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Damascus Airport: how to get there, Tourist Information

In this section you will find tourist reviews about Syria Damascus airport, as well as information about wireless Internet access, cafes and restaurants, amenities and services … and yes, even the names of some hotels at the airport in case you decide to sleep at the airport for you are unacceptable!

He uses the local police, 10 minutes watching the sleeping man and directs the Kalashnikov assault rifle on his face — Wim.

To help you plan your arrival or arrival overnight, we have compiled a brief instruction based on the feedback from travelers who visited Damascus Airport.

At the international airport is the only terminal with several shops and a restaurant. Flight service is limited due to the Syrian civil war.

  • No overnight stays are allowed at this airport.
  • For uninterrupted sleep, use the hotels near the airport. See section below.

For more information about the services and benefits available, scroll down to continue exploring our guide. Send us your reviews about Damascus Airport to keep information up to date.

In the guidebook we will use the following terms: “common access zone” and “air zone”. The common access zone is a public area located in front of the pre-flight security control zone. Airside — the protected area of ​​the terminal, where you get after passing pre-flight control.

At the moment there is no reliable information about the availability of first or business class waiting rooms at the airport.

If you do not want to sleep at Damascus airport, here are the nearest hotels that we could find:

  • Oriental Hotel — (25 minutes from the airport). Call the hotel to arrange airport transfers ($).
  • Beit Al Wali Hotel — (27 minutes from the airport). Airport shuttle services are available ($)

To select more options, use the list of hotels near Damascus Airport on Tripadvisor, sorted by price, distance, rating and popularity.

At the moment there is no information about its availability.

  • Duty free Shopping — it is not known whether Duty Free is available, there are several souvenir shops.
  • Food and beverages — there are restaurants, bars and cafes, but the exact opening hours and location (in the common access zone and the air zone) are unknown.
  • Prayer room — yes, located in terminal 2.

At the moment, we do not know the exact hours of the airport, so we recommend that you read several reviews on the Internet before spending the night there.

You can quickly hire a taxi on the airport transport area

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