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Favorite music on the sign of the zodiac

Favorite music on the sign of the zodiac

Most people think that they have the perfect taste in music. They do not care about the subjectivity of such an assessment, but this does not allow to deny the fact that each person likes different music.

Such preferences are like fingerprints, but some traits can be traced to the musical tastes of the signs of the zodiac. Astrologers wondered about what kind of music this or that Sign likes the most. Do not be surprised if you find that your Sign most often does not like what you yourself, because we are all different.

We even have weaknesses and flaws different, what can we say about tastes.

Aries are people of music. They are not “musical” because there are least of all the great composers among them, with the exception of Johann Sebastian Bach. But Aries more often than others argue about music and movies, they say that one of the performers has the right to life, and some do not.

Usually, Aries are not guided by hearing, but by political connotations, genre or personality of musicians, their vices and shortcomings. If Aries loves his country, and he loves her for sure, then he will like foreign music much less.

Taurus soft in terms of the choice of music. These are not those who listen to the artist albums. Taurus scrupulously combing the Internet in search of beautiful songs that can be entered into your playlist. These people do not argue about the beautiful, but their taste is better not to call bad.

In most cases, this language will not turn around for you, because Taurus loves any genre, melody. They are omnivorous in terms of music.

Twins love music «heavier.» Most of these people love hard rock and everything that sounds like shots, explosions and slaughter for the average person. The older twins hit more on old music, which provokes them to memories and a quiet pastime.

In their youth they anneal, but by their life sunset they calm down more than others.

Crayfish all their life listening to what they liked even in 18-20 years. That is why many people think that Rakov does not have the ability to choose music. She is, just their habits are stronger than yours.

They perceive everything new with caution and disapproval, because it is easier to save themselves from the fate of those who are constantly experimenting, but who are disappointed. They are true to their traditions, by all means. This, I must say, is commendable.

Leos better not to say that their musical tastes are bad. If you don’t want your spoon stuck in your neck, it’s better not to talk about movies and music with them at all. Music for them is something intimate.

She is their companion in life. Lions at school and university even make lessons and coursework to the music. These are the ones who love to make love to her.

On the street without headphones Lions will not be able to go, believe me.

Virgos appear to be very correct and wise in all horoscopes, but this orderliness is not peculiar to them in music. Today, they listen to a foolish song from an advertisement, and tomorrow Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. They will survive your attacks on their tastes, but then you will not be able to get rid of them, because the Virgos will try to prove to you that their music is beautiful and melodious.

If you try to make fun of them, you will lose consciousness from a blow with a blunt object on the head.

Libra — these are the people who love to talk on the topic of music, because it charges them with positive. They sing not only in the shower or during cleaning, but also on the street, at work, in a queue at the post office. Scales are conservative and adore to show everyone their knowledge, which sometimes strains.

When everyone already understood that they know the names of all the albums of their favorite artists and the history of each song, Libra continues to boast of erudition that can ruffle anyone.

Scorpios are just two types — either they know everything about music, having graduated from a music school, a conservatory and other institutions, or they don’t know anything about it. It is useless to talk to them about music, if they are of the second type. Such people are the vast majority, so be careful.

Scorpios usually listen to what comes their way.

Sagittarius loves everything new and fashionable, but not always. They are also divided into two huge groups. Some Sagittarius adore something new and are constantly in search of new sensations, and the second love and perceive only the ear of old.

In any case, talking about music with them is most pleasant. They will not insult or kick you for what you like rap, not a classic.

Capricorns listen to trendy music to be in trend. This is fueled by a certain taste, so there is always something to talk about when it comes to art. The favorite music of the majority of representatives of this Sign is modern classic or “pop”.

Men Capricorns in adulthood are increasingly paying attention to antiquity, so go to the folk music or classical.

Aquarius does not depend on the opinions of others, therefore, among these people the greatest variation in genres. Guess what a girl or a guy like Aquarius likes is impossible. A representative person with a rich past may like punk rock, and a housewife will enjoy hard rock, which will be a must-have for any companion.

Among Pisces most of all are great musicians, because they associate music with emotions better than other Zodiac Signs. They live by feelings and feed on them with extra energy, and music is for them an excellent conductor of this very energy. Fishes not only idolize music and performers, but also themselves adore inventing it.

These people can be called the most musical.

The power of music is very strong. Many bioenergy masters advise using it during meditations. Do not underestimate the power of sounds, since their nature is physical. Sound is a wave that has its own energy.

Even plants develop better surrounded by sounds. Be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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