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Keflavik Airport: how to get there, Tourist Information

In this section you will find reviews of travelers who have visited the airport, as well as our guide to Keflavik airport with information about Wi-Fi, cafes, amenities and services …. and yes, even the names of some hotels near the airport in case you decide that sleeping at the airport is not for you.

“I was watching a completely incomprehensible scene: the guard was pacing the hall, angry and rude to people, so that they could sit down and shout:: this is not a hotel! Hey! Get up! ’- Sleepless in Seattle

To help you plan your waiting time for a transfer or an overnight stay at the airport, we have compiled for you generalized information obtained from traveler reviews about their stay at Keflavik International Airport, Reykjavik, Iceland.

  • A small modern airport, a popular place for transfers.
  • Very few restaurants and shops
  • A small 24-hour department store operates in the public area of ​​the terminal.
  • Wi-Fi is available free of charge and without restrictions. See the Wi-Fi section in the airport overview below.

• Overnight stays at the airport are strongly discouraged, which you will quickly notice by the number of warning signs.

• Several travelers report that the guards back up with these messages for passengers trying to sleep. You may be lucky with the guard, if only you want to try your luck.

• Inside — the best opportunities for sleeping can be near exits 7 and 10-15 (Traveler, August 2015).

• The airport is cold and brightly lit, but on the whole it is rather calm at night.

• For a continuous and restful sleep, there is a hotel within the airport, and several hotels nearby. See the Airport Hotels section in the overview below for more information.

For more information on the services and facilities available, scroll down to continue exploring our Keflavik Airport Guide. Send us your comments about the airport to help us keep this information up to date.

In this review can be used such definitions as «outside» (Landside) and «inside» (Airside). The “outside” zone is a generally accessible area of ​​the terminal, located in the unprotected zone, prior to customs and passport control. “Inside” is a safe part of the terminal, which can be reached through security checks.

At the time of this update, there are no recreation areas available for economy class passengers at the airport, even for an additional fee.

Internet at the airport is free and unlimited. Connect via Wi-Fi to the network “Kefairport-FreeWifi” through your login. Registration is not required.

If the prospect of spending the night at Keflavik airport does not appeal to you, there are hotels near the airport:

• Airport Hotel Smari — (2 min walk from the airport) located 100 meters from the airport terminal. You can rent daily numbers.

• Alex Guesthouse- (15 minutes on foot from the airport) a free regular airport shuttle is available during the summer season (May 15 to September 15) from 4:45 am to 9:15 pm (check the hotel schedule). Call +354 421-2800 from the airport, and a hotel employee will pick you up at the “Meeting Place” sign in the arrival hall.

• Icelandair Hotel in Keflavik — (5 minutes from the airport), formerly known as “Icelandair Flughotel”. There is a transfer from the airport.

• Hotel Keflavik — (5 minutes from the airport) Free one-way transfer to and from the airport.

• Hotel Berg — (7 minutes from the airport) A personal transfer from the airport can be arranged by the hotel.

• Bed Breakfast Keflavik Airport- (8 minutes from the airport) provides a free shuttle to the airport.

Find a cheap room will help you a list of hotels in the area of ​​Keflavik airport on Tripadvisor, where they can be sorted by price.

Additional services, facilities and activities available during transfer at the airport

• ATMs — Yes, available both outside and inside

• Car rental — Yes, see the Transport section below.

• Children’s area — Games, jigsaw puzzles, a table with a Lego, video games, seats in size for children and much more is available in a specially designated place in the trading area of ​​the terminal.

• Currency exchange — Arion Bank offers currency exchange services around the clock in the terminal’s trade zone.

• Duty Free Shopping — In addition to the DutyFree Iceland store, the following shops are located here: Elko • Optical Studio • Airport Fashion • Penninn Eymundsson • Blue Lagoon • 66 ° North • Iceland Gift Store (souvenirs) • Pure Food Hall. The schedule of work of shops is attached to the flight schedule.

• Family service — Free baby strollers are available for use at the airport. They can be found in the registration area.

• Food and Drinks — The opening hours of the food service establishments at the airport correspond to the flight schedule. At the time of this update, there were no eateries open 24 hours at the airport. The airport has the following facilities: Joe the Juice • Loksins Bar • House of Food • Nord • Segafredo

• Luggage storage and lockers — Enjoy freedom while transplanting! Store your luggage at the airport for € 8 per day for one week for normal baggage, and € 3 per day for each additional day. The cost of storing non-standard baggage, such as bicycles or tools, is € 10 per day for the first week, and € 5 per day for the following days. Location: 500 m from the terminal departure area, between Enterprise and Avis car rental services. Opening hours: Open 24 hours (May 15 — September 1), 5:00 — 12:00 AM (September 1 — October 31) and 5:00 — 6:00 pm (November 1 — May 15).

• Mobile Charging — About 100 charging stations dispersed throughout the airport terminal.

• Smoking Areas — Smoking is allowed in designated areas near the toilets in the departure lounge.

The airport is open 24 hours.


Airport Express, operated by Gray Line Iceland, provides a shuttle service 45 minutes after each flight arrival as scheduled. Ticket offices are located in the arrival hall of the terminal. Departure times from Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik timetables can be viewed on the Airport Express website.

Travel time to Reykjavík is 45 minutes. If you are traveling from Reykjavik to Keflavik, buses leave from the Ticket Office and Lækjartorg Bus Station in the center of Reykjavik on a schedule.

They also provide for embarkation / disembarkation of passengers from all major hotels in the metropolitan area. The service must be booked in advance for guaranteed departure to the airport.

Flybus is located very close to the airport. The bus leaves 35-40 minutes after the arrival of each flight; However, passengers are advised to check the actual departure time of the bus on the terminal screens or talk to the customer service officer at the Flybus information desk in the arrival hall.

The trip to Reykjavik on Flybus is 45 minutes and, if desired, it will stop at the Viking Hotel in Hafnarfjörður and on Aktu Taktu in Garðabær.

Upon reaching Reykjavík, the BSI bus station will be the first stop. From there, buses are available to all major hotels, the Youth Hostel, Laugardalur camping and the domestic airport. For these transfers, the driver will advise you on boarding small buses.

Flybus will also take you from the hotel to the airport. Just make a request to the hotel the day before departure.

Taxis are available outside the terminal.

Car rent

The following car rental companies are available: Avis • Budget • Hertz and Europcar.

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