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Auckland Airport: how to get there, Tourist Information

In this section you will find reviews of travelers about Auckland Airport, as well as a guide with information about Wi-Fi, recreation areas, amenities and services, traveler reviews about the airport, and even the names of some hotels near the airport in case you do not want to spend the night in the airport.

To help you plan your time at the airport, we offer traveler reviews on how they spent time at Auckland Airport.

  • Auckland Airport consists of two terminals, one for international flights and the other for domestic flights. There is a free shuttle bus between the terminals.
  • There are also transitions between terminals if you prefer to walk — it will take about 10 minutes to walk.
  • There is a sale of drinks and food 24 hours.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available. You can view information about Wi-Fi in the Internet section.
  • The international terminal is divided into 3 levels. Some travelers report that sleeping at the 2nd level is better, especially near escalators or on a viewing platform. As of August 2016, this territory is closed. A good alternative is the area on the 2nd floor, opposite the China Airlines office. There you will find a warm, quiet area with three seater benches without armrests.
  • There are benches without armrests, but they are quickly occupied.
  • In the current reviews there is no information about spending the night outside the transit zone ..
  • Travelers complain about noise, so it is recommended to use earplugs or noise-canceling headphones.
  • Many reviewers also warn of cold, so bring a sweater or blanket with you.
  • For extended sleep, there are hotels near the airport. View information about hotels nearby can be in the section «Hotels».
  • Economy class passengers can use the services of the business lounge. Information on this can be found in the “Recreation Zones” section.
  • There are free souls, information about them you will find below.

Information about the services and features of the airport can be found below. Send us tips on visiting Auckland Airport so that our information is always up to date.

In this guidebook we will refer to the terms of the location «outside» and «inside». «Outside» is a public, unguarded terminal area, located in front of the security check. “Inside” is a protected area of ​​the terminal that you enter after passing through security control.

Domestic Terminal

  • Hall AirNewZealandKoruClub- internal terminal, inside. Have a shower. Entry is possible for members of the club AirNewZealandKoruClub.
  • EmperorLounge — level 1, international terminal, inside. Have a shower. Opening hours: 06:00 — 23:00 (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday) • 06:00 — 00:00 (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).
  • AirNewZealandKoruClub Hall is an international terminal inside. Have a shower. Entry is possible for members of the club AirNewZealandKoruClub.
  • QantasClub Hall — Level 2, international terminal, inside. Have a shower. Entry is possible for QantasClub members.

Free Wi-Fi is available at Auckland Airport for 30 minutes, connect to the Airport_Hotspot network. After 30 minutes you can use the Internet for an extra charge

If you do not want to sleep inside the airport, here is a list of hotels nearby:

  • NovotelAucklandAirport — located next to the international terminal. There is no transfer, but easy to walk. You can rent a room for half a day from 06:00 to 18:00.
  • IbisBudgetAucklandAirport — (5 minutes walk from the international terminal) transfer for extra charge.
  • SudimaHotelAucklandAirport — (3 minutes from the airport) 24-hour transfer is provided by YellowBus company serving the airport. The ticket is bought in advance in the ticket machine. $ 6 per person one way (children under 12 are free). Departure from the hotel Sudima every hour at: 05 and: 35 from 4:00 AMto01:35. The transfer takes passengers from the domestic terminal (exit 3) every hour to: 15 and: 45 from 04:15 to 01:45 AM and from the international terminal (stop opposite exit 6) every hour to: 20 and: 50 from 04:20 to 01:50 . Break from 02:00 to 04:00 (for transfer, please contact the hotel directly).
  • HeartlandHotelAucklandAirport- (3 minutes from the airport) Free 24-hour transfer from / to the airport runs every 30 minutes from the domestic terminal (exit 2 at the crosswalk) and the international terminal (door 11 at McDonalds in the arrival hall). Transfer from the airport — you need to call 0800-404-466 after receiving the baggage.
  • JetParkAirportHotel — (6 minutes from the airport) Free 24-hour airport transfer runs every 30 minutes from the domestic terminal (2nd door at the crosswalk) and the international terminal (door 11 at McDonalds in the arrival hall). Transfer from the airport — you need to call 0800-538-466 after receiving the baggage.
  • Budget hotel or hostel: KiwiAirportBackpackers and AirportBedBreakfast

To find a cheap room — look at the list of hotels near Auckland Airport on TripAdvisor, where you can also sort them by price. Or on the AucklendDeals website.

