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Cancer: Characteristic and Compatibility

Cancer: Characteristic and Compatibility

Astrology often helps people interact, especially when it comes to secretive Cancer. Learn all about the best compatibility for this Mark and its strictest secrets.

People born under the sign of Cancer, are ruled by the moon. She gives them her changeability and deep sensuality. Anyone who was born in the period from June 22 to July 22, is under the influence of her power and can safely classify himself to this sign of the zodiac.

What are the characteristics of these people are dominant?

The first and most important thing they say about representatives of the Sign of Cancer is the secrecy of their character. Possessing extremely vulnerable and developed sensuality, they thus protect their inner world from invasions. You will not wait for extra words from those born during this period: they keep their inner world behind seven seals. Their trust is very difficult to obtain.

But having come together with one of them in a friendly or love affair you will get one of the most faithful and reliable comrades. Such is the character of the representatives of this zodiac sign. Perhaps that is why you can learn about them so many unusual facts.

The most important thing to understand about the character of those born under the sign of Cancer is their strong attachment to the family and the house as a whole. For them, family becomes their own separate world, where they can be themselves and feel at ease. After all, here they are protected from the unpredictable influence of external factors.

The house in this case can be equated to a kind of fortress with unbreakable walls that protect against enemies.

The very name of the Sign, Cancer, characterizes its wards at times almost literally: people from their entourage sometimes see thick armor, because of which Cancer looks and in which he hides. In general, he looks quite sweet and harmless. But do not forget that he has claws, and even if he loses one of them, she will grow back. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac take a very strong defensive position, and, if necessary, will protect not only themselves, but also their loved ones.

Then the proverb “in the still waters of the devil is found”, which is perfect for describing the nature of Cancer, can justify itself. To protect themselves from negativity in time, talismans can help them. At the same time, the most effective for Rakov is a talisman or a moonstone talisman.

Cancer: Compatibility in love and marriage

With the help of astrology, you can always get an answer why with some people relationships are long, while with others they quickly disappear. If you would like to know exactly who the representatives of the Sign Cancer are compatible with, we suggest you calculate the probability of the perfect love harmony using astrocompatibility.

Successful compatibility: Of course, you can stop the choice of a life partner on the representative of your zodiac sign: two Cancers will understand each other like no other. They are perfectly compatible, but sometimes it is precisely the similarity that makes it difficult to get full pleasure from love. According to astrologers, the most interesting and strong unions among those born under the constellation Cancer are obtained with the representatives of the element Earth.

Married to Taurus full harmony awaits both partners. They have quite similar views on life and temperaments, and most importantly, they understand each other very well when it comes to feelings.

No less successful may be an alliance with another land sign, Virgin. In such a union, Cancer will be responsible for the emotional sphere, and Virgo will add practicality to it. It is important that they work together for one thing: the common home. If we are talking about a pair of CancerCapricorn, the prospects are no less bright, and their compatibility is very close to perfect.

Both of them will thoroughly approach to solving family issues and achieve any goal together.

Possible compatibility: in addition to the ideal couples, there may be those where relationships are established gradually. But they can make each other a great company if they learn to interact. For example, Aries may inspire the representative of the sign of the zodiac Cancer with their perseverance and perseverance.

But do not rush someone who thinks everything out in his head: Cancer needs time.

Sign compatibility Libra This is easily explained: people born under this constellation have a light disposition. This often helps relax and Raku. They will carefully think through any question, but the problem may be with the one who will be the initiator in this pair.

It is also important that conflicts will not be serious: none of them likes to quarrel.

Also strong families are obtained by combining Cancer and Fishes. They expect a quiet family life. There is only one “but”: in order not to exhaust one another’s nerves, they both should learn at least periodically to open each other for discontent and anxiety.

In small doses and mild form.

As you know, before the real love any obstacles fall. And for couples with perfect compatibility, and for those who are not relevant, it is helpful to find the recipe for your happiness to be together forever. Learn important secrets of happiness in love for Cancer: there are almost no hopeless situations. Good luck to you and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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