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San Diego Airport: how to get there, Tourist Information

In this section, you will find tourist reviews about the airport, as well as our San Diego Airport Guide with information on WiFi, lounges, facilities and services …. and also, even the name of the hotel near the airport in case you decide that sleeping at the airport is not for you!

To help you plan your arrival or arrival overnight, we have compiled a brief instruction based on the feedback from travelers who have visited San Diego Airport.

  • Large international airport with two terminals (terminals 1 and 2) and a good variety of familiar local shops and restaurants
  • Most airport restaurants and shops close at night, but there are some 24-hour convenience stores. Take care in advance about the purchase of food before everything closes ..
  • Free wifi
  • After security checkpoints are closed overnight, passengers are limited to the public access zone only.
  • Several upholstered, round benches without armrests are located in the baggage claim area.
  • Carry earplugs or noise-canceling headphones on hand to avoid the noise of cleaning machines and annoying ads!
  • Due to the lack of comfortable, placement without armrests, especially in the public area, bring a mattress or a sleeping bag.
  • For uninterrupted sleep within the Airport, there is a hotel and other hotels near the airport, which provide free transfer from the airport. Look for hotels near the airport in the airport guide below.
  • Economy class passengers can comfortably wait in one of the halls. For more information, see our “Waiting rooms” section.

For more information on the services and facilities available, look below to continue exploring our San Diego Airport Guide. Send us your tips to help us improve this information.

In this guide, we can refer to the locations of “public access zones” and “controlled zones”. The common access area is a public area of ​​the terminal located in an unprotected area. The controlled area is a safe area of ​​the terminal.

If you are an economy class traveler, you can enter these lounges at San Diego Airport or buy a lounge pass through the membership program. Visit a separate lounge page for more information (eg amenities, ticket and membership information):

  • UnitedClub — Location: Terminal 1, Airside, Trolley Level, near the gates. Access to the waiting room: Payment at the entrance (59.00 US dollars) • United Club Membership.
  • AirspaceLounge — Location: Terminal 2, Airside, between East and New Bridge to Terminal 2 to the west, near gates 22 and 23. Access to the lounge: Pay at the entrance (20.00 US dollars).
  • DeltaSkyClub- Location: Terminal 2, Airside next to Exit 37. Access to the lounge: Pay at the door (US $ 59.00)

This waiting room offers a lounge that is free to members of the US military and their families. Facilities: snacks, computers, Internet / WiFi. Location: Terminal 2 on the east side, gate on the parking side. Opening hours: from 6:00 to 12:00 in the morning.

Free Wi-Fi is available at San Diego Airport for 30 minutes.

If you consider sleeping at the Airport not acceptable for yourself, then next to San Diego are hotels:

  • SheratonSanDiegoHotelMarina — (7 min walk or 4 min drive from the airport) provides a free shuttle to the airport, runs to the airport every 20 minutes, from 4:45 am until midnight. To arrange a transfer from the airport, call: 619-291-2900.
  • DaysInnSanDiegoAirportConventionCenter / HarborView — (4 minutes from the airport), Free Cloud9 service Super Shuttle service up to 2 people per room. The shuttle departs from / to the airport, from the cruise ship terminal, and from the local Amtrak station.
  • HiltonSanDiegoAirport / HarborIsland — (4 minutes from the airport) A free shuttle to the airport is provided.
  • Courtyard San Diego Airport / Liberty Station — (8 minoairport). Free airport shuttle is available on request. For airport transfers, call: 1-619-221-1900 or use the telephone in the baggage claim area.

To find a cheap room, there is a list of hotels near San Diego Airport on Tripadvisor, which can be sorted by price.

