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Sanaa airport: how to get there, Tourist Information

In this section you will find tourist reviews about Sana airport in Yemen, as well as information about wireless Internet access, cafes, amenities and services … and yes, even the names of some hotels at the airport in case you decide that sleeping at the airport is not for you!

The toilets are quite suitable if you can simultaneously pinch your nose and squat over the hole in the ground. — TH

According to Wikipedia: “On April 29, 2015, the airport was heavily bombarded by the Saudi Air Force. The only runway and passenger terminal under construction were severely damaged and unsuitable for use in the foreseeable future. ”

“Do not believe those crazy stories you hear about Sana airport. I did not sleep there, so I can not comment on the comfort while sleeping, but the airport is clean and very convenient due to its small size. And the airport staff is just great. You can find friendly people at any airport in the world.

Yes, some employees are wearing military type uniforms. It scares? Not. They are so sweet, they want to help, you will never feel threatened by them.

I did not use the bathrooms, so I don’t know if they are clean or not, but on the whole the airport looks very neat. This is not the most high-tech airport, but believe me, you will not find anywhere more convenient. I didn’t have the feeling that I had to run 5 miles to catch my flight. Everything is very affordable.

The guards are very nice.

Do not be afraid of being late for your flight, it will be a bit delayed for them. Where else will it be done in our time ?!

I don’t remember if there are any screens showing flight times / departures, etc., but ask any of the staff members and you will be prompted.

There is always someone who will help you.

Yes, the staff behind the airline speak English. Others cannot. But then again, how many people from the LaGuardia staff know Arabic ?!

They will also ask for a tip for help with the luggage, but do not worry that your belongings can be stolen. This is unheard of in Yemen.

In general, this is the safest country, the most lovely people … and the same can be said about the airport. «

In the guidebook we will use the following terms: “common access zone” and “air zone”. The common access zone is a public area located in front of the pre-flight security control zone. Airside — the protected area of ​​the terminal, where you get after passing pre-flight control.

Information is absent.

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