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Astrological love spell: how to save love by the Sign of the Zodiac

Astrological love spell: how to save love by the Sign of the Zodiac

Keep a loved one and do not let family relationships fall apart. To do this, you should use the astrological love spell, which will help Zodiac signs to cope with a difficult life situation.

The astrological love spell is not composed by magicians and does not contain rituals and plots for the renewal of love. This is a set of rules that characterize men according to the Sign of the Zodiac. Such recommendations will help to better understand the features of your partner and will become a practical tool for improving your relationship.

However, together with these recommendations, you may well use both whispers that will attract love into your life and prayers that protect the family from discord and negative influence from the outside.

Men of this Sign can decide to break off relationships when their lives become routine. Impulsiveness does not allow Aries to sit still, and difficulties and obstacles are vital for them. They serve as proof of their consistency and importance for the partner. If your man, in the heat of quarrel, attempted to end the relationship, give him time to cool down and only after that find out the reasons for this behavior.

In such a decision may be the share of your guilt. You unconsciously can restrain a life-loving and restless Aries and inhibit its speed with its slowness and slowness. Aries are impulsive and independent, but in their hearts they often turn out to be vulnerable and modest people who need support in their endeavors.

It is possible to prevent your relationship from reaching a similar situation. To do this, you should pay attention to the following:

  • learn to be a little faster;
  • Solve problems jointly and directly ask for help — veiled requests and resentment that you were misunderstood are your omission;
  • Do not interfere with the initiative of Aries — if it is fired up by some business, it is easier for you to support it, otherwise your relationship will become strained
  • Try not to elicit information from him. All that the Aries man considers necessary, he will say, and leave the rest to his discretion;
  • learn to respond quickly to situations and in a short time to mobilize — Aries often make spontaneous decisions, for example, about going shopping or traveling;
  • let your partner do what he likes without moral admonitions like “useless work”, “waste of time”;
  • support your soul mate, and your mutual feelings will play with bright colors.

Representatives of this Sign of the Zodiac are able to endure family troubles for a long time and silently carry in themselves insult and understatement. However, as soon as the cup of patience overflows, Taurus can break off the relationship and leave irrevocably. In family relationships, a man is looking for peace, comfort and an established life, confidence in the future.

Having met a woman who is able to share with him his world view, Taurus becomes a devoted family man, who appreciates taking care of himself. Remember that this type of men often justifies the proverb “the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”. Including Taurus appreciates a partner that is sexually compatible with him.

If your relationship has become strained, you need to take the following steps:

  • respect his personal belongings;
  • limit spending and do not waste all the money of your man;
  • Do not indicate to him the correct action. Taurus is very stubborn, and they have their own opinion on the performance of certain tasks;
  • allow him to fully relax and sometimes laze around;
  • do not interfere with his rare meetings with friends;
  • Use cooking as a powerful weapon.

There is no need to exert pressure on a Gemini man. Your nagging and discontent will give rise to coldness first, and then you will simply be ignored. This type of people appreciates interesting interlocutors, so instead of regular notations, you will have to learn how to maintain an interesting conversation in which you can talk about your plans and ask for help. If your man voiced that he intends to part with you, then you should not expect instant action on his part.

Between word and deed can take a fairly long period of time.

At such a moment it is worthwhile to take care of keeping your partner and correct the mistakes made earlier:

  • give your man more freedom of action;
  • do not interfere with his communication with a wide range of friends and congenial people;
  • become for him the best interlocutor, responsive to his jokes, personal opinion, support the conversation;
  • do not «saw» your partner in trivia;
  • learn to be not only a wife, but also a friend — Twins appreciate the one who participates in their adventures, draws and in every possible way supports their harmless undertakings.

Before you break off a relationship with you, a Cancer man can silently pack up and leave his life with a downcast look. The second line of behavior can include a long preparatory stage: your partner will be nervous and postpone a difficult conversation until the last. Cancers are very sensitive, and breaking the relationship is a serious injury for them.

At such a moment, they often begin to remember happy moments from their life together and may even ask to start a relationship again.