Additional services, amenities and employment at the time of transfer at the airport

  • Art at the airport — art exhibitions and regular live performances are available at the airport.
  • ATMs — Nine “Bank of America” ATMs are located throughout the airport in the places listed below:
  • Terminal 1: Entrance hall opposite food court (common access area) and gates 1, 2, 5 and 13 (airside).
  • Vostochny Terminal 2: Food Court (public zone, near the Starbucks cafe) Izal (air zone)
  • West Terminal 2: Baggage claim (public access area) and lounge (airside)
  • Baggage carts — SmarteCartes are available for a $ 4 fee. Location: parking, registration of Terminal 2, near the terminal entrance doors and baggage claim area.
  • Rent a car — see the section below.
  • Currency Exchange — Travelex offers currency exchange, travel insurance, money transfers and more at Terminal 2. Two locations: a kiosk in the Luggage claim lounge (across from Carousel 3). Opening hours: from 5:00 to 20:00; ▪ air zone near the gate 22. Working hours: from 5:30 — 1:00 and from 4:30 –19: 30.
  • DutyFree — DutyFreeAmerica is located in Terminal 2, in a controlled area, not far from Gate 20-21.
  • Food and Drinks — Food concessions are located in the entire airport, which operate according to different schedules. There is only one option that is open around the clock: EinsteinBros. Bagel (Terminal 2, public area)
  • Help Desk — For more information and help, contact one of the friendly and knowledgeable Airport Ambassadors — Volunteers. They are easily identified by their green polo shirts, on the back of which is written: “AIRPORT INFORMATION”. These ambassadors are employees of the Information Center, located in the luggage claim halls of both terminals.
  • Luggage storage and lockers — not available
  • Meditation Room — Location: Terminal 2, Airside. Opening hours: unknown
  • Shower –– Available at the Airspace Hall.
  • SPA — massage room, salon services and much more can be obtained from BeRelaxSpa. Two locations are the available airspace in Terminal 2 (Exits 26 and 36). Opening hours: 6:00 — 21:00 (Closing at 20:00 on Tuesdays and Saturdays). Exit 36 ​​opens one hour later — at 7:00.
  • Tourist Aid — This is a non-profit organization that assists in the predicament of passengers. Volunteers help passengers with common issues, assist in situations such as rendering assistance, lost or stolen money, transferring money, emergency housing, etc. Location: Terminal 1, Baggage claim • Terminal 2, Baggage claim. Opening hours: 8:00 — 23:00.

The airport operates around the clock

Please note that baggage check-in changes according to flight schedule. Check this watch with your airline. If you are in a public place of the terminal (public access zone), you will not be able to reach the safe zone of the terminal (controlled area) until the morning.

The MetropolitanTransitSystem (MTS) bus route connects the airport with the city center of San Diego, with stops at the cruise ship terminals, Quay, Santa Fe Depot, America Station, HortonPlaza City University Transit Center. Buses stop at terminals 1 and 2, every 15 minutes on weekdays (every 30 minutes on weekends), from 5:00 to 23:30. For route maps, schedules, and fare information for travel, see the San Diego MTS website.

During this update, San Diego Airport should open its new car rental center, a separate center on the north side of the airport complex, which is designed to handle all local car rental agencies. While the Rental Car Center is not in operation, car rental agencies are handled off-site, with most agencies provided with free travel. The following car rental agencies serve San Diego Airport: A1 Rent A Car, Ace Rent A Car, Airport Car Rental, Alamo, Budget Rent A Car, Dollar, Economy Rent A Car, Firefly, Fox, Hertz, Midway Rent-A-Car, National, Pacific Rent-A-Car, Payless, Thrifty, Travcar and Zipcar.

Several hotels provide transportation services to the airport as a courtesy for their guests. Here are the few hotels that offer airport transfer services: Best Western Plus Bayside Inn • Best Western Plus Downtown San Diego Airport / Liberty Station • Days Inn Suites — Sea World / Airport • Doubletree Hotel San Diego Downtown • Hampton Inn San Diego • Downtown San Diego Airport • Harbor Island • Holiday Inn Express San Diego Airport • Liberty Station • Howard San Diego Sea City Road • San Diego City Street • San Diego City Street • San Diego City Hall • San Diego City Hall • San Diego City Hall Marina • The Westin San Diego • Wyndham San Diego Bayside.

Airport Transfer Loop offers free 24-hour transport .. Green and blue transfer buses are suitable for people with disabilities.

Several companies offer scheduled or on-demand shuttle service from door-to-door to and from the airport. Reservations are recommended and may be required for some transfer services. The stops of the transfer bus of the common trip are located on the areas of transport located on the street, opposite the terminals 1 and 2, and on the side of the suburban terminal. Contact your service provider for information and reservations.

Taxis are easily available in the land terminal area of ​​the terminal around the clock. All taxis are metered and reservations are not required.

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