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Gemini Zodiac sign: stones, talismans and colors

Gemini Zodiac sign: stones, talismans and colors

Gemini should prefer stones of yellow and green colors. They will help to keep restraint, discipline and perseverance in character. The stone citrine will attract good luck in any endeavors of Gemini. This gem is perfect for this zodiac sign.

In Gemini, he restrains negative personality traits and enhances the qualities that are necessary. Citrine also contributes to the development of gemini concentration and perseverance.

Cornelian will help those Twins who have tied their lives with art and journalism. It helps develop oratorical abilities and is a magnet for various ideas and inspirations. In addition, the carnelian protects the Gemini family, keeps the serenity of the hearth and saves energy.

To establish relationships with people Gemini helps cat eye. This stone is suitable for Gemini, who are constantly in contact with a large number of people. The cat’s eye gives its owner patience, resourcefulness and flexibility of mind.

In addition, the stone protects Gemini from intrigue and gossip, burns the negative energy received by Gemini from other people.

Amber will help Gemini to gain wisdom and harmony with the outside world. It will help to analyze the actions and draw conclusions. This gem is great for those Gemini who are interested in parallel worlds and esoterics.

It helps to develop extrasensory abilities and enhance intuition.

In addition to stones, Gemini can also be affected by talismans and amulets. If you choose the right talisman, then all the positive qualities inherent in this zodiac sign, will increase. Talismans protect their wearer from the failures and negative influence of other people.

The twins are constantly changing, their element — Air, which moves and sets in motion all living things. Therefore, the ideal talismans for Gemini will be those objects and symbols that personify movement, lightness, mutability and freedom. A suitable amulet will be the key.

It will help to overcome obstacles, find an approach to any person and solve complex problems.

The mask as a talisman fully reveals the essence of Gemini. Since Gemini is constantly changing and does not tolerate routine, the mask will contribute to the saturation and diversity in the life of this zodiac sign. Gemini is always in motion and hectic, they are cunning and adventurous, so their talisman can be anything that symbolizes activity, speed, information and energy.

Good luck Gemini will bring talismans in the form of a book, coins, hands or stars.

The color of the twin is yellow. This color helps Gemini to get rid of negative emotions, helps to recharge a good mood, contributes to the rapid absorption of information, enhances memory. In addition to yellow, Gemini is suitable and purple. It reinforces the duality of the character of this zodiac sign and helps to keep pace everywhere.

For Gemini who have dedicated their lives to intellectual work, and for those who often bump into philosophical reflections, gray is suitable. Like this article? Then be sure to put and

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