are proud of themselves, their achievements and their position in society. Being in the campaign, they immediately become the main instigators.

Lions love to give advice, help those who need help. It gives them strength and consoles selfishness. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac heavily endure loneliness.

They constantly need to be in the circle of people. They are able to quickly establish an acquaintance and take a dominant position. In their social circle, Lions crave recognition and respect.

They tend to have a lot of fans. They love to be listened to and share their secrets.

Lions can not stand criticism in his address. They are knocked out of the rut negative statements in their side. They are accustomed to living only by their own rules, and if something suddenly happens not according to their will, the Lions begin to experience a storm of negative emotions.

They become vulnerable due to lack of attention to their person, due to failures, ridicule or criticism. People born under the constellation of Leo love luxury. With this they emphasize their dignity and show the rest of the people what they have achieved.

Lions tend to demand from others admiration and love.

Leo has an amazing thirst for life. They are constantly in motion. That is why, often, they forget about their health. As a rule, diseases occur suddenly and are accompanied by increased symptoms.

However, they rarely get chronic and serious illnesses, as they have a strong spirit and good health. Recover the Lions quickly enough. This helps them a great desire to quickly get up and get back to work.

Particular attention Leo should pay to the cardiovascular system and back. To maintain immunity, Lions are encouraged to exercise regularly or take walks.

Lions are real gourmets. But often because of their eating habits, they harm their health. Astrologers recommend Lions to eat more plant foods.

The best solution for them is to become vegetarian. Avoid fatty foods, liquor and meat. Emphasis should be placed on products that contain a large amount of potassium: potatoes, figs, celery.

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