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Elements of Zodiac Signs: which talisman will attract money and good luck

Elements of Zodiac Signs: which talisman will attract money and good luck

In astrology, not only the sign of the zodiac matters, but also belonging to one of 4 elements. Based on this, you can choose the perfect talisman to attract financial flows and good luck.

Astrologers note that a person’s success is largely due to the state of his energy, the increase or decrease of which depends on a large number of factors. In order for success in all endeavors, energy must be increased. This is where talismans help.

Selected according to your Zodiac sign and the protective element, they will strengthen your biofield, attract luck and cash flow.

In total, astrology has four elements:

  • Fire (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo);
  • Water (Scorpio, Cancer, Fish);
  • Air (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)
  • Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

If you, for example, Libra, then you can not belong to the fire element. Element defines many traits and gives you some advantages and disadvantages. Talismans are designed to strengthen your strengths and smooth out the vulnerabilities of your energy industry.

Fiery people are extremely unstable when problems burst into their lives. They can be collected, dynamic, hot, but this stick has two ends. These people do not know how to seek a middle ground.

They need comfort, relaxation, comfort and peace. Often this overkill leads them to victory, but sometimes throws them far back. Aries, Lions and Sagittarius will cope with this amethyst stone. This talisman can be used as a decoration or simply carried in a pocket or bag.

From metals has similar properties silver. It will give you fortitude and joy. It must be worn in the form of rings, earrings or bracelets, but only if they do not have protruding threads or corners that are too sharp: this form can increase the recklessness and tendency to adventures.

Smooth jewelry, on the contrary, will add restraint and diplomacy.

Intuition is well developed in the Fire Signs of the Zodiac, therefore it needs to be strengthened. First of all wear some blue clothing. The blue color in itself is an excellent talisman for good luck.

You can also try using a banal horseshoe and symbols in the form of intricately woven neat patterns.

Earth Signs of the Zodiac are smart, dreamy, wise beyond the years and attractive, despite the fact that they are sullen and pathologically depressive. Self-doubt is something a lot of Fire Signs, but not in Dev, Taurus and Capricorn. Of course, sometimes there are moments when faith in oneself comes, but one has to make it permanent and familiar.

Often, Earth Signs are too cautious, which is also not always good. All this can be corrected, improved.

Get rid of depression and insecurity will help pomegranate or obsidian. They are filled with dynamic energy, which will make you believe in yourself even in the most difficult situation. If you are a man of art, it is better to wear these stones as a decoration on your chest. Otherwise, the usual carrying of the stone in a bag or pocket will do.

To attract financial success, you can put stones on your desktop.

To fill yourself with leadership qualities, you need the help of red. The red thread on your wrist will give you the necessary self-confidence and willpower if you were born under the Earth Sign. Also Virgins, Capricorn and Taurus need to get people who will push you to something and help with advice.

Remember that the best talisman for you is a reliable friend, and even better — a symbiosis of a friend and a loved one.

What we know about the properties of water is that it can seep into any gaps, making its way to freedom. For this, she does not need to make any effort. Everything happens by itself. The most important thing is not to stand still.

The same thing happens with people who were born under the auspices of the element of water. They can succeed just by going forward without making sharp jerks. When a period of difficulties begins, they can remain in place and stagnate, which is bad for their talents and mood.

Roughly speaking, these are people of mood, but not always. They need luck and protection more than anyone else. The best talisman for you is the stone talisman diamond and platinum. These jewelry can keep your mood and give confidence in the most difficult situation.

These are the most powerful amulets in the universe.

When your defense is strengthened, you need to go to the strengths. You are a creative person and you can not live without love, flirting and positive, so you should pay attention to amber. It will allow your creativity to increase many times, however, it charges you with this energy not at all immediately.

He will have to wear some time. Do not ever remove it far from yourself, but rather make an ornament out of it.

If your element — the air, then pay attention when placing the protection necessary first of all to your desires. Very often your dreams run ahead of you. This leads to the fact that you suffer a defeat in something, then you get upset. You can not win in everything and always.

To win you need to go, and sometimes long and hard. If you learn to control yourself, everything will be fine. You, like the Fire Signs, will be helped by a stone. amethyst.

Its magical properties are useful for people who need caution.

After the defense is built, it is necessary to go into a careful attack. Here you have no equal opponents, and so there is no, but you can become even stronger. Gold jewelry correct angular shape will be most welcome. They will allow you to make an impression on the opposite sex and set up energy so that your affairs will find support from other people.

In short, you can become even more diplomatic and sociable.

Stones-talismans are reliable assistants in difficult moments for any Zodiac sign and any element. Be sure that everything will be fine, then you will find success: according to the basic laws of the universe, your thoughts play a decisive role in everything. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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