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Manila Airport: how to get there, Tourist Information

In this section you will find reviews of airport travelers, as well as our Manila Airport Guide with information on Wi-Fi, cafes, amenities and services …. and yes, even the names of some airport hotels in case you decide that sleeping at the airport is not for you!

To help you plan your trip, here are quick tips that travelers told us during their stay at Manila Airport

Manila NAIA is divided into 4 zones, T1-T4, not connected to each other. If you need to move from one airport terminal to another, there is a shuttle service, but many travelers report that no one talks about this, so you have to pay an exorbitant price for waiting for a taxi.

Beware of scammers. Travelers report that a lot of people are standing around with a dubious goal — some believe that they are thieves looking for your luggage. Many travelers report that among staff and non-locals, there may be people who offer assistance or require handouts, money, etc.

Security is a major cause of concern.

Expect long lines. There may be several security zones to handle from the moment you enter the airport until the time you board the flight.

Do not let your luggage out of your sight.

There is free Wi-Fi, but as reported by travelers, there are problems with it.

Sleeping at this airport is not recommended, but if you are forced to do so, then Terminal 3 is the best choice.

Metal seats throughout the airport, but, fortunately, they do not have armrests.

One traveler in September 2016 told us, “Many people slept in the departure area, however there are very few seats and you have to be careful when you choose a place, because some areas have signs that they are not allowed to sleep with high fines.”

Have something warm with you, since the airport is said to be either very cold or very hot.

For uninterrupted sleep, there is a Landside lounge in Terminal 3, as well as several nearby hotels.

When paying, only cash is used everywhere.

For more information about the services and benefits available, scroll down to continue exploring our Manila Airport Guide. Send us your airport tips to help keep this information up to date.

At the airport, two zones. Landside is a public, uncontrolled area of ​​a terminal located in an unprotected security zone. Airside is a safe area of ​​the terminal that you reach by going through security.

Miascor Lounge — Location: International Terminal 1, Airside, 3rd floor, Gate 9. There are showers. Opening hours: open 24 hours.

Pagstop Lounge — Location: International Terminal 1, Airside, 4th Floor. Opening hours: 6:00 — 12:00 AM (daily).

Pacific Club Lounge — Location: Terminal 3, Airside, Level 4. Hours: 1:30 AM — 9:30 PM (daily). Access to the waiting room: order online (US $ 25 — 4 hours)

Skyview Lounge — Location: Terminal 3, Airside, International Departure Area. Opening hours: open 24 hours.

Wings Transit Lounge — Location: Terminal 3, Landside, Level 4. Hall: Payment at the door

Each terminal has a VIP waiting room located in a controlled area.

Manila Airport has free Wi-Fi. Surprise: It does not always work!

If sleeping at Manila airport is not for you, there are hotels near the airport.

Marriott Hotel is located opposite Terminal 3. The free airport shuttle runs 24-hours a day at 1-hour intervals. You can also call + 632 988-9999 to order a private car.

Remington Hotel — Located opposite Terminal 3. Free airport transfer.

Maxims Hotel — Located opposite Terminal 3. Free airport transfer.

Manila Airport Hotel — Reviews are mixed, but this is the nearest hotel in Terminal 1. Free airport transfers are available by calling 854-7549

Mabuhay Manor — (10 minutes from the airport) Airport transfer available upon request, notify at least 1 day in advance

To see more features, browse the list of hotels near Manila Airport on Tripadvisor, which can be sorted by price, distance, rating and popularity.

ATMs — ATMs are available in the Landside zone in all terminals.

Child care services — throughout the airport, there are rooms that offer cribs, playpens, bottle warmers, diapers and much more. Location: T1, departure area, Transit Hall • T2, in the controlled area, International / North Wing Gate 1 • T2, Airside, Domestic / South Wing Gate 17 • T3, International Square near gate 108 • T3, Internal Pre-departure area, at gate 119 • T4, pre-departure area.

Luggage trolleys — Available for free throughout the terminal. Porters are located in designated areas of the airport to assist you if necessary. Porter service is $ 1.00 per bag, and must be paid at the porters counter. Some observers have mentioned that porters extort a large price, so if you plan to use this service, prepare money in advance.

Car rental — Yes

Chapels and Chapels — There are three chapels and two Muslim prayer rooms in the NAIA.

Chapels: Terminal 1 — 4th Floor, West Wing • Terminal 2 — Departure Level, North Wing • Terminal 3 — Mezzanine Level, North Head House.

Chapels: Terminal 1, 4th Floor Wing • Terminal 3 — 3rd Floor, Departure Area, North Head House

There is a children’s corner, but the exact location is unknown.

There is currency exchange in the Landside and Airside zones.

Food and Drinks — Terminal 3 is the best place. This is the newest terminal, where there is a four-level shopping center with shops and restaurants.

Information desk — Information desks are available on both domestic and international flights. Opening hours: Unknown.

Luggage storage and lockers — luggage storage is available in the transit hall Wings. Location: Terminal 3, Landside, 4th floor. Prices: P250 (3 hours) or P350 (24 hours).

Medical Services — Urgent and emergency medical care is available 24 hours a day at any of the medical clinics located throughout the airport. Location: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3.

There are pharmacies, but opening hours and location is unknown.

Post Office — Location: T1, Lobby Check In — West Wing • T2, Lobby Check In — South Wing. Opening hours: 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM (Mon-Fri).

Shops — There are 2 duty-free shops, as well as a four-level shopping center that connects Terminal 3 and the parking building.

Shower rooms are available at Skyview Lounge in Terminal 2 and Transit rooms at terminals 1 and 3. Hours: Open 24 hours

The airport is open 24 hours. Nevertheless, there were reports that travelers are allowed no earlier than three hours before departure. The airport denied this in the news, so I really do not know what to advise here.

The following car rental companies are available at Manila Airport: Alamo • ASSI • Avis • Budget • Diamond • El Sol Tours • Europcar • Hertz • JS Travel • National • Nissan • Orix • Pacific Blue Transport. Location: Terminal 1 • Terminal 2 • Terminal 3. The driver must have international rights or a license in English, along with a photocopy of the license.

Here are some of the hotels that offer airport transfers: Belmont Hotel Manila • The Henry Hotel Manila • Isabelle Royale Hotel • Pasa • Manila Hotel • Maxims Hotel — Resorts World Hotel • Red Planet City • Solaire Resort Casino.

The airport has a free 24-hour shuttle service that picks up and disembarks passengers at terminals 1, 2 and 3. But according to many observers, the service is not always reliable due to the long wait and traffic jams in Manila. Many travelers recommend taking a taxi.

Underground. The airport transfer terminal is located next to the metro station.

Bus. You can take the city bus that runs along the route EDSA-MIA. Its path passes through zones 1 and 2. In addition, you can use the service of transfer from the airport between the terminals.

The airport is close to the main commercial business districts of Manila, so taxi services are available from the terminals. Use only official or pre-booked taxis.

Do not accept offers from people who suit you in the terminal. Taxis take about 150-200 Pesos (6USD-8usd) to the central hotels of Manila. It will take about 20-60 minutes for the trip, depending on the trip. For the least amount of trouble, it is recommended to pre-book a taxi with a reliable operator recommended by your hotel or friends / family.

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