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10 Unusual Facts About Zodiac Sign Scorpio

10 Unusual Facts About Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Each zodiac sign is unique in its own way. Scorpio has not only a partially threatening name, but also relevant character traits. However, they are very attractive to people.

Mysterious and destructive — this is how people who come across them characterize representatives of the Scorpio Sign. They are often called literally magnetic. The character of Scorpions is stereotypically considered one of the most difficult, but there is also an opinion that these people can only be loved or hated. However, the Astrologers were able to understand what Scorpios are expecting from love, relationships, and marriage.

But where does this dangerous and attractive sign of the zodiac draw its strength from and how to learn to understand it better? First of all, it is worth finding out which planets and how they are controlled.

Sign Scorpio: astrological information

For all the characteristics and qualities of people are responsible Planets, which may be in a strong or weak position. The planet-patron has a particularly strong influence on life values ​​and worldview. Here is the initial astrological information about the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Validity: from October 24 to November 22
Patron Planet: Mars, Pluto
Planet in exaltation: Uranus
Planet in Exile: Venus
Planet in the fall: Moon
Element: Water

Since the air triad of the horoscope is associated with the feelings and emotions of people, Scorpios are often incontinent and impulsive. They are carriers of very deep and soulful feelings, which are under the strictest control.

The planet Mars is associated with the ancient Roman god of ruthless war. Not for nothing the companions of this planet were given the names Phobos and Deimos — Fear and Horror. But due to the fact that Scorpio is a water sign of the zodiac, its influence is somewhat softened.

Carrying the active principle in itself, the energy of the red planet encourages constantly acting and gives self-confidence. In fact, it is she who increases the will power of representatives of this Sign.

Pluto has a completely amazing effect on Scorpios. In Astrology, this planet is associated with rebirth, destruction and death, and it is named after the god of the afterlife. It is associated with uncontrollable energy, and its destructive principle is combined with the other side of the coin — creation.

Unusual Facts About Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Having become acquainted with the representative of the Sign of Scorpio, many remain in bewilderment and conflicting feelings. The realization that Scorpio has inexplicable power gives strong people a sense of rivalry and soft and vulnerable people have a sense of protection.

From Scorpio often expect something dangerous. On the one hand, we can say that it is justified: Scorpios do not rarely take revenge, and do it from the heart. However, there is one «but.»

Representatives of this Sign do this only if they are disturbed or harmed.

Surprisingly, a person born in this period reflects little feelings. It gives little what is happening in their heart. Even the eyes remain as if intact, no matter what kind of storms are raging behind the showers.

Calmness is something that can literally put Scorpio into a rage. He needs a constant supply of emotions. Sometimes they feel much better walking along the edge of the knife.

The daily routine is usually of little interest to them. This is due to the huge energy reserves that these people have. Energy must be constantly directed at something so that it does not begin to destroy the Scorpions themselves.

From early childhood born under the constellation Scorpio can be called fighters. It does not matter what kind of struggle it is: with oneself or the society around them, but they almost always oppose something. Of course, the scale of such a “war” depends on the character of the representative of this Sign and on the strengths and weaknesses of his temperament.

A well-known tactic of these people is to go ahead and without thinking. If they see a goal in front of them, then the obstacles for them turn out to be little significant. The obstacles include the complexity of the material nature and the people around them.

A rival is a person whom Scorpio will beat as a result. Of course, if the result is really important to them.

Very pleased that Scorpios often do not consider it necessary to lie. Yes, you may not know what this person is thinking. But if a representative of this zodiac sign expresses his thoughts and opinions about something, then he does it quite straightforwardly.

Since the Scorpions are the elements, they are true connoisseurs of the human soul. It may even seem that they see people through. Therefore, please note: in 90 out of 100% of cases, they accurately recognize your lies.

Even if you do not submit the form.

Maximalism is a very common quality of Scorpions. They show it in any sphere: in love, work, while shopping — just always. It can be said that in most cases they understand only “all” or “nothing”.

Communication with representatives of the Zodiac Sign Scorpio reminds about the following situation. The child was forbidden to take matches in his hands, but he really likes to watch the fire burn. In these people attracts danger, and if you are ready for risk — you are here.

In addition, representatives of the Sign of Scorpio are often creative individuals with many special talents peculiar to them. Develop your strengths with Astrology and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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