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Parking at Begishevo airport car park: parking for a day, price

At the international airport «Begishevo» there is a paid parking for passengers and accompanying. The parking lot is designed for several hundred parking spaces, so even in periods of congestion of the airport, parking space can be found.

Contact phone — +7 (855) 279-66-40

It often happens that a person, flying on vacation, thinks about where to leave his own vehicle. Given the number of thefts of auto parts and theft, any driver will worry about their property. In this case, the airport «Begishevo» provides daily parking, where the driver leaves his car under the supervision of guards.

The parking complex is equipped with video surveillance cameras and barriers. Cameras are able to reproduce the necessary part of the recording, depending on the desired time and place.

At the entrance to the parking lot, the driver is automatically issued a parking card. Upon departure, the electronic card is returned.

Payment for parking services is made in special devices. Such equipment is located at the exit from the parking lot and in front of the entrance to the terminal.

  • 15 minutes — for free;
  • up to 3 hours — 100 rubles per hour;
  • more than 3 hours — 400 rubles per day;
  • in case of loss or damage to the parking card — a fine of 2000 rubles.

Also, the imposition of a fine is possible in the case of resale of the e-card to another driver, violation of parking rules, fake parking card and failure to pay for the entire time the car is in the parking lot.

It is worth remembering that the observation of parking is not only guards, but also the traffic police. Therefore, in the event of a violation of the rules, both the guards and the inspectors are entitled to fine the driver. Accordingly, the amount of the fine is doubled.

The use of electronic parking card is controlled by an automated system. At the entrance to the parking lot, the driver receives a card in the machine. From this moment begins the countdown of parking. When leaving the parking lot is a similar machine. By applying an electronic card to him, the driver sees how much and for how much time he owes. Payment is made in the machine (he gives the change). Approaching the barrier, the card must be attached again. If everything is paid for, the barrier rises — and the exit is open.

Also do not forget that hourly and daily parking is located in different places. At the entrance to the airport directly arranged hourly parking. Daily parking is to the right of entry. If a passenger, going on vacation, confuses parking lots and puts the car into an hourly parking lot, then upon arrival, all the pleasant impressions risk to be overshadowed by a huge check for parking.

In the case of using hourly parking, you need to carefully monitor the time that the car spends in the parking lot. You need to calculate in advance how much time you need to leave the vehicle. It may be cheaper to use the daily parking and pick up the car earlier.

More information can be found at http://nbc.aero/services/parking-lot/. For possible questions on the site indicated the phone number of technical support.

There are also several places where you can leave the car for free: on the left side of the entrance to the airport. There is also the option of free parking next to the hotel «Polet». It is located next to the airport building. The downside is that these places are unguarded. But if you need to leave the vehicle for a short time, then this option can be safely used.

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