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Shanghai Hongqiao Airport: Getting there, Tourist Information

In this section you will find reviews of tourists visiting the airport, as well as our Shanghai Hongqiao airport guide with information on WiFi, lounges, amenities and services …. and yes, even the names of some hotels at the airport in case you decide sleeping at the airport is not for you!

Hongqiao itself doesn’t seem like a dream, and it’s terribly noisy. — Rod

To help you plan your arrival / transfer, we have compiled a brief guide based on feedback from travelers who have visited Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.

A large and modern international airport with two terminals: Terminal 1 is used for international flights, and a much larger, terminal 2 is for domestic flights. A wide variety of shops, restaurants and services, including “kindergartens”!

Wireless internet access is available. See WiFi in the airport manual below.

As of February 2017, we have no reviews from travelers who tried to stay overnight at this airport. Write your review to help future travelers!

For uninterrupted sleep, there are hotels near the airport. See Airport Hotels in the airport manual below.

Economy class passengers can pay to enter one of the first class lounges. See Airport Halls in the airport manual below for details on location and prices.

One columnist noted that taxi queues seem incredibly long, with a waiting time of 2 hours! If you are traveling light, consider the metro version!

For more information on the services and facilities available, scroll down to continue exploring our guide to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Send us your tips to help us keep this information up to date.

In this guide, we can refer to places such as the “public access zone” and the “air zone”. The common access zone is a public area located in front of the pre-flight security control zone. Airside — the protected area of ​​the terminal, where you get after passing pre-flight control.

VIP Lounge- Location: Terminal 1 for domestic flights, public access zone, exit 6. Hours: 5:30 am to 9:30 pm (daily).

First Class Room (B1) — Location: Domestic Terminal 2, airside, near exits 25 and 26. Hours: 6:00 am to 10:30 pm (daily).

Business Class Room (B11) — Location: International Terminal 1, airside, near exit B11. Opening hours: from 6:40 am — 6:30 pm (daily).

First Class Lounge — Location: International Terminal 1, Airside, near exit B12. Opening hours: from 6:40 am — 6:30 pm (daily).

WiFi to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport is available in all public departure and arrival areas. It is not known if the service is free. See also in the Gardens section.

If you are not attracted to sleep at the airport, there are hotels near the airport:

Shanghai International Airport Hotel — (5 minutes walk from the airport) next to Terminal 1. A free shuttle is available. Rooms are available from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm, 150 yuan / 2 hour block (50 yuan for each additional hour over 2 hours) and include an airport shuttle.

Argyle International Airport Hotel — (5 minutes walk from the airport terminal) is located next to terminal 1, to the right of the departure level. Airport transfer available. Free hourly shuttle to terminal 2.

Boyue Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Hotel — located in Terminal 2, a corridor connects the hotel to the airport check-in area. Shuttle service to terminal 1 is available.

To see more options there is a list of hotels near Shanghai Airport on TripAdvisor, which can be sorted by price, location, traveler rating and popularity.

Additional Services, Facilities and Things you can do while at the airport

Baggage carts — yes, in both terminals for free.

Business center — yes, fax, printer and internet provided. Location terminal 1, opposite exit 5, departure floor, building B (working hours: from 7:00 am to 8:30 pm) • terminal 2, south of the business district on the M2 floor (working time: unknown).

Terminal 1 — Location: baggage claim • Guest-Conference Hall Building B • International Departure Hall (opening hours: 7:00 — last flight)

Terminal 2 — You can find currency exchange machines (15 currencies to the Chinese yuan) in the following locations • two exchange machines are located on the south and north sides of the check-in area at the departure floor (3 F).

Gardens — gardens include recreation areas, as well as playgrounds for children and free internet. Location: close to exits 25 and 71 M2 Floor departure to T2.

Information Bureau — terminal 1, building B, center of the check-in hall • terminal 2, check-in hall, 3 F and arrival hall, 1 F. Ambassadors of the airport can also be found in the terminals.

Luggage Storage And Lockers — Yes. Arrivals lounge (Opening hours vary depending on flight time) East • Transportation Center Island E (Opening hours: 7:00 am to 8:30 pm). Prices for both places are unknown.

Medical services are provided in 3 different emergency stations which can be found in the hall on the 3rd floor, transit level M2 and the arrival zone, 1st floor. However, the opening hours may vary, in the arrival area the longest is 6:30 am — 10:00 pm.

Mobile charging — yes, in M2 the departure floor in terminal 2, free service.

Smoking rooms — there are many smoking rooms in both terminals.

The reader tells us that the internal terminal works approx. from 4:00 am to 10:00 pm. We have no details about the international terminal.

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