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Interpretation of dreams on the sign of the zodiac

Interpretation of dreams on the sign of the zodiac

Nature rewarded us with the ability to dream. Psychics and magicians claim that behind dreams lies a secret meaning. A dream can predict the future, warn of danger, and even help make a decision. But can all dreams be trusted?

According to astrologers, the interpretation of dreams directly depends on the person’s belonging to the sign of the zodiac. For example, if Aries dreams of water to a disease, then this dream foreshadows money for Cancers.

According to astrology, for each element of the signs of the zodiac are allocated its own special omens and symbols, to which it is necessary to pay special attention.

Zodiac Signs of Water Elements (Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios) often have prophetic dreams. Night dreams can warn them of trouble and provide some kind of guide to action.

The signs of the zodiac water element should pay attention in dreams to the places where they fall. Equally important for the representatives of these constellations is the atmosphere of sleep and the feeling that it causes.

Natural landscapes and water may indicate the emotions of a sleeper. If you dream of a beautiful landscape and good weather, it foreshadows harmony, tranquility and joy. If a dream, a storm, a storm, a thunderstorm and a blizzard, then such a dream promises trouble, problems and anxiety.

Happy signs in a dream for representatives of the constellations of Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios are butterflies, flowering trees, sweets, a calm sea, beautiful nature and clear water.

Adverse signs are blood and meat.

Special characters are spider, mouse, cat and baby. These elements in a dream must be decrypted.

To see a dead man in a dream is a prophetic sign. Representatives of the element of Water must take into account all the information that they will receive from communication with the deceased person in a dream.

Fire Zodiac Signs (Sagittarius, Aries and Lions) most often see themselves in dreams. The actions they perform in a dream play a great role in interpreting dreams. And everything else around does not really matter.

The interpretation of the dreams of these zodiac signs is clear and unequivocal. If the sleeper conquers someone, then the victory will come true. The end result of the action is important: if a person falls, this is a bad sign; if he climbs a mountain, success.

Lucky signs for Sagittarius, Aries and Lviv: star, light, sun.

Wounded, decayed or decayed teeth, sore eyes, gray hair foreshadow trouble.

Special signs in a dream, which need to be deciphered, are weapons, gold, jewels.

Prophetic characters that can direct the true path and give advice — angels and mythical creatures.

Signs of the Zodiac of the Air Elements (Aquarius, Libra and Gemini) do not often dream. Astrologers say that it is very difficult to interpret the dreams of representatives of this element. As a rule, many situations that they dream of have a completely opposite meaning.

For example, if you dream of a fight — it is to reconciliation, and a kiss can mean a lie and hypocrisy.

Landscapes, weather, labyrinths, flights, etc. — this is just a background that shouldn’t be given much attention. And the small details that are so noticeable have a special meaning.

Happy characters in a dream — music, theater, ring, mask, birds.

Unfavorable signs — bad smell, unpleasant sounds, damage to the legs and arms, suffocation.

A special sign is its reflection in the mirror. If the sleeper likes it, this is a good sign. If it changes or becomes ugly, then such a dream must be interpreted with identification with what is happening in reality.

Prophetic symbols in the dreams of representatives of the air element are numbers, names, letters, letters.

Zodiac signs of the elements of the Earth (Taurus, Virgin and Capricornus) often see houses, rooms and rooms. Of particular importance in their dreams is interior, decor and design. Ruins, cramped space, dust and mess dream of illness and trouble.

Luxurious or cozy interior — a sign of good luck.

As a rule, representatives of the signs of the element of Water rarely dream of bright and unusual dreams. If this happens suddenly, then you should not attach special importance to such dreams. Unusual dreams are the result of nervous overstrain and stress.

The happy signs are food, furniture, clothing, mountains.

Adverse characters — dirt, debris, natural disasters, humpbacked people, injuries to the abdomen, legs and back.

Special signs that are worth paying attention to — bright grass, flowers, hunger and cold.

Signs that carry important information are words and actions seen in a dream.

The interpretation of dreams on the Zodiac will help to more accurately reveal the secrets of dreams. Pay attention to the symbols and signs, analyze the actions, smells and sounds in a dream, and then you can get valuable information from your subconscious. And so that dreams were always kind and calm, click on the buttons and

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