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Zoo Dusit, Bangkok: ticket price, photos, map, description

Dusit Zoo — what to see and how to navigate

Exotic Thailand and its capital Bangkok will surprise you with a huge selection of places that are definitely worth a visit. Among them is the country’s oldest zoo — Dusit, or Khao Din Park.


Tourists, and especially those who travel with children, will like this zoo with a well-kept park area, exotic vegetation and a large number of animals. Below we will explain how to get there, we will tell interesting facts about its occurrence and how attractive this place is.

Zoo history

Initially, Dusit Zoo was not a zoo at all, but a botanical garden and had a slightly different name — “Khao Din Wana”. Built in 1895 by order of King Rama V, the garden was designed exclusively for the family of the ruling monarch and contained a private collection of animals.

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Dusit Zoo is part of the structure of protected historical reserves in Thailand.

With the king, the last absolute monarch of Thailand, Rama VII, the park was improved and expanded. In 1938, at the request of the country’s prime minister, the king gave permission for the park to be open to the public. Rama VII also transmitted to the zoo animals from his collection, in particular, crocodiles and monkeys. From this point on, the modern history of the Dusit Zoo originates.

Zoo today

Every year, the zoo receives more than 2 million visitors and is one of the most visited places in Bangkok. He belongs to the Organization of Zoological Parks, which monitors the maintenance and health of animals. Today, the Dusit Zoo is a complex that covers an area of ​​188,800 m². It includes not only animals and pavilions with animals, but also shops, cafes, attractions, playgrounds and even a zoological museum telling the story of this place.

The central entrance to the zoo.

Here you can find a hospital for animals and an educational center for visitors of all ages. A distinctive feature of the zoo is that many animals are allowed to feed. In a special children’s zoo, the smallest visitors can feed and pet and play with the young animals.

The zoo is often visited by parents with children.

In addition to all this, here you can enjoy walking in a park area or on a lake on a rented catamaran, witness an exciting animal show, and even ride elephants.

Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo).

Performances with the participation of animals are held both on weekdays and on weekends. You can see trained fur seals, monkeys and even royal elephants.

You can take a ride around the territory on a nice little train, which children will definitely like, and if you wish, you can rent a bicycle or a scooter.

Walk on the train.

Prices for additional services here are low and will not hit the average tourist.

Zoo animals

Currently, over 1600 species of various animals from around the world live in the zoo. This number includes about 800 species of birds, about 200 species of reptiles and 300 mammals. Here you will find both large representatives of the fauna — hippos, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and smaller animals — meerkats, lemurs, rabbits, foxes.

In the zoo, you can embrace various representatives of the fauna.

Here you can look at giraffes from two levels. The path is the first level, the second is on the bridge, which is located at the level of the head of a giraffe. From the bridge it is convenient to feed them, which is very popular with children.

Feeding zhrafov, favorite children’s activity.

Monkeys, various predatory cats, antelopes, ponies, tapirs, wombats, bears live here. Among all the diversity here you can see the rare South Asian species of animals. The white Bengal tiger and albino deer are the visiting cards of the zoo. Also here you can see the usual cows, goats and sheep.

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For residents of Thailand, zebras, giraffes, camels, kangaroos, penguins are exotic animals.

Speaking of penguins: a special room is set aside for them in the zoo, where the temperature is suitable for these animals.

The Island of Birds was created in Dusita. This is a piece of land in the water, where bird enclosures are covered with a net. Here you can see parrots, peacocks, flamingos, pheasants, cranes, pelicans and even a large crow, a relative of the well-known urban crows. A variety of fish and turtles inhabit the ponds, which are not averse to taste bread from the hands of visitors. A large number of reptiles are represented in terrariums: snakes, monitor lizards, lizards, snakes and even a dragon from the island of Komodo.

Flamingo at Dusit Zoo

Most of the enclosures in the zoo are constructed so that people do not protect the grilles, but a special invisible ditch with water. This allows you to better view the local inhabitants and make picturesque photos. Aviaries here are very large, which allows animals to feel relatively free and comfortable. This factor, as well as the exchange of the Dusit Zoo with other zoos, contributes to a high birth rate among the animals living here.

How to get and cost of attendance

The zoo is located near the Victory Monument BTS station, you can get there by buses from Victory Monument No. 12 and No. 18, or on foot, which will take about 20 minutes. Buses number 28, 108, 528, 515, 539 and 542 also take you straight to your destination. You can take a taxi or a tuk-tuk from any corner of the city, or the Bangkok city subway.

The cost of visiting the Dusit Zoo: for adults 150 baht, 70 baht for children. Children under 3 years old admission is free. Opening hours: from 8.00 to 18.00. It usually takes two or three hours to inspect the entire park.

From Monday to Friday, you can visit the marine show, beginning at 10:30, 12:30, 15:00. On weekends 10:30, 12:30, 13:40, 15:00.

Zoo Map

Zoo Map

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