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Luton Airport: how to get there, Tourist Information

In this section, you will find reviews of travelers who visited the airport, as well as our Luton Airport Guide, with information on Wi-Fi, cafes, amenities and services …. and yes, even the names of some hotels near the airport in case you decide that sleeping at the airport is not for you.

“The lack of seats has long caused complaints from passengers, and as a result, you may have to walk among the sprawling body mass on the way to your departure gate. All of this is reminiscent of the consequences of a humanitarian catastrophe, in many respects it is exactly so. — Traveler

To help you plan your waiting time for a transfer or an overnight stay at the airport, we have compiled for you a summary of information from traveler reviews about their stay at Luton Airport.

• At Luton Airport one terminal.

• 24-hour retail outlets are located both before and after passing through security checks.

• This airport, according to reviews, is very busy, with long and tedious queues for passing security checks.

• Some observers warn about dirty toilets and seats, so it’s best to bring along a disinfectant and wipes.

• Free wifi available. See the Wi-Fi section in the airport overview below.

• It is difficult to find good beds at this airport. Reviewers recommended benches in the arrivals area, outside, as the best option.

• Some reviewers referred to homeless suspects at this airport. If you are traveling alone, better stay alert.

• Observers warn that this airport is noisy, crowded, and very cold. We definitely recommend earplugs and warm clothes if you want to sleep here.

• For uninterrupted and restful sleep, there are hotels near the airport. See Airport Hotels section in overview below.

Economy class passengers for a fee can use the first-class recreation areas. See Airport Recreation Zones in the overview below.

For more information on available services and features, scroll down to continue exploring our London Luton Airport Guide. Send us your comments about the airport to help us keep this information up to date.

In this review can be used such definitions as «outside» (Landside) and «inside» (Airside). The “outside” zone is the public area of ​​the terminal, located in the unprotected zone before passing the security check. “Inside” is the safe part of the terminal, which is entered through a security check.

If you are an economy class passenger, you can enter the rest areas at Luton Airport by purchasing a guest pass, or by joining the membership program. Visit the separate Recreation Area page for more details (facilities, services, opening times, passes and membership information):

• Aspire Lounge — Location: inside, 1st floor opposite Monsoon store. Opening hours: 4:30 AM — 9:00 PM (daily). Access to the lounge: Pay at the door • Online booking (£ 24.99) • Priority Pass program.

Free Wi-Fi at the airport is available for 4 hours. Connect to the network “Luton Airport WIFI”. For additional time, there is a faster premium service for £ 3 per hour, or if you already have an account with a WiFi provider while roaming, you can access it by connecting to the Roaming Partners network and then log in the system.

If the prospect of spending the night at London Luton Airport does not appeal to you, there are hotels near the airport:

• Holiday Inn Express London Luton Airport — (10 min walk or 5 min drive from the airport) This hotel doesn’t have an airport shuttle service, but is close to the First Capital Connect bus stop, a free shuttle service that connects Luton Airport with the train station Parkway.

• Ibis Hotel — (10 min walk from the terminal) No airport transfer.

• Ramada Encore Luton — (20 min walk or 5 min drive from the airport) No Transfer from the airport.

• Hampton by Hilton London Luton Airport — (5 min drive from the airport) This hotel does not have its own transfer to the airport, but can be reached using Arriva Buses, a paid shuttle that runs every 12 minutes from 6:00 am until midnight (and every 30 minutes outside this time) from stop 8 (outside the main terminal). The Arriva bus costs GBP 1.50 per person, only cash is accepted, paid by the bus driver.

• Premier Inn Luton Airport — (4 min drive from the airport) No transfer to the airport.

Find a cheap room will help you a list of hotels in the area of ​​Luton Airport in London on Tripadvisor, where they can be sorted by price.

Additional services, facilities and activities available during transfer at the airport

• ATMs — ATMs are available in the check-in area, departure and arrival halls. These ATMs give out sterling and euro.

• Childcare facilities — changing rooms located throughout the airport, next to men’s / women’s toilets. If you need a quiet, secluded place to breastfeed, the passenger service assistant will tell you this place.

• Car rental — Yes, see our airport transportation section below.

• Currency Exchange — International Currency Exchange (ICE) offers foreign currency exchange, Western Union money transfers and more. Location: departure lounge, at the entrance and check-in counters (outside) — two kiosks are available • departure lounge (inside) • arrival lounge (outside).

