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Character Astrology: Temperament and Zodiac Signs

Character Astrology: Temperament and Zodiac Signs

All the variety of temperaments can be divided into 4 types: choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine and melancholic. And each is peculiar to one or another signs of the zodiac.

Choleric — impetuous, unbalanced and emotional type. Phlegmatic person — sluggish, purposeful, but calm. Sanguine — cheerful, sociable, agile and constantly changing.

Melancholic — vulnerable, depressed, secretive, but creatively developed.

Each sign of the zodiac exhibits a unique set of characteristics characteristic of these four temperaments.

Aries are pure choleric. A mixture of temperaments is found, but it is extremely rare. This Zodiac sign is always in a hurry somewhere and is always ready to fight for its ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

Tauruses exhibit phlegmatic features and at the same time are choleric. In the direction of the daring choleric man, Taurus men go more deeply, and ladies have approximately the same proportions of both temperaments.

The purest sanguine. Most of these people experience an incredibly large range of emotions, not fixing on the same thing. They are always joyful and full of strength.

According to him, as a rule, you can write a portrait of an ideal sanguine person.

Melancholic. It’s not that the Cancers weep and go into constant depressions, they are just terribly withdrawn. Most of the representatives of this Sign do not show violent emotions.

Sometimes they are characterized by cholericity.

With Lions is quite difficult to decide. They are emotional, like sanguine, but also slightly unbalanced, like choleric. Therefore, you need to be careful with them — now they are good, but say something is not right, and bite your head.

Most Virgos are pure phlegmatic. There is a small proportion of these people who can not be attributed to any one type of temperament. As a rule, from time to time they commit acts that are not peculiar to this temperament, which lead others into delusion.

Phlegmatic, like the Virgin, but no frills. Scales just do what they need. They live in their own world, moving toward the goal by leaps and bounds, but only these steps are absolutely not visible to anyone but them.

And yet, Libra comes to a goal.

Scorpios are like Dev, but their temperament is different. Most often, Scorpios are choleric with an admixture of moderate melancholy. One thing is for sure — they are not phlegmatic at all, no matter how much they sometimes want to confuse them.

These guys love to chat, get new emotions, invigorate their bodies and thoughts, and do not sit still. Sanguine people, not otherwise, you think. But what about hot temper and nervousness?

Find Sagittarius-sanguine without admixture of choleric is extremely difficult.

Very interesting personalities. Perhaps the only phlegm-sanguine among all the signs of the zodiac. Temperament at Capricorn is simple and clear.

They are slowly moving towards their goals, but in difficult situations they prefer not to go into conflict, but to “talk”.

Aquarians are similar in their temperament to Sagittarius — they are sanguine to the bone marrow, however, extremely rare, but incredibly clearly manifest the qualities of a choleric person. This does not happen often, but every time it looks like an atomic bomb.

Fish are more melancholic than crayfish. This Zodiac Sign impurities of other temperaments are few, so the creative and secretive Pisces receive the prize for the most melancholic character.

We are all unique, but some surprising constancy in character among the Signs is still observed. This article will help everyone to look at themselves and to understand what can be changed for the better, and what is best left as is. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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