More information about the service, amenities and other features at the airport

  • Support travelers — if you get lost, you need help with navigation or there is a general question about the airport — contact support. Service workers are dressed in blue.
  • ATM / ATMs — available at the airport.
  • Childcare — children’s rooms can be found throughout the airport. They have cots and changing tables for babies.
  • Car rental — yes, see our section Transportation.
  • Chapel — a multi-confessional chapel located on the territory of the international terminal, inside, next to Artport. The Muslim prayer rug is located on the western pedestrian bridge.
  • Currency exchange services are provided by the travelex company and kiosks located in the international terminal (inside and outside).
  • DutyFree-is in the international terminal (in the transit zone) work time: 04:30 — 00:30.
  • Food and drink — there are many restaurants and bars and there is a 24-hour cafe.
  • International Terminal — EspressoBarbyAtomic (first floor, outside) • LongWhiteCafe (ground floor, outside) • StoreConveniencestore (ground floor, outside) • TakeHome (inside, ground floor).
  • Games and attractions — location: international terminal, inside — level 2, inside — level 1 and outside in the arrivals area.
  • Information desk — there are five information reference services. In the international terminal, outside, departure area • international terminal, outside, arrival area • international terminal, inside, 2nd floor • international terminal, inside, customs control zone • Domestic terminal, arrival area , next to the baggage claim 1 and 2.
  • Cameras and storage rooms are in the international terminal. Lockers: prices range from $ 10.00 (small) to $ 14.00 (large) per locker for 24 hours. Storage: prices range from $ 9.00 — $ 13.00 (small) for 4 — 24 hours apiece and from $ 11.00 — $ 16.00 (large) for 4 — 24 hours apiece.
  • SmarteCarte is an international terminal, outside, departure area, ground floor, opposite check-in counter 67 (check-out of business passengers is across from Qantas counter). Hours: 03:45 -23: 15.
  • SmarteCarte — international terminal, outside, arrival zone, first floor, at the front desk of the passengers of the premium class of the company AirNewZealand. Hours: 03:45 — 23:15.
  • Baggage carts are provided free of charge.
  • Massage chairs — international terminal, near exit 2 and 4. Cost: unknown.
  • Muslim prayer room — Location: Domestic Terminal, first floor.
  • Observation deck — International Terminal, Level 2
  • Shower cabins — free shower cabins are available in the international terminal, inside, next to the VIP lounges of the airlines. There is a sale and rental of toiletries, a hairdryer and towels. There is also a free shower available for transit travelers. Location: international terminal, first floor, arrival area. Towel and shower keys can be rented at I-SITE. A refundable deposit of $ 10 per key is installed. Showers are also available in the business lounges [see section for recreation].
  • Smoking — smoking is allowed only in designated areas outside the terminal of domestic flights.

The airport is open 24 hours (International Terminal) / 04:30 — 00:00 or until the last departure (Domestic flights terminal)

A regular bus service connects the airport to the city center and several other cities. For schedules and more information, visit the Auckland Transportation website.

The following hotels provide transportation services for their guests (part free of charge, part of payment): Auckland Airport • Auckland Airport • Jetton Hotel Auckland Airport • Jetty Hotel Conference Center • Auckland Airport Motor Lodge • Sudima Auckland Airport Hotel • 540 on Great South Motel.

Airbus AirbusExpress provides regular transportation from the city center of Auckland to the airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The total travel time between the city and the airport takes about 45 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the Airbus ticket office, directly from the driver or pre-booked online on the website. For more information on stops, routes, prices and more, visit the website of Auckland Airport.

A free shuttle runs every 15 minutes between international and domestic terminals. The bus runs from 5 am to 10:30 pm daily.

You can pick up a taxi or transfer to the parking lot, located outside the arrivals area at the international terminal. Or outside the terminal of domestic airlines. It is important to note that while all companies have the opportunity to drop you off at the airport, not everyone is licensed to pick you up from there. For information on a specific vendor and pricing, you will find the Auckland Airport website.

A wide range of car rental options for foreign and local tourists. Offices of licensed companies are located in terminal buildings. Foreign travelers can find car rental companies at the international terminal in the arrivals area on the first floor. Local travelers can find ground floor operators in a multi-level car park.

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