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How to get from Girona airport to the city by transport

Girona Airport, or better known as Costa Brava Airport (GRO), is the second most important airport in the Barcelona area. It is located 13 kilometers from the center of Girona and 92 km from Barcelona. Because of its proximity, Girona Airport is considered an alternative to Barcelona’s El Prat Airport. The airport is very well connected with southern France. About 2.7 million passengers pass through this airport, and Ryanair is the most important company.

In Girona, the bus line No. 604 from Sagaleses operates according to Ryanair flight schedules and reaches the Girona bus station. The trip takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic jams and the price of the bus 2,15 €.

In Barcelona — also by Sagalés, buses depart every 30 minutes after the flight. The trip takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and the bus stop is at the northern station of Barcelona (near the Arc de Triomphe). The ticket costs 16 euros, and the return — 25 euros.

First you have to get to Girona by bus, and from there you can take the train to Barcelona:

AVE / AVANT high-speed trains — straight lines, the journey lasts about 40 minutes, and the cost of the ticket is 15 €; each train runs 11-12 times a day

Regional train (line R11) — although cheaper (6 euros for a one-way ticket), it has many stops and you can get to Barcelona in 1 hour; This line runs 12 times a day, the first is sent at 6:38, and the last is at 20:38.

Passengers with a lot of baggage should consider taking a taxi. A taxi from Girona Airport to Barcelona will cost between 130 and 140 euros, and the trip will take about an hour.

If you need to go to the center of Girona, a taxi will cost about 25-30 euros (15 minutes)

If you prefer to take a taxi to your destination, then use a transfer taxi or minibus if you are traveling with a large group of people. We advise you to book them in advance.

Those who want to avoid public transport, but consider a taxi too expensive — can use the services of a car rental company, such as Avis, Europcar and InterRent, right at the airport. To not be left without a car — book it online.

If you are traveling with a large group of people, you can rent a bus before you arrive. Thus, you can also visit the region or other cities in Spain, without thinking about public transport. Contact one of the rental companies in the area.

To get to Lloret de Mar, take the no. 605 direct bus route operated by Sarfa. The journey lasts about 30 minutes. A single ticket costs 10 euros. From GRO departs at 13:00 and from Lloret de Mar at 16:00.

The bus from Girona Airport to Lleida is provided by TEISA Eixbus, and the ticket costs € 24.80. It departs 5 times a day from Girona (city) and stops at the airport.

Novatel has a route from Girona Airport to Andorra, and the bus runs on Friday and Sunday. The cost of a single ticket is € 33 (€ 56 back).

Question: The plane is late with the arrival. Is it difficult to get to the city?

  • Answer: This will not be a problem, as the bus lines correspond to the Ryanair flight. If you fly with any other company, you can take a taxi or book a transfer.

Q: I have an early morning flight from the airport, are there any hotels at the airport where I can stay?

  • A: Yes, there are two hotels in the vicinity of Girona Airport:

Hotel Vilobi (2 *) — 400 m from the airport with free Wi-Fi

Salles Hotel Aeroport de Girona (4 *) — 15 minutes walk from the airport with free Wi-Fi and parking, an outdoor pool.

Question: I would like to spend one day in Girona / Barcelona between flights. Is it possible

  • A: Well, it depends on whether you want to visit the city center of Girona or Barcelona. If you want to visit Girona, it will be easy, as the bus travels 15 minutes before it, and the city is not that big. On the other hand, one day in Barcelona is not enough.

NOTE. The airport does not have luggage storage, but there are lockers at the Girona train station.

Q: I continue my journey outside of Girona. Are there any direct lines from the airport to other cities?

  • A: Of course. There are several direct lines from Girona Airport to other nearby cities, such as Blanes, Figueres, Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar and Perpignan (FR). To reach other major cities, you must first take a bus to Girona station.

Q: Can I exchange money at the airport to pay for my trip?

  • A: Yes, on the first floor of the airport there is an exchange office and ATMs (Caixabank and Santander) working 24 hours a day, but it is better to exchange money before the trip and have the euro on hand, since the rate will be much higher in place and no currency except the euro is not accepted.

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