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Astrological square of relationships: compatibility with the Zodiac Sign

Astrological square of relationships: compatibility with the Zodiac Sign

To find out your compatibility with another person, it is not necessary to go to a fortuneteller or clairvoyants. For this it is enough to use the astrological square of relations.

If you do not have time to check the full love compatibility, the square of compatibility will be an excellent way out. One minute is enough to quickly assess your chances of success in a relationship with any person.

Astrology and love

Every person has their own astrological patron — a constellation. Of course, we are all different, but within the framework of one Zodiac sign, all people have slight similarities that can be used to analyze future relationships.

Based on the study of the features of each Sign, astrologers were able to identify some of the sequences and trends that are used in most horoscopes. In love, energy is very important — its stability and strength, as well as human resistance to external changes in energy waves emanating from stars. It is on this that the square of relationships is based.

Astrological square of relationships

The square is a regular table. Find the intersection of your Zodiac Sign with the Sign of a person with whom you are already in a relationship or want to start them. You will see a number whose decoding is given after the table itself.

one: your relationship will be like a tug of war — frequent quarrels and conflicts are possible.

2: a great passion is possible, which can quickly fade away.

3: one of you must clearly dominate in order for the relationship to last as long as possible.

four: you can only succeed if there are many common interests.

five: it will be extremely difficult to find a balance in a relationship.

6: interesting union. You complement each other well.

7: medium compatibility. You will find a dazzling start and a boring sequel.

eight: you are hardly perfect for each other, but it’s definitely worth a try.

9: if you give each other more freedom, then you can make a pretty good pair.

ten: one of you will surely be very bored. Perhaps pretense and hypocrisy. Bad compatibility.

eleven: you are perfect for each other. Do not miss your chance.

12: you are too different, but the chances of happiness, of course, is.

13: Romance is your personal magic wand for all times.

14: Avoid any ambiguity in the relationship and take care of each other.

15: You are well suited to the role of husband and wife, but you must avoid cheating.

sixteen: Most likely, you are waiting for a short relationship.

17: great physical compatibility, but little understanding.

18: a lot of love, requiring special investments from each side. A lasting alliance is quite likely.

nineteen: sensual connection, but a lot of deception.

20: a lot of luck in the financial sector, good chances for fruitful cooperation. In love, there are many chances to become desirable for each other.

21: a stable, but devoid of passion connection.

22: fleeting relationship.

23: together you will have the chance to create something beautiful. Medium compatibility.

24: You will be great friends, but not family.

25: short term relationships are possible.

26: good compatibility, spiritual connection. Strong, but difficult love.

27: it will be difficult, but interesting, or easy, but fleeting.

28: you should definitely try to confess your love because you are made for each other.

29: beware of adultery.

thirty: you will be very interested together, but everyone will be a free bird.

31: different interests will be the point from which you will begin each your way. Bad compatibility.

32: very strong connection, good physical and spiritual compatibility.

33: you definitely will not remain indifferent to each other. Do not miss your chance for happiness.

34: you will succeed. Stability is the word that defines your relationship.

35: the connection is good, but you will be bored with each other. A strong family can turn out without any problems.

36: your connection will be highly spiritual, strong. Mutual respect will allow you to love each other, but not immediately.

37: less rigor and windiness, then love will come to your home.

38: better not to try.

39: relationship and love is salvation for both of you.

40: your Signs fit very well, but some rules will be needed.

41: you will be comfortable together, fun and easy.

42: you are completely different, so you can only count on a light hobby.

43: you are waiting for constant quarrels.

44: almost perfect compatibility in love.

45: you are unlikely to like to be close to each other — you are very different.

46: you cannot tolerate each other for long.

47: together you are able to move mountains.

48: you will get a fairly harmonious couple, if you know how to find a compromise.

49: you will be like a happy mascot for each other.

50: these relationships can lead you astray, but they can, on the contrary, direct you to him.

51: relationship with a twinkle, but incredibly strong.

52: the diplomatic people of your Signs will be able to create a strong family.

53: one mistake or mistake — the end of the relationship.

54: you have something to learn from each other.

55: you will not understand your soul mate to the end, which will be a reason for parting.

56: this relationship will be like a fascinating journey, which is destined to end someday.

57: 50 to 50. Either you conquer this world, or one of you will not even look at the other.

58: grotesque relationship, full of falsehood and pretense.

59: if one of you obeys the other, you will live your whole life together.

60: bright, but useless.

61: good luck will be with you always. Good compatibility.

62: the beauty and mind of each other will be cause for admiration. Perfect sexual compatibility.

63: most likely, you will go to a love relationship for a very long time, but it will be worth it.

64: a very strange union that can be described in one word: «chaos».

65: Look at both — you are not so different from each other.

66: strong love, marriage, friendship and cooperation.

67: short relationship, perhaps even karmic relationship.

68: You will need the help of a third person for a successful acquaintance.

69: this kind of love will tear down your roof, leaving scars and pleasant memories.

70: you will be bored.

71: you are too perfect for each other. This may be a problem, but it’s definitely worth a try.

72: strong dedication can quickly be replaced by indifference.

73: Your relationship is the quintessence of Russian roulette.

74: you just can all go well.

75: talk about your feelings more often in order to preserve love or friendship.

76: everyone will try to prove their strength. The result — the war.

77: medium compatibility. Traction to adventure can ruin your relationship.

78: some of you will just have to change, otherwise your whole life will go somersault.

Each cell of the astrological square has a special secret meaning. Such an assessment of relationships is perhaps even better than a detailed analysis, since you can plan your own model of behavior. It is a kind of freedom, implying certain limits and rules.

Remember that everything will be fine only if your thoughts are.

Even the seemingly hopeless relationship can be made strong. A man can do almost everything, therefore, consider the advice of an astrological square as instruction, and not unconditional rules. Only you can change your destiny and make yourself happier. Be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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