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Art Therapy by the Sign of the Zodiac: patterns and colors that bring good luck

Art Therapy by the Sign of the Zodiac: patterns and colors that bring good luck

It is known that drawings, patterns and different colors affect the psychological state of a person. Knowing which pattern and color best acts on your Mark, you can come to inner harmony and attract good luck and success.

Representatives of the fire Sign of the Zodiac often focus on solving a problem, which is often hampered by surging emotions. And, if other people can communicate with you in this state by knowing 10 facts about Aries, then small patterns with a large number of repetitions and “water” colors will help you to subdue negative emotions: all shades of blue and green.

If you are a Taurus, then you probably know the problem of anxiety before an important event. The fussiness of the movements, the trembling of the hands and the breaking voice will help to calm the circles and circles painted in bright warm colors: red, orange, yellow.

It is difficult for Gemini to make the necessary choice: their zodiac dual nature constantly pulls Gemini in different directions, making it difficult to make the right decision. Drawing wavy and straight lines and lines will help to gather thoughts and take a step in one of two directions. Coloring such pictures is necessary in “earthly” colors: shades of brown, gray, black, dark green.

For vulnerable and emotional Cancers, a carelessly thrown word can “enter like a knife in the heart.” Vegetable patterns and «airy» spirals painted in bright, pastel colors: pale pink, lilac, beige will help you to get yourself together and cope with the seething resentment and the tears coming inappropriately.

Lions are rarely tolerant of those who challenge their authority and act contrary to advice, often very true. Painting of drops, stones and flowers in cold colors will help to pacify your irritation: light gray, frosty white and blue will have a good effect on your condition.

It is common for Devs to earn money before the circles before their eyes, and even after the end of all cases, they cannot be able to relax and finally have a rest. Simple recurring patterns of ovals and a large number of points will help you rebuild yourself from work to rest. You can color them in gentle, unobtrusive colors: soft green, purple and lilac.

Scales tend to fatigue, reaching headaches. If it came to unpleasant physical sensations, then folk remedies for headaches will help. In the meantime, everything has not gone so far, better stop and paint ovals and drops, painting them in the «air» colors.

Scorpions can be greatly offended, causing a great thirst for revenge on their heads. If you are a Scorpio, then drawing a large number of triangles will cope with resentment and bitterness. Paint them in bright, aggressive colors, thus splashing out your anger.

Sagittarius is usually easy to lift, but they have unexpected bouts of apathy, which, according to the law of meanness, most often occur at some important moment for Sagittarius. If you need to gather strength and overcome your state of stagnation, then draw dashed straight lines, fast-moving lines and arrows. Paint them orange, yellow and burgundy.

Capricorns often get tired after holidays and special events. Fatigue can even bring the usually strong Capricorn to tears. To avoid this, draw the leaves of trees and small flowers, painting them in a calm, pleasant for you colors.

Aquarius tends to «stand still» in sudden despair from a creative crisis or an abundance of routine that does not give in to the beautiful. To pull yourself together and love life again and all around, draw bird feathers and air currents: clouds or spirals. Paint them yellow, blue and lilac.

Dreamy Fish can go into your inner world and forget about reality. Unfortunately, the real world at this time continues to exist, and time — inexorably run forward. In order to return to reality, draw squares and rectangles, painting their «tree» colors.

Ready-made mandalas for coloring will help you to restore energy and relieve stress. We wish you inner balance and composure. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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