• Duty Free and Shopping — Aelia Duty Free Shop, located in a controlled area, is open from 3:30 am until the last flight. A small variety of retail stores are located inside, and a newspaper WHSmith is opened in both the inner and outer zones.

• Food and Drinks — There are many cafes and restaurants around the airport that work with different schedules. Here are round-the-clock establishments:

• Outside: Costa (arrivals hall) • Food Village • Starbucks • The Great British Sausage Company

• Ready-to-eat meals and snacks are also available at the Mark grocery store. Spencer Simply Food, open 24 hours a day in the arrivals area.

• Help desk — location: check-in hall, outside, close to the entrance to the security control zone

• Luggage storage and lockers — Location: in the check-in hall, next to the oversized baggage item. Prices: £ 5.00 for a seat first 2 hours, £ 10.00 for 2-24 hours. For every additional day (including incomplete) fee is £ 5.00. Opening hours: open 24 hours. The maximum shelf life is 3 months.

• Baggage carts — Rate: £ 2 / € 2 — non refundable. Payment by cash or card.

• Mobile recharging — you can recharge your mobile devices for free at a free recharging station near Starbucks. Location: departure lounge, inside

• Passenger service assistants — Need help finding a seat at the airport? Passenger service assistants are located throughout the airport to answer your questions, direct you in the right direction, or even help you with emergency medical care. They are easy to spot — they are dressed in bright colors with the information symbol “i”, or you can use the red reference telephone to ask for help.

• Prayer room — prayer books, prayer rugs, signs showing directions, room for washing, and more are available in the interfaith prayer room. A multi-faith chaplain team works in place to provide comfort and emotional support. Location: departure lounge, inside. Opening hours: The prayer room is open 24 hours a day for travelers of all faiths or non-religious.

• Quick printing item — If you need to print a boarding pass, a travel itinerary, or a couple of pages of a document, go to the baggage clearance department for excess weight to get help. Price: £ 5.00 for a print job. Location: check-in area, outside, departure level, opposite the Bar des Voyages.

• Smoking areas — there are no designated smoking areas inside the terminal.

• Supermarket — If you need to buy groceries on the way to your destination in London or around it, Mark Spencer Simply Food offers a wide selection of wines, delicacies, snacks and other products. Location: Arrivals Hall. Opening hours: 24 hours.

The airport is open 24 hours.


The following bus routes operate at Luton Airport:

EasyBus — provides non-stop communication between the airport (platform 9) and the London Liverpool Street train station, and between the airport (platform 10) and the London Victoria Coach station. Fares start from £ 2 one way, seats can be booked online.

GreenLine — The GreenLine 757 bus runs between the airport (platform 7) and the London Victoria Coach station.

Local buses — Buses from nearby areas of Dunstable, Harpendene, Leighton Buzzard, downtown Luton, Milton Keynes, St Albans and Watford stop at platforms 8 and 9.

Luton — Dunstable Guided Busway — a bus route that runs between the airport and Dunstable, Houghton Ridges, Luton and Toddington.

Metroline — Route 714 Barnet — Luton runs directly between New Barnet Station, London (Colney), Harpenden, St. Albans, Luton Station and Luton Airport Terminal.

National Express — With more than 200 routes operating day and night, National Express is the most common bus company operating at Luton Airport. National Express operates several daily flights between Luton Airport (platforms 4, 5, 6 and 10) and Gatwick and Stansted airports, as well as direct routes from the airport to central London, Northampton, Highwickem, Oxford, Leicester, Nottingham, Coventry, Birmingham and Cambridge .

Stagecoach — Route 99 runs between the airport (platform 7) and Luton Airport Parkway train station, Luton city center, Milton Keynes Central station and Milton Keynes train station.

Car rent

Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt are available at Luton Airport. Location: Car Rental Center (Car Hire Center). There is a free shuttle bus from the terminal to the car rental center.


Licensed taxis, also known as hired vehicles (cabs), are easily accessible outside the terminal. To travel to the airport, you can also take a taxi directly on the streets of the city.


Luton Airport Parkway Station is served by Thameslink and East Midlands trains, which operate from central London, Midlands, and from northern and southern England. The airport terminal communicates with the train station via a 10-minute bus ride. For those traveling by train, but not having an airport ticket, the bus costs £ 1.60 one way or £ 2.70 for a return ticket (cash only, children’s tickets are half the price). Buses run every 10 minutes from 5:00 am to 12:00 am, or in accordance with the train schedule at night.

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