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Choosing a perfume fragrance by zodiac sign

Choosing a perfume fragrance by zodiac sign

Each woman chooses toilet water based on their personal preferences. However, astrologers recommend choosing a fragrance to be guided not only by their tastes, but also by the characteristic features of their zodiac sign. If your perfume will meet both your preferences and the features of the constellation under which you were born, then you will be able to bring harmony into your life, attract luck in all spheres of life, become a more confident person.

In addition, a properly selected fragrance is one of the most effective ways to attract the attention of the opposite sex. So, what kind of fragrance suits you according to the sign of the zodiac?

Aries you should always emphasize your activity and brightness. Therefore, they will suit and flavors filled with energy. This is a perfume with the aromas of sandalwood or bergamot. They will increase the desire for action and the vigor of Aries.

It also suits the flavor of juniper. He will saturate Aries with a good mood and help to quickly recuperate.

Taurus Calm, restrained aromas will do, but with a twist. For example, jasmine, myrrh, sandalwood or rosemary. Perfume with one of these fragrances will give them confidence.

He emphasizes all the positive qualities of the character of Taurus and neutralizes the negative impact of the people around them.

Twins fragrance is needed that would make them more balanced and calm. Often they suffer from their impermanence and desire to stand out from the crowd. Calm and delicate aromas will suit Bleenas: rose, wild berries, violet.

Crayfish should use a perfume that would emphasize their refined nature. The aromas that are suitable for the nature of the Cancer are citrus, sandalwood and amber. With this perfume, they can become more self-confident.

In addition, the thoughts of Rakov filled with new ideas and dreams.

Lions, like no one else, smells are keenly felt and therefore may be subject to their influence. They need to choose a perfume that would inspire them to new achievements and endowed with positive emotions. The aromas of narcissus and sandalwood are suitable for lions.

The virgins inherent restraint and self-control. But sometimes they just need to relax and allow themselves some pranks and frivolity. In order to become more understandable and open to others, they are encouraged to use oriental and floral aromas.

They will make Vir more softer and more feminine and give them positive emotions for the whole day.

Libra life lacks energy and patience. Often they refuse big opportunities because of their laziness. To boost enthusiasm and become more active, Libra can use perfume with citrus aromas: mandarin, orange, grapefruit.

Scorpions it is necessary to emphasize its mystery with the aroma and to strengthen the internal magnetism. Vanilla, cloves and nutmeg will help them in this. Such scents will make Scorpion women more attractive for the opposite sex and will become the key to their success in all areas of activity.

Sagittarius strive to lead an active lifestyle. They are tireless travelers and adventurers. Therefore, they need a scent that would inspire them to act boldly and remind them of a great time spent on vacation.

Sagittarius suitable fruit and floral exotic flavors and notes of the sea beach.

Capricorn It is necessary to create an image of a confident person. In this they will help the flavors of jasmine, myrtle, vanilla and camellia. They will not only make Capricorns resolute and energetic, but also create a special shade of refinement and sophistication.

Aquarius they always charge other people with positive energy, because of this they sometimes lack vitality and activity. Cool and fresh aromas will help to restore energy and good mood. Also Aquarius suitable and floral shades: roses and lilies.

Pisces you need to emphasize your individuality and spiritual softness with light gentle aromas that will create an aura of mystery and exclusivity around the representatives of this sign. Pisces will suit perfume with hints of lavender, rosemary, grapes, ylang-ylang.

By the way, scientists have proven that smells can have a strong effect on a person’s perception, both positive and negative. For example, in alternative medicine there is such a direction as aromatherapy, the essence of which lies in the treatment of diseases with various odors. And astrologers, in turn, gave their own assumptions about the influence of flavors. They argue that perfume, selected in accordance with the sign of the zodiac can create inner harmony and even attract success.

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