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Tel Aviv Airport: how to get there, Tourist Information

In this section, you will find tourist reviews, as well as a guide for Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv with information on wireless Internet access, cafes, amenities and services … and yes, even the names of some hotels at the airport in case you decide that sleeping at the airport is unacceptable for you!

If necessary, I recommend going down to the end of the terminal. — David.

To help you plan your transfer or overnight stay, here’s a quick survey of tourists about their stay at Ben Gurion Airport.

  • The airport has two terminals: T1 for local low-cost carriers, as well as new, modern T3 buildings for international and long-haul flights
  • Security is difficult here — many travelers offer to arrive earlier than expected and be prepared for a lot of questions from the security service.
  • Airport staff are generally not against tourists staying overnight — however, you can expect a security officer or police to check your passport and overnight tickets.
  • The facilities are generally modern and very clean.
  • Free wifi. See Wi-Fi in the airport guide below.
  • This is a large, busy airport and places for a restful sleep are rare.
  • Head in the departure lounge before the security check, next to the food court.
  • Noise and glare are a problem here, so take eye masks and earplugs.
  • For a comfortable sleep, there are hotels near the airport. See “Hotels near the airport.” In the airport guide below.

On weekends (Shabbat) there are no trains. Taxi is the only available public transport between the city and the airport. Shuttle service to Haifa and Jerusalem works as usual. See “Airport Transport” below.

Check-in counters and security conversations are available 3 hours before departure. Passengers with hand luggage only and a printed boarding pass can take advantage of a quicker conversation with a security officer when entering the auxiliary security zone (on the right side, next to the Business Security area).

Travelers of economy class can, having bought a pass, have a rest in several halls of the airport. See “Airport Lounges” in the guide below for location and price.

For more information about the services and benefits available, scroll down to continue exploring our Ben Gurion Airport Guide. Send us your airport tips to help us keep this information up to date.

In the guidebook we will use the following terms: “common access zone” and “air zone”. The common access zone is a public area located in front of the pre-flight security control zone. Airside — the protected area of ​​the terminal, where you get after passing pre-flight control.

If you are traveling in economy class, then you can use the rest rooms of Ben-Gurion Airport for a comfortable wait either extra, paying this service one-time, or using your membership in a particular program. For more information (such as cost, opening hours, and membership information), use the detailed hall descriptions below.

  • Mesada Lounge — Location: Terminal 1, Common Area, West End of Arrivals. Opening hours: unknown. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door (US $ 60).
  • Dan Lounge — Location: Terminal 3, Airside, Hall B. Hours: 3:00 AM — 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM — 12:00 AM (Sun — Thurs) • 1:00 PM — 6:00 PM (Fri) • 8:00 PM — 12:00 AM (Sat). Access to the waiting room: via the Internet (£ 25.00 — prepayment at least 24 hours).
  • Dan Lounge — Location: Terminal 3, Airside, Hall C. Hours: open 24 hours. Access to the waiting room: via the Internet (£ 25.00 — prepayment at least 24 hours).
  • Arbel Lounge — Location: Terminal 3, Airside, Eastern Gallery, Level 1. Access to the Waiting Room: Payment at the entrance (US $ 60) • via the Internet (£ 22.00 — prepayment at least 24 hours).

If you have no desire to sleep at Ben Gurion Airport, you can use the hotel near the airport:

  • Avia Hotel Resort — (7 minutes from the airport) no transfer from the airport.
  • Kfar Maccabiah Hotel Suites — (15 minutes from the airport), there is a bus from the airport.
  • Sadot Hotel — (15 minutes from the airport). Free airport pick-up on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night (per room, per night) and free one-way airport transfer (per room, per night).

To find more options, use the list of hotels near Ben Gurion Airport on Tripadvisor, sorting them out by price, distance, tourist rating and popularity.

