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Elements of Zodiac Signs: love compatibility

Elements of Zodiac Signs: love compatibility

Love compatibility can be assessed not only by the signs of the zodiac, but also by their elements. This will be useful for those who are interested in more detailed information — after all, every nuance is important in feelings.

Many people prefer to learn love compatibility before the start of a relationship in order to save their valuable time. Of course, situations where ideal couples fell apart are not excluded, but this is already a human factor, because the Universe has not given everyone the ability to cherish the gifts of Destiny. There are also people who create strong and happy marriages, despite the lack of compatibility in the horoscope.

Air Sign Compatibility

The air is Aquarius, Gemini, Libra. Some signs of windiness are characteristic of these signs of the zodiac. This does not mean that they will constantly change. Simply, people born under the auspices of Air know what freedom is and value it above all else.

Freedom does not prohibit marriage. This looseness is rather emotional. When you hold back the representatives of the air element, they begin to act in defiance.

No need to agree with them in everything and go on about — just enough to understand them. Astrologers say that the best compatibility with air has the fire. However, lovers who constitute the union of these elements need to be extremely careful: the combination of fire and air can be explosive. This love will be passionate, but requires a lot of control if you want to get married and create a strong family.

Great passion requires diligence.

Air and Earth — This is the perfect combination for creating a family. The emotional component in such a relationship will be reduced, so in the early stages parting is possible. However, if the lovers successfully overcome possible problems, they will create a truly happy union.

Air and Water they may also encounter a lot of difficulties on their way, but such a marriage will cause Air to «sink», adding prudence and prudence to it.

Air with air they will be good friends, but the family is unlikely to be strong. The frivolity in family life does not lead to good, so that someone from the lovers will have to change their principles and character for the sake of such love.

Compatible Water Marks

From the very beginning of their adult life, Scorpios, Crayfish and Pisces are looking for a place for mental and physical peace. «Water» people want to gain solid ground under their feet, but they will not come to this on their own. That is why they are thinking about marriage and family from an early age. Their methods of testing the suitability of a person for love and long-term relationships can be difficult and even cruel.

They are incredibly demanding, but not to themselves, but to others.

WITH Ground Water is easiest because water seeps into the soil and becomes one with it. Water Signs are always respected and even admire Earthly, their stamina, wisdom, patience, intelligence and beauty of the soul. This is an ideal alliance for both some, and for others, but even here it is not without reservations.

They consist in the fact that Water Signs, when they feel a certain solidity under their feet, begin to relax and change. It scares those who belong to the earth element. For Water, everything is cloudless and beautiful.

Water and Water — this is an explosive mixture. Can you imagine how the two Scorpions will live together? These people are simply not made for each other, but not everything is so bad.

Sometimes such families, on the contrary, become inviolable, successful and successful, but this will require the enormous work of both parties.

Water and Air combined badly, but over time, the connection is enhanced. That is why the passion that erupted between two such people will persist for decades.

But the fire stewed with water. In the case of such love or marriage, it is better to give Leo, Sagittarius or Aries more freedom.

Fire Sign Compatibility

Oddly enough, Sagittarius, Lions and Aries combine well with all other people under certain conditions. Fire is emotions and sensuality. In love, these qualities can be considered paramount.

Air Signs are happy talismans for fiery people. The main thing is to show them their importance to you. They need to feel that they need them.

If the Fire Signs can do this, then in life they will be very lucky, not only in love, but also in their careers.

WITH Water Fire is better not to meet, if you do not know how to express your wishes and negotiate. Fire is better not to try to defeat the power of Water. Be discreet and line up your strategy carefully.

Fire + fire — this is something. Such alliances almost never live long, if there is no control in the relationship. It’s like trying to drive a car flying down from Everest.

Fiery earth the union is exactly what can give happiness to two people. If you learn something important from each other, you will never be parted. Do not ignore what the Earth Sign says, then even some antics you will say goodbye.

Earth Sign Compatibility

Earth is the hardness of the spirit. This is wisdom and incredible endurance. This modesty, logic, kindness, as well as principles, bordering on cruelty.

These people do not like being deceived or commanded without their permission. They know how to admit mistakes, but they hate unreasonable reproaches.

The earth must control everything and be confident in the future. This desire is satisfied in union with Water. However, when it comes to marriage, then the Earth Signs stop — after all, their half was appeasable at first, and then suddenly became another.

WITH By air Virgins, Capricorns and Taurus have chances of exactly 50 to 50. For Earth Signs, the airiness of Air often seems like folly and lack of principles. That they do not tolerate.

A little control here does not hurt.

Earth + Earth — that’s the true power. The only thing that will suffer in this case is monetary well-being. Such couples save, save and save, but cannot invest properly, because they are constantly afraid of something.

However, this is not such a strong minus.

The last ones we are talking about are Fiery legion. Virgins, Taurus and Capricorns can be incredibly difficult to interact with. Here, unfortunately, everything will depend not on Earth Signs.

If the Lions, Sagittarius and Aries can suppress egoism in themselves and see the merits of the Earth Signs, then this union will bring happiness to both.

May good luck in love be with you, regardless of what element you were born under. Love is born from the ability to meet. Stars and astrology will help you save your personal time, if you are not ready to make concessions.

If you are eager to find your true love, let it storm the obstacles, fall down and soar up. Tests strengthen the family, so do not be afraid of them. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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