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Phnom Penh Airport: how to get there, Tourist Information

In this section, you will find reviews of airport visitors, as well as our Phnom Penh Airport Guide, containing information about Wi — Fi, catering facilities, facilities and services, as well as the names of several hotels located near the airport if you are not interested in relaxing on the airport.

“When a security officer saw me sitting on the floor, he took me to a rest room and offered me a drink of water” — the traveler’s comment

For planning your stay and overnight stay, we offer you a short guide, which is compiled thanks to the feedback from travelers who have visited Phnom Penh International Airport earlier.

  • A small and busy international airport, consisting of two separate terminals for domestic and international flights. Many expensive shops and restaurants.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available on site. See AirportWiFi in the airport manual below.
  • Uncomfortable, hard metal seats.
  • Electrical outlets are hard to find and do not accept the standard of US electrical plugs.
  • Be prepared for loud and aggressive advertising of taxi drivers who are waiting for arriving passengers outside the airport!
  • Accommodations are not available at the airport.
  • For uninterrupted rest we offer to use hotels located near the airport. See Hotels near the airport

in the airport manual below.

  • Passengers flying economy class service is available to use the waiting room of passengers of class 1, payment at the entrance. See Airport Lounges in the airport guide, below for location and pricing information.

You will receive further information about existing services and prices, for this, go down the page. Send recommendations and suggestions to improve the service and operation of the airport, to form the current information.

In the guidebook the following terms are used, such as “common access zone” and “air zone”. The common access zone represents an open terminal platform into which the passenger enters in front of the pre-flight security control zone. The air zone is a protected zone of the terminal, which you reach by passing through passport and customs control.

  • PlazaPremiumLounge — Location: International Departure Hall, Airside, Lower Level. A shower is available (US $ 15). Opening hours: 5:00 AM — 1:00 AM. Waiting room available: Payment at the entrance (US $ 39 for 2 hours or US $ 55 for 5 hours) • Book online (£ 24.00 — up to 3 hours or £ 40 — up to 6 hours — at least 24 hours prior reservation is required payment).
  • LeSalonLounge — Location: International Departure Hall, public area.

Free Wi-Fi is available at Phnom Penh Airport.

In case the existing recreation area at Phnom Penh Airport is not comfortable, pay attention to the hotels near the airport:

  • CCC Hotel — (5 min from the airport) Also known as Cambodian Country Club Hotel. Transportation services are available on request, $ 5.00 USD one way.
  • 9 HotelDragonRestaurant — (5 minutes from the airport) Airport transfer available on request (+855) 23 993 777, $ 8.00 USD one way.
  • DaraAirportHotel — (5 minutes from the airport) airport transfer is available on request (+855) 89 333 770), $ 8.00 USD for 1 passenger one way or $ 12.00 USD for 2 passengers one way.

To see more options, we offer a list of hotels in the vicinity of Phnom Penn Airport Tripadvisor; you can choose your options by price, distance, traveler rating and popularity.

Offered additional services and entertainment during your stay at the airport

  • ATMs — Located in the public and airside.
  • Currency Exchange — Location: International Arrivals area exit, ground floor, check-in area and Gate 5 landing gate.
  • Food and Drinks — There are restaurants and cafes throughout the airport, there are no places with a 24 hour mode of operation. Starbucks is open from 5:00 AM — 1:00 AM daily.
  • Luggage storage — no.
  • Massage — AmataMassage provides the ability to order massage and related procedures. Location: Airside, gate 5. Hours: 5:00 AM — 12:00 AM.
  • Prayer Rooms — Location: public access zone, on the ground floor and international departure lounge, in the airside, on the ground floor.
  • Showers — showers are available at the PlazaPremiumlounge for US $ 15. [See Airport Lounges above]
  • Smoking — there are areas for smokers in the hall of international departures, near AngkorPub and the zone for domestic flights.

Currently unable to obtain information about the work of the airport. We offer you to get acquainted with several reviews, for making a decision about overnight stay at the airport in the evening. If you know the time of the airport, please send information by email to update this airport guide.

  • Rent a car — no information.
  • Public transport is unknown.
  • Taxi — The fare depends on the zone where you are going. The fare is US $ 9.00 — 15.00.

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