In this case, you have every chance to keep a loved one, if you will be able to forgive him:

  • give him more emotions, sympathize, praise, strongly encourage your partner with gentle words;
  • tell him about your plans, where you intend to go, what time to return — Raki greatly appreciate this attitude, considering that by doing so you take care of his emotions and do not let him worry about you;
  • spoil it delicious and do not forget to say that this dish is prepared especially for him;
  • appreciate his personal items;
  • try to establish contact with his parents — Cancers greatly appreciate the warm family relationships and gatherings.

Lions are honest with their partners and will be sure to announce the reason for separation, and not once. If you do not attempt to resume a relationship, your partner will gradually but surely disappear from your life. Often, Lions are prone to selfishness and value their comfort above all else. Do not be surprised if, after your frustration, he begins to look ahead for a «spare airfield.»

However, with all this, the Lions are not prone to insults and cavils, so after parting they may well maintain warm friendly relations, and not only friendly ones.

To keep the temperamental Leo you can:

  • match your man, look your best, maintain your image, use beautiful sexy clothes;
  • support his views on life;
  • do not forget to praise Leo, noting his best qualities, admire his ability to present himself, his acting talent;
  • turn your love life into an unforgettable process. Lions are shocking enough and love luxury and scope in everything;
  • Do not pay attention to his flirtation — Leo just needs to bathe in attention, and this does not mean at all that he needs a new partner. Thus, the male Leo asserts himself and raises his self-esteem.

Virgos value honest and decent people. They are not able to tolerate what does not suit them, and they will surely express their displeasure to you. The logic of this Zodiac is iron, but the weak point is the sense of duty that can be used to restore old feelings.

The Virgo man loves to give instructions and read morals, so this behavior should alert you and be a signal for decisive action.

It is sometimes very difficult to keep Virgo, but if you are sure, then act immediately:

  • learn to put things in order. All things must lie in strictly defined places and must return to the rightful place after use;
  • maintain cleanliness both at home and in appearance;
  • Take into account the wishes of your partner in food — do not feed him with what he does not like, and do not try to force him to eat not, in his opinion, tasty food;
  • learn to be punctual and do not tell right and left about your personal life;
  • learn how to save and consider your partner’s daily routine;
  • be sensitive to his feelings and do not allow reasons for jealousy.

A man born under the auspices of this Sign will not make scenes, sort out relationships and blame you for anything. If he feels that your attitude towards him has changed, he will easily break off the relationship and quickly find a replacement. He will prefer a diplomatic conversation, and lay out to you the bare facts without unnecessary emotions. Scales do not like to burden themselves with everyday problems and will not tolerate your statements about this.

With such people you should not wait for a critical situation.

It is easier to take precautions in advance and follow the following rules:

  • avoid forcing him to participate in everyday problems — it’s easier to ask him to hire a competent specialist to fix the problem;
  • consider that Libra likes to look at beautiful girls, and you can support him by admiring the sense of taste and style of your partner;
  • be desirable and beautiful for him, look after yourself and adhere to its standards of beauty and style. If you are not a fashion model, use a trick and be nice and original.

Scorpios love power and dominate relationships. They have a difficult character, which is difficult to adapt to. They are able to break off relations with you and leave with their heads held high, taking only their hygiene items.

However, some representatives of this Mark may carry all jointly acquired property. In order to prevent a gap, you have to go for the trick. Scorpios love to solve problems, so you can team up with him, for example, against your common detractors.

Also to keep the characteristic man help stormy intimate relationships. Do not give a man Scorpio a reason for jealousy — they are creepy owners and are able to make a massive scandal.

If you are sure that you want to spend your whole life with this person, you should not wait for the heat of the passions:

  • tune in to a trusting relationship, excluding secrets;
  • confirm your affection with words and actions;
  • do not try to crush his morals — here Scorpio surpasses you;
  • do not give hints, state your requests as clearly as possible;
  • pay a lot of attention to sex life and make it a variety.

Men Sagittarius look like pioneers. They like to learn something new about you, discover your talents and abilities. However, if he considers that your relationship is a book read, then parting is almost inevitable.

