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Cancer zodiac sign: nature, health, ideal diet

Cancer zodiac sign: nature, health, ideal diet

People born under the constellation of Cancer, have a thin kind. They are distinguished by a rich imagination and highly developed intuition. Interacting with society, Rakov always cares about what they think about them. They are subject to the influence of the surrounding world like no other.

They are easily offended, they are susceptible to people’s views and words. This makes them vulnerable.

High impressionability and dependence on people’s opinions plays a cruel joke on Cancers. They are so sensitive that it sometimes leads to depression or to constant stress. From the pressure of the surrounding world, Rakov is saved only by their developed intuition, which often helps to avoid disappointment and danger.

The mood of the Cancers, like in Gemini, is changeable. They are sad, then have fun. However, no matter what emotions Cancers show, they are all real.

If Cancer laughs, then he is really fun. They do not play with their emotions and do not fake their feelings. Cancers have an amazing feature to charge people around with their mood.

If Cancers have fun, then their surroundings will change their mood for the better.

Cancers are fully capable of seizing the emotional mood of people with whom they are constantly in contact. A long conversation with Cancers can cause people to explain inexplicable irritation or fatigue. Unwittingly, the Cancers affect people’s mood changes.

It is very difficult for people around them to be in constant contact with the Cancers.

If Cancers make friends, the friendship promises to be long and strong. With friends Cancers feel at ease, in their society, they do not experience stress and stress. Cancers can be friends and keep secrets.

However, they themselves are not always able to fully open to another person. As a rule, Cancers are secretive. Their experiences they rarely trust.

Representatives of this sign endure all difficulties alone.

Hypersensitivity Cancers can affect their well-being. Constant stress, insecurity, loneliness can lead to prolonged depression or to the failure of the central nervous system. Particular attention Cancers should be given their daily routine. They need a healthy and sound sleep to recuperate.

Cancers should take more seriously all the signals of their bodies, otherwise, they face the exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Also Cancers do not recommend frequent communication with mentally unbalanced people. Such contacts can adversely affect the nervous system of Cancers. The most vulnerable parts of the body of Cancers are: the stomach, lungs, heart, head and kidneys.

Often, crayfishes suffer from the fact that their diet is wrong. For crayfish, the best solution in food is eating grains and fish. In addition, the Cancer is recommended daily to use the following range of products: apples, cherries, fish, walnuts, meat and eggs.

Negative effects on the body of Cancers are alcoholic beverages, fatty foods, sweets and dairy products.

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