question:  How to load files?
answer: Provide the link to downloadings in shape below (feedback), is possible by mail , make loading of files (Photos).  Or to ukazhizat the link for downloading.

question: Why it is better for photo to send in archive not simply files.
answer:  It is more convenient to send archive, than to send some tens files (photos)

question: What admissible formats of photos? 
answer:  the most widespread (gif, png, jpg, jpeg, pdf) Archives (g7z, zip, rar).

question: Why photos to number? 
answer: photos in an album will be compiled on increase. You should look, what photos in “neighbourhood” will better look. To choose the photo No. 1 (cover). The following will be nearby, on one developed leaf. Nearby there will be sheets  (2 – 3, 4 – 5, 6 – 7, etc.).

question: And if a photo album it not to be pleasant to me
answer: Write that it wasn’t pleasant to you? We will correct. (service of a retouch we don’t provide)

question: Why in an electronic format it is better?
In an electronic format it is pleasant to look through. The album very beautifully looks. Sheets turn over is realistic, with a sound of rustling of pages, as at the present book. And at the same time it is more convenient real. Pluses – doesn’t fade and it isn’t torn. It is possible to store in several copies.

question: Why at us? 
answer: Because it isn’t expensive and qualitative

question: How much is one photo album? 
answer: €10 euro (12$).


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