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Angela Pearl: what signs do guardian angels give us

Angela Pearl: what signs do guardian angels give us

Each person has a guardian angel to whom you can safely turn for help and support. The famous astrologer and tarolog Angela Pearl shares her knowledge of what signs our invisible defenders send us.

Angela Pearl believes that each person is under the auspices of one or even several angels. They should definitely be addressed with requests, especially in moments of stress and bad mood. These creatures have exceptional strength and can support a person in difficult periods by giving them the necessary clues.

In addition, the angels are always there, reminding us that the person is not alone, and often send us those signs that we can see and correctly decipher.

Angels can ask about any things, including domestic help. So, Angela Pearl always turns to her angels, so that they give her the opportunity to safely drive, avoid accidents and find a place to park.

Signs that are important to pay attention to

Feathers are the very first sign that an angel sends. So they report their presence near you. In moments of stress, a bad mood, when your hands are down, you may have a feather under your feet as a symbol of your protection and support.

Feel free to ask the angel for advice, and he will answer you.

Rainbow in all its manifestations also reflects finding patrons near you. You can see it not only in the sky, but also in the most unexpected places: on the wall of the house, on the bus, under your feet. Especially often a rainbow appears in sight of those people who have difficulty choosing in a difficult matter.

Coins are the constant help of angels. It so happens that you do not have enough money for some urgent purchase (a bus ticket, some money to pay for groceries), and then the angels can help you by literally throwing the missing amount under your feet.

Flashing electricity, dimming and illuminating light, self-switching on and off TV — all this indicates the invisible presence of angels in our life. They exist on other frequencies and are able to raise the vibrations of a person so that he feels a surge of strength and stops falling into depression.

Clouds of unusual shape, which you can recognize, are also a sign of angels. You can see the heart in the sky, which will mean for you a new stage in the love relationship, other signs that tell you the right path.

Angels can appear in unexpected situations in the form of strangers. It happens that a person appears as if from nowhere, helps you and disappears. Often in this way angels come to the aid of people in stressful situations.

Smells are an important signal. Most often it is special, only known to us flavors that cause pleasant memories. The smell of childhood: mother’s perfume, father’s cigarettes, grandmother’s pancakes — all this tells us about the presence of angels.

Music, songs, encountered phrases on advertising structures, in books and magazines. Most often, they contain answers to questions spoken out loud or mentally.

Machine numbers, especially if they go in order (1, 2, 3, 4) or fours — the numbers of angels tell us about invisible protection and support, that we are on the right path.

The coolness that we suddenly feel on a hot day, like a slight breeze of wind. Such sensations occur when our heavenly patrons and protectors are near us, ready to come to the rescue.

Unusual situations that happen to you, say the presence of patrons near you. You can see a butterfly in the middle of winter, which simply should not be in the cold. These signs indicate that your angels are ready for dialogue.

Each person is given his own special characters, which he can understand and decipher. Do not hesitate to communicate with your patrons, ask them for help in difficult times, and you will be answered. Angels are also called to indicate to each person about his importance in this world, that he is not alone and will always be able to resort to his defenders. We wish you happiness and prosperity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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