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How zodiac signs fall in love

How zodiac signs fall in love

Love is the main feeling for all people without exception. Each sign of the zodiac falls in love in different ways — someone is funny, someone is stormy or, on the contrary, secretly. Stars dictate our habits.

Aries are fiery temperament and passionate passion, but not when they fall in love. Their only exception to the rules and a reason to be calm is love. They just come up to you, take your hand and say: “We. well it. together now. «

Taurus falls in love very fiercely, taking a person completely, leaving nothing. They immediately set conditions, announce the rules and declare their intentions to everyone around.

Twins love for real, falling in love without thinking, and then again, and again, and again. And in all for real. In all sincerely and without regard, for half a year approximately.

But sometimes more.

Cancers fall in love so carefully that even Virgos can’t compare with them. These guys can watch their chosen one or darling for years, and only then, if their victim has not fled, will she agree to be with them.

Lions only fall in love second. If you are in love with them, then they may be interested in you. By their nature, they should be better, so they expect respect and admiration.

And if everything worked out, they will become attached to you forever.

Virgo falls in love very slowly and carefully. You will not meet the Maiden, who beats her chest in front of a crowd of people, claiming that she is in love. All their feelings live inside them, breaking out only for their chosen one.

Scales are people of beauty, so they do everything as in a movie. They fall in love only because it is “very cool!”. Of course, later this may turn into something more, but their initial impulse is rather theatrical.

Scorpios fall in love, because it is necessary. They do it clearly on schedule, choosing an experimental. Quickly tell you how beautiful and smart you are, and then disappear abruptly, leaving the victim to marinate.

Archers do not fall in love. That is, they do not want to fall in love, but it turns out not always. They are very skepticistic about love, so they fall in love, almost preparing for parting.

These people are dangerous because they fall in love, attacking violently and suddenly. You do not even notice that you are also in love, although you are already standing in the registry office with a ring on your finger, surrounded by a crowd of people who also do not understand anything and shout: “Bitter. bitter, huh? Bitterly!».

Aquarians fall in love very funny. They call you a hundred thousand times a minute, claiming they miss you. They are so sweet and kind that not falling in love with them in return is a sin, a crime and just a terrible act.

Pisces is a textbook of love. For scientists, the answer to the question of who has learned from someone is unknown — the scriptwriters of love melodramas from Pisces or Pisces from scriptwriters. Most likely, just all the writers of films about love and love — Pisces.

Jokes, jokes, and the topic is very serious, because very few people know what to expect from a woman in love or a man a certain Zodiac sign. It is better to read this article and know what to prepare for than to be shocked by the actions of someone who has fallen in love with you. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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