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Cancer zodiac sign: characteristic of man and woman

Cancer zodiac sign: characteristic of man and woman

Cancers are a type of men who are distinguished by their gallantry and good upbringing. By nature, they are quite sentimental and romantic. They are sensitive and can often be touched by criticism.

Male Cancers predisposed to doubt, sadness and analysis of their actions. Their mood is changing rapidly, while the negative energy can be transmitted to the people around them. Male Cancers are quite difficult to endure life difficulties.

They can give up not only in the case of a grandiose failure, but also as a result of any minor troubles. An unpleasant trifle can cause a storm of negative emotions in Cancer men. They tend to equate the petty hardships of life with problems of a universal scale.

Men treat Cancer men exactly the same way people treat them. Representatives of this sign seek to gain a high position in society and in their social group. They demand respect for themselves and are ready to treat others with understanding and patience.

In the choice of the second half, Male Crawfish are guided by the image of the woman, who themselves have created in their imagination. It is important for them to find the one that will meet all the requirements. In relations with women, male Crawfish are accustomed to dominate.

They tend to extol the significance of men over women.

Cancers have, as a rule, a secretive character. Male Cancers — nature cautious, prone to doubt and indecision. But despite this, they can achieve a lot thanks to their insight and desire for self-expression.

Female Cancers have a complex and changeable character. They are friendly, they show rudeness and indifference. Representatives of this zodiac sign react painfully to criticism.

They care about the opinions of other people. They are always interested in what friends, colleagues or relatives think about them.

Cancer women tend to delve into their past and analyze their actions. They often indulge in nostalgia, recalling the best moments of their lives. It always seems to them that their present is not at all what they once dreamed of.

Thus, Crayfish women, as a rule, are often dissatisfied with their position in society and tend to fix it.

Of great importance to the Cancers of the female is what they have already achieved. Cancer women will fiercely protect their family and property. By nature, they are proprietress, therefore, in marriage they do not tolerate adultery and even a slight flirting of a spouse with other women.

Crawfish females are excellent housewives and keepers of the family hearth. They perceive family and home as a place where all difficulties and hardships are left behind.

Women of this constellation create the impression of a confident and self-sufficient person, but inside them lies sensitivity, tenderness and romance.

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