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Zheleznovodsk: sights and healing springs of the city

Sights of Zheleznovodsk

One of the most famous cities with healing springs in our country is Zheleznovodsk. This beautiful and very cozy resort of federal importance has an interesting history and is located in the Stavropol region. At the very beginning of the 19th century, the famous Russian doctor Haas, together with Prince Atazhukov, conducted a series of studies. He discovered on the slope of the Iron Mountain two mineral springs at once. After this landmark event, this place began to develop rapidly, to be built on. At the moment, according to official statistics, a little more than 25 thousand people live in Zheleznovodsk. In fact, here at any time of the year a huge number of visitors come to see the sights and improve their health.

There are a lot of them in Zheleznovodsk, the most famous are such sources as:

  • Lermontovsky number 1 (Lazy) — was opened by the very first, Dr. Haas gave him the name Konstantinovsky, after the revolution it was renamed “Lazy”, and in honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the greatest writer Lermontov, the name was changed again. The water temperature is about 40 degrees, and the composition is defined as carbonate sulphate-carbonate, it is used in a number of nearby resorts.
  • Smirnovsky — he was discovered and developed by a local doctor, Smirnov, in the second half of the 19th century, before that a reservoir called Gryaznushka was located here, from which residents took liquid to wash their bodies and houses. Parameters of mineral water are identical to those of Slavyanovskaya. This is a drink with an acidic environment, its temperature is 38 degrees.

  • Vladimirsky — was opened by a doctor of the same name in the 20th century, has undergone one closure, but has continued to work again and is functioning to this day. It is located on a terrenkur near Iron Mountain.
  • The source of youth is currently not functioning, but it is interesting to see it from an aesthetic point of view. A beautiful legend was made about this sight in Zheleznovodsk, according to which the old woman, hearing the words of her husband that the water at the source charges her strength, drank too many gifts of this miracle of nature and turned into a little girl. Since then, it was decided to close the source on the grill and lock, in order to avoid such excesses.

Still running mineral water bottling station, founded back in 1908. Here you can purchase the best waters of Zheleznovodsk — Slavyanovskaya, Lysogorskaya, Smirnovskaya, Essentuki No. 4 and 17, as well as ice spring, key and crystal clear water from the Grafsky water source.

All guests of the city are advised to look at the sights, for example, at the open pump-room of a Slavyanovsk source. Now it is a gallery, where you can easily go down the slope along the main avenue of the Park «Resort». Especially beautiful here in the summer, you can sit on the bench and admire the local beauty, breathe in the clean air, make a memorable photo.

Palace of the Emir of Bukhara

There is no person in Zheleznovodsk and its environs who has not heard of the luxurious, breathtaking and atmospheric eastern palace, which is very impressive in its magnificence. This palace was intended for the emir of Bukhara, belonging to the dynasty of Mangyt, but who died before the completion of construction. In our time, the castle is part of one of the resorts — also a kind of attractions. Nearby are the gallery of Pushkin and the foot of the Iron Mountain. In parallel, an alley of the Park «Resort».

Cascade stairs

It starts from another Zheleznovodsk attraction and extends all the way to the Nizhny Park, ideal for viewing the surroundings and an original, vibrant photo shoot. The ladder was built in 1935, it has branches to the Smirnovsky spring and the alleys below. There are other attractions of lesser importance, but very pleasing children: a lot of fountains decorated with fairy-tale heroes, among which you can easily find Danilo-master, Princess Frog and others.

Pushkin Gallery

Visiting the sights in Zheleznovodsk, you should definitely go here. The gallery was finally completed at the very beginning of the 20th century, and the frame was made by special order in St. Petersburg. Due to its large size and large mass, it was delivered in fragments by railway and special equipment.

Initially, she was given the name «Iron Gallery», but two years later the name was altered in honor of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. The building attracts a high spire (almost 23 meters), unusual exquisite stained glass ornaments, interlaced with dynamic and reliable metal structures. The use of nice blue shades and the use of architectural techniques made it look like a castle.

Iron Mountain

In this geological formation of volcanic origin there are a lot (more than 23) sources of mineral water rich in iron, which served as a prerequisite for such a name. This mountain is not among the highest, because it does not exceed 853 meters, but the Terrenkur has a length of 3 km. Many different trees grow on the surface, including oak, ash, beech, linden, and even hornbeam, as well as others. Here grow medicinal herbs that are used for herbal medicine, a variety of baths, the treatment of certain diseases.

«Dancing» fountain

Located next to Smirnovsky sources, decorated with a sculpture in the form of an eagle, which became a kind of «calling card» of the Caucasus. During the day, the fountain works as the most usual, only from the speakers can you hear music, mostly Russian pop music and the chanson genre. With the arrival of the night magic happens. The fountain emits bright, colorful and glowing jets, which is striking in its beauty.

Ostrovsky baths

The hospital, located in a colorful building, made in the Arabic style with columns and domes, built in the second half of the 19th century. The famous writer and playwright is only indirectly related to this attraction. His brother Michael held a significant post and was one of the activists who took part in the construction.

Olga’s Church of Equal to the Apostles

The temple was created in honor of Princess Olga, previously there was a small prayer house for the Orthodox, but it became dilapidated, and therefore there was a need for reconstruction. It is beautiful and cozy, calm, many residents of nearby settlements make pilgrimages.

Other interesting places

Walking in Zheleznovodsk, you can go to the square in front of the department store, walk around the Lenin Square, look into the Palace of Culture (GDK) or the beautiful post station on Semashko Street, which are also sights loved by the locals. By the way, the GDK has a branch of the philharmonic society, and there are regular concerts, contests, various festivals, performances, and other exciting events.

There are also such unusual sights: a bas-relief of a mountain goat, signs on a terrenkur in the form of «grandfathers», a desire egg. As in any city, there is an alley of memory and the Eternal Flame. Also, a lot of positive impressions will bring a trip to the lake Kurortny, on which there is an island. A walk through Lermontovskiy Square and a visit to the Medical Park will benefit your health and improve your mood.

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