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How to choose a perfume on the sign of the zodiac

How to choose a perfume on the sign of the zodiac

Perfume important things in our lives, sometimes, your perfume, can draw attention to you, and another time push people away from you. Should I rely only on my own taste, when choosing a smell, or is it better to turn to astrology? Learn how to choose a perfume on the sign of the zodiac.

Aries. A person born under this sign should avoid sharp flavors. Horoscope you are an energetic person, pick yourself fresh and light aromas that will soften your “firm handshake”.

Perfume with a hint of citrus fruits or cinnamon is perfect for you.

Taurus. Your temperament is calm and moderate, you try to be prudent and carefully choose dating. Floral fragrances are perfect for you, they can bring bright and positive notes to your look.

Perfume on the sign of the zodiac choose on the basis of lavender and jasmine.

Twins. often impatient and even irritable, but at the same time elegant and graceful. For your unusual personality fit a complex smell. You already seem mysterious, and such smells will attract even more attention to you.

You will suit spicy flavors with notes of the east.

Crayfish. You are a calm person, but you love to joke with passion. Your laughter is contagious, unwillingly yourself, you usually become the soul of the company. You will suit simple and sweet notes.

Choose your own fruit aroma that will complement your positive image.

A lion. You most often strive for leadership, beware of Lviv, but respect. Try to hide your strong nature under a light citrus scent.

Continue to conquer the peaks, but remember it will be easier to find contact with people if there are notes of lemon or orange in your perfume.

Virgo. It is usually very difficult for virgins to relax among a large number of people, you are often preoccupied and worried about trifles. Pick for yourself violet or herbal shades.

This perfume will not only have people to communicate with you, but also favorably influence your nature.

Libra. In people born under this Sign, there is a change of qualities that surprises others, and you too. Smoothing such changes is worth using pure and fresh flavors.

Choose for yourself sea perfume, then people will no longer be surprised by your jumps in the mood.

Scorpio. Most of the time you keep everything under control, you know your own worth and hardly change your mind. For people of this Zodiac sign will go complex odors that only emphasize the strengths of the Scorpions.

Choose a perfume with a hint of wood.

Sagittarius. On a horoscope you are sociable and friendly people, you easily go to the contact and make friends. For your sign fit fruit shades.

Try to avoid too sweet smells, otherwise people will stop taking you seriously.

Capricorn. People of this Sign are often ambitious and hardworking, Capricorns can be found in any area, they are able to work everywhere. But often people take you too seriously.

You are recommended to purchase oriental perfumes, choose a mysterious and spicy fragrance and many will change their opinion about you.

Aquarius. Usually Aquarius is calm and kind people, at the same time capable of surprising and even shocking society. Be careful with citrus smells, you will seem naive, which will attract fraudsters to you.

Choose your scent with a hint of lily or narcissus.

Fish. People of your Sign are most often energetic and bright personalities; it is difficult for you to sit still. A great option for this Zodiac sign is floral or fruit perfume.

But you should not choose sweet aromas, pick up a complex and exclusive perfume.

Be always unique and choose your own fragrance. Whatever perfume you choose by Zodiac, we wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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