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10 Unusual Facts About Zodiac Sign Libra

10 Unusual Facts About Zodiac Sign Libra

Scales are often considered the most attractive people in terms of the opposite sex. The astrologers have their own explanation for this, as well as their other traits.

Many people greatly respect those who were born under the influence of the Libra Sign and even give some reasons for this. Traditionally, they are credited with such qualities as diplomacy and harmonious balance of character, as well as purely visual appeal. What makes the signs of the Zodiac sign Libra exactly as they are?

Let us see what drives and controls them from an astrological point of view.

Astrology Zodiac Sign Libra

All those who were born from September 24 to November 23, can safely attribute themselves to the representatives of this Zodiac. Each person is responsible for the strengths and weaknesses of the position of the planets in his horoscope, which is necessary to know when doing astrology. Therefore, the main features of each of us are endowed by our patron planet according to the Sign of the Zodiac. Here is how Libra looks like this:

Patron Planet: Venus
Planet in exaltation: Saturn
Planet in Exile: Mars
Planet in the fall: The sun
Element: Air

The planet Venus has the strongest influence on those born during this period; therefore, all the qualities that astrologers endowed it with are best developed by Libra. Venus is the only planet named for the Roman goddess, not god, and she traditionally carries the feminine in herself. Venus was revered as the goddess of love and beauty. Actually, this is the answer to the question of why the majority of Libra representatives are very attractive for the opposite sex.

You can always check it: just look at the love horoscope.

The planet Saturn, active in those born under the sign of Libra, gives them the talents of the teacher, because it affects the diligence of people and a sense of responsibility. Not for nothing is it called the «planet-teacher.» But, on the other hand, the qualities for which Mars and the Sun are responsible are poorly developed, which can sometimes interfere in life.

Mars allows you to be active and have a strong will, and the Sun — to show leadership qualities and in general to express themselves.

As representatives of the air triad of the Horoscope, Libra exhibits the following typical qualities for them:

  • interpersonal skills;
  • developed intelligence;
  • diplomacy;
  • relative superficiality;
  • mobility.

However, like every sign of the zodiac, representatives of Libra have pronounced features that are peculiar only to them.

Sign Libra: 10 Unusual Facts

Libra’s patron, Venus, makes the representatives of this Sign of the Zodiac very sensual natures. Perhaps this is the main complexity of their character: one of the cups is filled with necessary knowledge and logical arguments, but there is a second one that is completely devoted to emotions. Depending on which one outweighs, this side of the representative of the Libra Sign is what you will know.

As is already clear, the equilibrium of the beneficiaries of Venus is extremely unstable. If something is suddenly wrong and for some reason it is really hard for those born under the constellation Libra, believe me: there will be no sweet to anyone. They will lead out from themselves all those whom they consider to be guilty, and maybe revenge. In fact, most problems appear from scratch.

Sometimes Libra just need help to speak out, calm down and they ruin everything.

Libra — diplomats and connoisseurs of all beautiful. It is this quality that makes them come to life. They like politeness, they try to be courteous themselves and naturally respond positively to the same behavior from others.

Often they are very sensitive to rudeness and negligence in relation to them. Therefore, they themselves are trying to smooth out conflicts and try to resolve issues so that everyone is satisfied with the final result.

Anyone who was born under the sign of Libra can be convicted that they are real aesthetes. They use their developed sense of beauty to select their own style, usually very appropriate and impeccably suitable for them. Sometimes they also work out with the same diligence.

Due to its susceptibility, Libra is often addicted to subtle matters. Art for them is both a source of emotions and a way to get important life information. And with it, they can relax.

Information for Libra is necessary, like air. They are often considered gossipers, which is not always true. But it is clear that it is vital for them to get new knowledge.

This also applies to the sphere of their professional activities, and what happens to people with whom they closely interact.

Emotions are something very close to the representatives of this Zodiac. But it is necessary to understand that emotions and feelings are something very different. In the first case we are talking about something superficial, something that can quickly pass. Due to the emotional Scales can be very amorous and windy.

But the same quality can be used to regulate mood.

Laziness in no small measure characterizes Libra. We can say that they often wait until the last, as if “swaying”, and only then they start working. Often they show a clear apathy.

Disputes are rightly considered the native element of the Zodiac sign Libra. The fact is that they, like no one else, are able to see the pros and cons. They can prove any point of view, even that which they do not adhere to.

The ability to think, oddly enough, sometimes puzzles them. Seeing both advantages and disadvantages, Libra can not always understand what is more significant and fluctuate with the adoption of a final decision. Sometimes they find it difficult to make a decision because Libra knows how they sometimes lack luck.

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The combination of these qualities shows typical representatives of the sign Libra. Remember that astrology is serious. and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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