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How to get from

The international airport «Begishevo» is located in the eastern region of the Republic of Tatarstan, in the Tukayevsky district. Officially, the airport belongs to the nearest city of Nizhnekamsk. In fact, the airport is located between two large cities: Naberezhnye Chelny and Nizhnekamsk. The distance to the first city is 24 kilometers, to the second — 21 kilometers. Today, this airport is a rapidly developing enterprise and one of the top 50 best airports in the Russian Federation. Every year, about half a million people use the services of Begishevo Airport.

Today a bus runs from / to Nizhnekamsk. His schedule is clearly tailored to aircraft flights. The beginning of the route from Nizhnekamsk is at the “Cafe Uyut” bus stop, the bus goes along Mira Avenue and directly to the airport. The return trip also follows to the indicated stop. Buses run 24/7. The fare is 100 rubles. Travel time is 1 hour.

A detailed bus timetable can be found on the airport’s website nbc.aero/ru/kak-doehat.html.

Since 2017, a new route has been introduced, which keeps its way to Naberezhnye Chelny. A direct SkyBus bus from the city starts from the bus station and travels to Begishevo Airport. At night, the departure occurs from the stop «Medgorodok». Trips from the airport at night to Naberezhnye Chelny also take place at the stop “Medgorodok”. The fare is 100 rubles. On the way, the bus is on average 45 minutes.

The first departure to the airport is at 01:00 from the stop “Medgorodok”. The first departure from the airport is at 02:15.

The last departure from the bus station in the city to the airport is at 20:15. The last departure from the airport to the city is at 20:55.

A detailed schedule of departure and arrival can be found at http://nbc.aero/passengers/find-us/.

You can take a taxi at any time of the day. The official service attached to the air terminal is called Aircity. At the airport there is a 24-hour “Taxi” counter, where the staff will call the car to the desired address. Also, the car can be caught at the exit of the building. Often, drivers are standing there waiting for new customers. The amount is negotiated with the driver or calculated by the meter depending on the distance.

The most convenient way to order a taxi is to call it through the application on the Yandex.Taxi phone. Points of departure and arrival are specified manually. The amount of travel is calculated in the application itself. The cost of this taxi is less than the local Aircity.

Driving your own car is the cheapest option. To the bus station in Naberezhnye Chelny by car — about 17 kilometers. Travel time is 20-30 minutes if there are no traffic jams. Follow the need for Almetyevsky tract. It is worth noting that speeding over this route over 90 km / h is unacceptable. On the way from / to the airport on the highway there are snack bars, tire repair shops, filling stations. The road to the bus station is equipped with signs, due to this it will be difficult to get lost.

From / to Nizhnekamsk it is also necessary to move along the Almetyevsk road, but only in the other direction. Travel time on your own car will be 20 minutes. On the way from / to the airport on the highway there are also snack bars, tire repair shops, filling stations.

From Nizhnekamsk to Begishevo Airport by car

At the airport «Begishevo» provides car rental service. Forward service offers several options for transport services:

  • Rent a car brand Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, Ford Focus, Skoda Rapid, VW Jetta, Skoda Octavia, Toyota Camry and others;
  • payment by cash or electronic payment from a bank card;
  • several types of insurance;
  • 24/7 technical support.

Detailed information can be found at http://nbc.aero/services/car-rent/.

Transfer from the airport «Begishevo» is carried out by several companies. The most popular is the company «KiwiTaxi». Turning to the company, you can:

  • order a car with a driver at the time of arrival of the aircraft;
  • to be sure of timely arrival at the hotel, to a meeting and so on;
  • order an individual, group transfer or VIP-transfer;
  • choose a car class and capacity (depending on the number of people);
  • choose a payment method.

How to get from the airport to other cities

There is no direct public bus on this route. There are several options for getting to the airport from Elabugi:

  1. Yelabuga — Nizhnekamsk. Direct bus. On the way — 1 hour. The fare is 100 rubles. Then we should expect a direct bus to the airport or use the taxi service.
  2. Yelabuga — Naberezhnye Chelny. Route 114 follows from Elabuga. The first bus is at 6:00. The frequency of departure of buses — 1 time in half an hour. Also the route number 130 begins its movement from 08:10. The frequency of departure of buses — 1 time per hour. The fare is 55 rubles.

To date, there is no direct route from Almetyevsk to the airport. You can get to Naberezhnye Chelny or Nizhnekamsk, and then — by a regular bus to the airport. You can also use the services of private carriers or taxis.

From Izhevsk should train. Starting the road is from Izhevsk station to Biklyan station (10 km from the airport). This is the nearest point to the airport, where the train should. Departure time — 08:25. Arrival time is 12:00. Travel time is 3.5 hours. Departure from the station «Biklyan» to Izhevsk — at 17:05.

From / to Biklyan station to the airport can be reached by public transport or taxi.

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