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Best hostess on the sign of the zodiac

Best hostess on the sign of the zodiac

No wonder they say. That behind every successful man is beloved woman. Each representative of the zodiacal constellation is able to provide her family with care and comfort, but not all of us are created for running a household.

Each person can learn about their features and virtues with the help of a horoscope. The day you were born also plays a role in the formation of character. The experts of the site dailyhoro.ru present to your attention the ranking of the best hostesses, which were composed by leading astrologers of the world.

In it, you will be able to recognize yourself, correct your shortcomings and become the most beautiful mistress, loving wife and mother.

12th place — Twins

Twins do not tend to keep the household thoroughly. Women of this Sign may be engaged in household chores, but this does not happen often, about once every six months. They are not sluts, however, life oppresses the nature of a Gemini woman who is constantly in search of a way for her development.

Next to such a woman, it will be difficult for a man to feast on homemade cakes, to feel warmth and comfort. But with the representative of this constellation will never be boring.

11 place — Aquarius

Representatives of this constellation will not be difficult to pretend to be good housewives. However, if you do not find dirt in the house of Aquarius, in the refrigerator you will see a lot of cooked food, it absolutely will not say anything about the character of the woman. Aquarius simply do not like the household chores that cause them to give up active life.

Man’s dreams of home comfort will be broken if he chooses a representative of this Sign in his life partner.

10 place — Aries

For representatives of this Sign, perhaps nothing is impossible. Ladies Aries know all about home chores and more. They can spend hours talking about how to cook borscht, clean up on the territory entrusted to them, but doing all of the above will simply be lazy. Yes, they can take care of their family, but the household will also have to “give it all” to its fullest.

Sly representatives of this Sign can easily shift the responsibility from their shoulders, competently directing the cleaning and cooking.

9th place — Sagittarius

Archers are cunning, and can maintain cleanliness in the house without spending a lot of energy. They are well aware that in life there are a lot of interesting activities that are many times more fun than cleaning carpets and washing dishes. They solve problems with carpeting simply: they have no carpets. With the washing of dishes, women of this Sign will cope with the help of technology.

The rest of the things in the house of Sagittarius can be found in the most secluded corners of the apartment. Ladies know that there should be order in the house, but no one said that things should not be stuffed into spacious closets or under the bed before the guests arrive.

8th place — Pisces

Ladies Pisces are convinced that the best housewives in nature simply do not exist. They sincerely take care of their family, surrounding their husband and children with love. However, cleaning for Pisces is a matter of inspiration, but, as usual, it does not come on schedule several times a week. Therefore, in the house of the owner of this Sign often creates a creative mess, and inspiration is enough to wash dishes and take out the garbage.

Cook Pisces love and know how, but again, inspiration makes its own adjustments. Do not expect from the ladies of this constellation of daily home baking and do not expect to get a full three-course dinner, if the fish does not feel a surge of energy.

7th place — Libra

Scales are able to maintain order in the house and even eagerly wipe the dust every day, or even several times a day. The nervousness of such housewives is fully justified: in the pursuit of all household duties, they may lose sight of the planned work. They are able not to keep track of the prepared products, do not have time to take out the garbage, and even forget to fill up the refrigerator with new products.

Housewives from Libra are diligent, but somewhat «unrelated».

6 place — Virgo

Virgo is located in the center of the horoscope. And not because they are bad mistresses, but because they are extremely pedantic and strict. They can drive their households to place their belongings in strictly allocated places with love, check for dust and manicly clean the house from the slightest dirt with the help of “slaughter chemistry”. If you meet the hostess, who zealously rubs the battery with a toothbrush, then do not hesitate: before you Virgo.

However, bouts of purity in Virgos alternate with depressive mood. At these moments, representatives of the constellation can not notice the mold in the pan with food.

5th place — Scorpio

To the ladies of this Sign, cleaning is required not only to make the house comfortable. They are excellent hostesses, but do not stand in their way during their “races” with a mop and a bunch of rags. Scorpions are cleaned in order to restore order in their thoughts, and they need tools for fighting mud to occupy their hands. Often, the ladies of this Sign do the cleaning after waking up.

For them, it is an excellent meditation, which allows you to come to yourself and think about the strategy of behavior for the day.

4th place — Capricorn

Capricorns deserve praise. Ladies-Capricorns are able to farm, which does not bother them at all. Capricorns are able to distribute responsibilities for the care of the house among all family members, so much so that it will not surprise anyone and will not force them to abandon the duties imputed to them.

Lady Capricorn perfectly organizes life, which works like a clockwork of a Swiss watch. You can blame the lady only in that she will not be alone «save the universe» from the accumulated debris. Be sure that you will be involved in cleaning, if not in time looked at the tea.

3rd place — Taurus

Representatives of Taurus for the management of the required modern gadgets. They can maintain cleanliness and cook well, coping with “grandmother’s methods”, but until they get bored. But get tired of such a life can them pretty quickly.

If you want purity and harmony to reign in your home, do not forget to pamper your woman with novelties. Everything that helps to cope with dust, dirt and cooking will be appreciated by Taurus.

2nd place — Cancer

Ladies born under the constellation of Cancer literally obsessed with the household. Rare Cancer can control itself when it comes to cooking. They love to pamper the household with their cooking, but they do it so much that they often have to call on the help of relatives and friends.

Ladies can make a strategic reserve of dumplings, which would be enough for a company of soldiers, so they occupy only the second place of honor. For them, nothing is impossible, but they still should not go too far in housekeeping.

1st place — Leo

First place in this ranking is occupied by ladies-lionesses. Due to their temperament and love, they can literally show off mountains that can literally move. Their home will be a model palace, even if it turns out to be a standard two-room apartment. Food prepared by Lionesses is often addictive, because it was prepared exclusively according to the recipes of world cooks using the most refined ingredients.

Fiery representatives of the constellation do not get tired just because they do not allow a large number of outsiders into their «mansion». However, if you are lucky enough to be invited to dinner, be sure that what you see will lead you to complete delight.

Each sign of the zodiac has its own characteristics, and they are not always manifested cooking and the desire to maintain order in the house. Before mastering culinary masterpieces, it is important for ladies to deal with their desires. It does not matter if you cannot maintain sterile cleanliness in your home. It is important to spend your potential where you are truly capable of becoming the first.

Consider the birth date numerology to learn about your abilities. We wish you happiness and good luck in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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