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Elements of Zodiac Signs: which fragrance will attract money, luck and love to you

Elements of Zodiac Signs: which fragrance will attract money, luck and love to you

The magic of fragrances is as natural as the magic of color. For representatives of each zodiac element there is a certain set of smells, which gives them good luck and increases energy.

Some flavors allow you to restore health, some improve mood. If you use the smells that best suit you in terms of energy, then you can improve all aspects of your luck.

Fire Element: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo

For representatives of the element of Fire citrus scents are ideal. They are very strong, but at the same time unobtrusive. The greatest assistance provided by perfumes or essential oils with such an aroma, affects in the field of love and creativity.

The thoughts of the Fire Signs of the Zodiac become more pure, purposeful.

It is better to use only proven flavors without experimenting. This will help you to effectively interact with them, because your aura quickly “gets used” to something useful. Citrus scents make you more attractive and help you dominate, make a brighter first impression on people.

Money, luck and love will always be with you.

Earth Elements: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

People of the Earth element are always careful, often worried and very prudent. Too many factors in the world around them can disrupt harmony, so they should use protective aromas. Representatives of this element is better to use when creating an image fragrances light and floral.

They should be subtle for themselves and those around them.

Astrologers and bioenergy specialists of the site dailyhoro.ru recommend Virgins, Taurus and Capricorns to always use the same perfume. The beautiful half of humanity can use the spirits of vanilla, but very carefully, so as not to focus on the attention of people. Men suit perfectly fruit essential oils and toilet water.

Such smells help Earth Signs to remain calm, prudent, it is better to accept criticism, maintain objectivity, improve mood.

Element of Air: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Astrologers are advised to use the scents of flowers or spices. You can use a variety of perfumes and toilet water with unusual smells: coffee, tea, mint. You are allowed to experiment.

In some cases it is better to even use it as a basic rule, so that your aura changes and constantly generates new emotions, so that life plays with all colors.

With such fragrances you will be much easier to go through life. Adversity will be quickly forgotten, and communication with people will always give you unforgettable impressions. First of all, the constant experiments will reflect positively on the love sphere of life, and only then on finances and health.

Element of Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Obviously, Water Signs are best suited to smell like the sea. Astrologers advise people to use these Zodiac Signs to use light and fresh fragrances so that energy does not stagnate. Your aura will be updated much more often, which will make it easier to solve complex life tasks and think creatively.

Your life will not cause you negative emotions out of nowhere. Depression will be less, exactly like the experiences for no reason. Negative virus programs will eventually go away.

Experiments with perfume are not provided for you, so try to reduce your arsenal to sea and wood odors. Light aromas are suitable for Pisces and Cancers, but Scorpios can sometimes be used for heavier evening aromas. From time to time, Water Signs need to dilute lightness with powerful odors, but this is permissible only for certain periods.

For example, when you feel great and good luck with you, you can experiment a little and carefully.

Do not forget that smells are a powerful tool for managing luck, financial flows and love skills. Aromas allow you to get rid of negative emotions, but can also cause trouble in love and financial sphere, if you use them incorrectly. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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