For Sagittarius, it is important to feel freedom, and if you will extremely restrict his actions, your relationship will be in question. The parting of this Sign in men is usually pathetic, but without too much shocking. Resuming relationships after a break is almost impossible, because Sagittarius have an excellent memory.

They will never return to a relationship that is not comfortable for them, but they do not mind being friends or just friends.

Hold a lover of new discoveries is before he decided on an important step:

  • keep up interesting conversations with your partner or create an illusion of interest;
  • try to take his hobbies, and your joint leisure will be another node of your relationship;
  • do not undermine his authority and try to maintain it in the eyes of others;
  • behave yourself, do not try to be who you are not;
  • pay attention to intimate life — Sagittarius love praise and domination in relationships.

Capricorns are powerful people who are used to achieving their goals. Their family life for women with ardent temperament is hardly suitable. Men of this Sign often continue the relationship and family life, without experiencing the same feelings.

However, a strong resentment can provoke an instantaneous break. Capricorns often leave without explanation, do not maintain relationships and remember forever the pain and suffering caused to them. Living with such a person implies submission.

If you agree with such family dominance, you should take the following actions:

  • support your man in any endeavors, be his support in his career;
  • do economical housekeeping and create a “safety cushion” for a rainy day;
  • respect his personal space, let Capricorn be alone with his thoughts;
  • do not give hints;
  • turn the house into a cozy family nest, and do not arrange a walk-through yard for friends and relatives;
  • do not put pressure on him with your temperament and do not communicate the details of your personal life to anyone except a narrow circle of friends. In this case, your man should be aware of everything that is happening.

Aquarius values ​​its personal space and hobbies. If you do not give him the opportunity to devote himself to his beloved work, then, most likely, your relationship will end in rupture. The spontaneous decision comes to this type of men like insight, and he will not linger next to you. For such people it is important to create a comfortable environment, a wide circle of communication.

It is rather difficult to keep a man of this Zodiac sign, because often after a break he is not at all saddened by what happened and is able to forget about what happened for a long time.

The love and affection of Aquarius depends on the following factors:

  • stop restricting his freedom, do not try to push him into the framework of your understanding of family life;
  • trust your partner and do not keep secrets from him;
  • general passions serve as an incentive for harmonious relationships, so you will have to love what your man “burns” with;
  • do not limit your relationship with the spouses. Become a friend to him — Aquarius very much value trusting relationships that do not imply clarifying the relationship;
  • eliminate criticism in his address, and also raise his social status.

A man who is protected by the constellation Pisces is prone to idealization. He is able to idolize his chosen one and see only positive qualities. However, it often happens that he falls in love with the invented image and cannot admit that he lives a double life. This type of man is easily influenced, which can be a big disadvantage in family life.

Often these people can be interested in something mysterious and incomprehensible. They are prone to long discourse on topics of interest to them and feel the need to support their interests. It can be said that the behavior of a man of this Sign depends on who among the women will be able to take matters into their own hands and become leaders in his eyes.

With such a man, you will have to show more courage and determination:

  • take over housekeeping and control over the development of your relationship, but show warm feelings for your chosen one and show its importance;
  • devote time to his hobbies, however, not looking up from the realities of life;
  • do not disturb his peace and privacy. Create a comfortable atmosphere for him, but rather select a certain place where nothing will distract your lover;
  • do not try to force him to act faster — for Pisces the chosen rhythm of life is similar to ritual, and they are unlikely to change anything in their usual routine.

Here are the main characteristics of each Zodiac Sign and a rough plan for maintaining love relationships. Remember that the temperament of representatives of the same constellation may differ, because the line of conduct of one can be built on selfishness, and the other — on trust and partnerships. You should remember one thing: attention to detail and the desire to live a long life together always implies dialogue and the ability to make concessions.

To navigate your feelings, you can use the horoscope of compatibility on the sign of the zodiac. The suggested recommendations will help you determine whether your efforts are worth winning a man you like. We wish you sincere and mutual love, and do not forget to press buttons and

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