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Crime Talent by Zodiac Sign

Crime Talent by Zodiac Sign

Do you know who you were and what you would do if you lived in the criminal world? Find out in our comic horoscope what kind of criminal abilities your zodiac sign possesses.

Aries is too open and straightforward to be a thief, but he is predisposed to hooliganism and drunk driving. Also, the representatives of this Sign have a passion for weapons, so it could well be gun traders.

Taurus liking to do one big thing to secure himself for life. However, having stolen something valuable, he risks to admire his trophy so much that he decides to leave it as a souvenir. In general, Taurus is the main brain and strategist of any gang.

He would sit in a comfortable leather chair and lead all criminal processes.

Twins — great cheats and aferyugi. They trade in small things — car theft, speculation, smuggling, scam, and gambling. At the same place for a long time can not ply, so they have a tendency to tour the world.

Cancer gifted with criminal talents Zodiac sign. According to a comic horoscope, he is always drawn to big money. Cancer first achieves high positions and only then, abusing his power and position, makes things worse.

Double-entry bookkeeping, tax evasion is still a small part of what he can do.

A lion, being a criminal authority, would quickly find himself in a large-scale fraud, such as a financial pyramid. This Zodiac is easy to win the trust of ordinary people.

At Dev everything is very serious — one-day firms, «cuts», offshore accounts. It’s not so easy for Virgo to undermine and calculate her frauds, since everything is thought out to her in detail.

Scales «work» beautifully. They are very artistic, so they can easily realize their talents in fraud. They work not alone, but for a couple with a friend, for example, with Gemini.

Charisma and politeness in their business — the main weapon.

Scorpio does not have certain talents for something alone. He has the same inclination and ability to all criminal spheres of activity. This is a cruel zodiac sign that will do anything for its own benefit and purpose.

Disgusting minor tricks, because he believes that you need to play for high stakes.

Sagittarius does not like «mnogohodovki» and affairs that require preparation and a lot of time. He loves quick money. It is easy enough to trust people, and they do not notice how they voluntarily give Sagittarius their money.

Capricorn is a born killer. He is very attentive, patient and assiduous. He is a loner, does not like working in a team.

His restraint and coldness help to survive in any difficult situations.

Aquarius is very talented on criminal ideas, and among their plans are both completely ridiculous and ingenious. But to distinguish them from each other can be difficult, so you have to check in practice. Usually all the machinations of Aquarius are based on new technologies.

Among the Aquarius, there are many hackers.

Many consider Pisces weak. But when it comes to criminal inclinations, many Zodiac signs can envy all their talents. Pisces is the leader of the mafia clan.

They can easily fill all that is given to them in power.

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