  • ATMs / Terminals — there are nine ATMs located in the common access area and the airside of terminal 3.
  • Children’s room — a sink, changing table and much more can be found in the room of the mother and child. Ask at the information kiosk. Location: airside, terminal 1, departure lounge (Duty Free zone) Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Baggage carts — are available on the floor of departures. Is free.
  • Bank — Yahav Bank offers a full range of banking services, currency exchange and ATM. Location: Airside, Terminal 1, near the Massada Lounge. Opening hours: Vary (closed Friday and Sat).
  • Rent a car — yes, see the section of the airport guide below.
  • Children’s playroom — Location: Terminal 1, Airside, Departure Hall (Duty Free Zone) • Terminal 3, Airside, Hall B, C and D, at the entrance (right side) of each room and at the end of the basement on the left, the right side (behind shops).
  • Currency Exchange — Bank Hapoalim offers 24-hour service in three locations: the common access area, baggage tracing near the carousels 6 and 7 • the common access area, the East Hall • the common access area, the check-in desk between the departure lounge and Bye Bye Mall.
  • Duty free Shopping — JR / Duty Free is located in four locations: the airside, rooms B, C and D.
  • Food and drink — there are many restaurants / cafes, but at the moment there is no information about the availability of the clock. Vending machines can be found at the entrances to all halls.
  • Information desks — location: reception hall, opposite entrance 32 (common access zone), Rotunda (air zone) and Greeter’s Hall, opposite entrance 3 (common access zone). Opening hours: open 24 hours.
  • Luggage storage and lockers — location: western “kerem” short-term parking at the first level G. Payment by credit card only. Opening hours: Mon-Thu (8:00 AM-7: 45PM) • Fri (8:00 AM-2: 45PM) • Sat (8:00 PM-12: 00AM).
  • Medical services — location: airside, terminal 1, Western Gallery of Greeter’s Hall, near exit 21 • airside, terminal 1, departure lounge (Duty Free zone), next to the mother and child room • terminal 3, airside, east side , On the second floor.
  • Mobile charging stations — Charging electronic devices for free at charging stations located throughout terminals 1 and 3.
  • Pharmacy — Location: Terminal 3, 3rd floor. Opening hours: unknown.
  • Showers — available at King David El-Al Lounge.
  • Smoking — Smoking is allowed only in designated areas (public access and airspace), as well as in the Pub Schmoozy in the Rotunda.
  • Synagogues — three: airside, terminal 1, east hall, near exit 2 • airside, terminal 3, eastern gallery of Greeter’s Hall on the 1st floor • terminal 3, airside, Duty Free Hall. Opening hours: open 24 hours.
  • Tourist information — Get tourist information, maps and assistance in booking hotels at the Ministry of Tourism Information Bureau. Location: arrival hall.
  • TravelersBox — Location: Shared Area, Arrival Hall, next to Bank Hapoalim currency exchange.

Open 24 hours.

The following companies offer a shuttle bus from Terminal 3, Level 2 (Public Transport Level):

Egged offers a bus (direction 5) between Ben Gurion Airport, the city airport and El Al Junction. From El Al Junction, passengers can transfer to / from Egged buses to / from Petah Tikva, Rehovot, Jerusalem, Hadera, Netanya, Ramla, Haifa, Ra’anana Junction and Ramat Gan Ayalon Mall.

Kavim provides services between the airport, El Al Junction (direction 13), Shoham and Modi’in.

Metropoline offers a shuttle bus service between Ben Gurion Airport and Beersheba (Bathsheba).

Car rental services are located on the 1st floor in the arrival hall. From here, tenants are sent by employees to Pardes Parking Lot to pick up a rented car. Returning tenants will have access to the same bus to return to the airport terminals. The following agencies are located here: Avis, Budget, Dollar / Thrifty, Eldan, Hertz and Shlomo Sixt.

At the airport there is a free shuttle bus between the terminals and the long-term parking, passing every 10 — 20 minutes, 24 hours a day. The stop for buses going from terminal 3 to terminal 1 is at level G, next to the stop for the long-term parking of buses. The transfer stop for buses going from terminal 1 to terminal 3 is located in terminal 1, opposite exit 4. Buses to the long-term parking lot leave from terminal 3, level G, exit 1.

Taxis are easily available 24 hours a day, dispatchers are located at terminal 3 (level G, exit 3) and terminal 1 (exit 3) (to assist passengers when hiring a taxi). For security reasons, please hire a taxi only through the dispatcher. Hadar Lod taxis runs between the airport and all parts of Israel. Nesher taxis, available at level G, exit 1-3, travel to Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. Amal taxis, available at level G, exit 1-3, make trips to Haifa and surrounding areas. All taxi services are available 24 hours a day. Surcharge in the amount of 5 shekels is added to the fares of each trip from the airport. Nightly rates are from 5:00 pm — 5:00 am on Fridays, Saturdays and from 9:00 pm to 5:29 am all other days, including Saturdays and Jewish holidays. In addition, there may be an additional charge for baggage, lots of more than 2 passengers or travel on toll roads. Use the Ben-Gurion Airport Taxi Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of your trip.

The Ben-Gurion Airport train station is located at the lower level of Terminal 3. Northbound trains leave from Tel Aviv Savidor Center Station with intermediate stops at Tel Aviv HaShalom and HaHagana stations, and then stop in Nahariya (about 2 hours north of the airport). Southbound trains depart from Lod or Modi’in. Center Station Savidor, about 20 minutes from the airport, is lively with easily accessible taxis, as it is located close to many hotels in Tel Aviv. Trains run 24 hours a day on weekdays. On weekends, the last train leaves about two hours to Shabbat (as early as 14:30 in the winter and later, at 17:30 in the summer). Trains to and from the airport depart two hours after the end of Shabbat (at 19:30 in the winter and later at 21:30 in the summer). During Jewish holidays, the train schedule is very different. Currently, a single ticket for travel between the airport and Tel Aviv Savidor Center Station is 16 shekels, a return ticket is 25.5 shekels. For directions, timetables, and fare information, use the Israel Railways website.

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