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Zakynthos: the sights of the Greek island

Amazing Greece: Zakynthos Landmarks

Not far from the Peloponnese peninsula is located a cozy little island — Zakynthos. This heavenly place is a bright gem of which Greece is proud. His beauty has been sung by great poets for thousands of years. They were inspired by golden sand, clear turquoise sea and scenic views of the natural landscape. Zakynthos has amazing air filled with the scent of ripe grapes, citrus trees and beautiful flowers.

The island is a great place for those who want to be in a fairy tale and forget about all the problems for a while. He will give an unforgettable vacation and great adventures.

Rest in the capital

Zakynthos is small. It can easily be driven around by car. In diameter, it is about 35 km, but despite this, it is a favorite destination for tourists. In the capital of the island — Zakynthos — thousands of visitors come every day to see the sights and spend time on the wide spacious beaches.

The city has something to offer travelers, as it is very peculiar. When you first get there, you should definitely visit the two main streets.

  • The first, “Strata Marina”, runs along the sea and is at the same time an embankment and a road. Walking along it, you can go to the original Greek taverns and buy original souvenirs in small shops and shops. The embankment is picturesque. A lot of boats are moored on the shore, large palm trees and other trees grow on the side of the road.
  • The second street, «Alexandra Roma», is located parallel to the first, and tourists will also find a lot of entertainment on it. In addition to shops and hotels, there are cozy cafes and restaurants.

From all corners of the city a high hill covered with vegetation is clearly visible. This is Mount Bohali. If you want to see windmills, the ruins of an ancient castle, a beautiful church and a pine grove, book a fascinating tour of this place or explore the mountain on your own. Above there is a good observation deck, which offers a great view of the city. Also there you can meet hand goats.

Greece is famous for its magnificent temples. Although the island was badly damaged by an earthquake in the last century, there are interesting architectural monuments there. Seeing the sights of Zakynthos, visit the Church of St. Dionysius. She stands right on the embankment, and all ships entering the port immediately see her bell tower. This largest temple on the island amazes with the beauty of the interior decoration. Its walls are decorated with wonderful paintings and unique icons of Greek masters. Having come to church, you will be able to look at the relics of St. Dionysius, which are kept in an ark of silver.

Be sure to explore the historical center in Zakynthos — Solomos Square. Once on this place coastal waves raged, but the inhabitants of the island entered into a fight with nature and made a mound of sand. This helped to free the territory from the sea water. Now there is a square where you can see interesting sights:

  • the church of Nicholas Mola;
  • municipal library;
  • Museum of Post-Byzantine Art;
  • Monument to Dionysios Solomos.

To explore the island yourself, it is advisable to rent a car. Make it easy in any rental center.

Ostrovsky beaches

On the coast of Zakynthos, you can find beaches for every taste. In the east of the island, most of them are sandy. In the west, the relief is more rocky, and therefore rocky coves and pebbles prevail there. Getting to these beautiful places is easy by car or boat from the sea. The most popular beaches on the island:

  • Kalamaki in the bay of Laganas;
  • Gerakas, located in the east of Zakynthos;
  • Argassi, which is located next to the village of the same name;
  • Makris — it can be found not far from Cape Agios Nicholas in the north of the island;
  • Xigi is located in the northern part of Zakynthos in a secluded bay where you can see hydrogen sulfide springs;
  • Navagio is the most beautiful and famous beach, on which there are always many tourists; it is located in the bay of the same name, and you can get there only by boat or pleasure boat.

Greece long ago granted Zakynthos the title of a nature reserve and created a national marine park there. Its main task is to preserve the endangered species of large sea turtles that swim to the sandy beaches of the Laganas Bay. The sand there is very soft. In this place it is convenient for turtles to produce offspring. When the reptiles start laying eggs, most of the beaches of the bay stop working at night, and during the day there are special visiting rules to ensure that they do not disturb the animals. In particular, it is forbidden to enter there by car.

The turtles are closely monitored by the protection of the reserve and by environmentalists, since there are about 800 adults left on the ground. Look at the huge reptile, reaching a length of 1.5 m, can be on the pier of the city of Laganas. Every morning a big turtle Satiris swims there. Tourists are waiting for her from early morning to stroke this tame animal or at least touch it.

Unique nature

The natural sights of Zakynthos are amazing. All tourists need to see the amazing Blue Caves. They are located near the bay of Navagio. Grottoes in the coastal cliffs attract people with clear blue water. You can ride in them on a small boat and admire the blue glow coming from the sea.

Resting with children, do not forget to go to the Park Askos. On the vast area of ​​the reserve grow different representatives of the flora from around the world. It is also easy to see rare animals, most of which live in natural conditions. They can be stroked and fed with special food purchased from the supervisor of the contact zoo. On the territory of Askos are ancient stone sculptures and numerous village buildings that will interest adults and children.

If you want to snorkel, go to the island of Marathonisi, located in the Gulf of Laganas. There are two beaches. On the first, sandy, often lay turtle eggs. And on the second clear clear water creates all the conditions for scuba diving. High cliffs and wildlife give the place a romantic and charming look.

Where else to go?

To the south of Zakynthos you can find the Strophada — a unique natural corner. It consists of two small islands connected by a reef isthmus. The first, Stamfanio, is famous for the Metamorfosi Sotiros monastery, founded back in 1242. Lovers of antiquities will be interested to look at the fortress wall and the imposing tower of an ancient building. On the second island, Arpina, migratory birds stop to rest. The place is extraordinarily beautiful, completely covered with green trees.

Those who wish to actively relax can go by car to the Water Village water park. It is located in the south-east of the island, not far from the capital. There you can have a great time all day. When you get tired of riding on water rides, tourists can play mini golf, jump on trampolines or sit in a comfortable lounge chair in the shade of an umbrella. Children in the water park will not be bored. For them there is a huge playground with safe slides and other entertainment.

Greece is an amazing country with many beautiful islands, but it is Zakynthos that remains the favorite place of many tourists. After all, having been here once, it is difficult to forget the secluded coves, where the water sparkles in the sun, fabulous grottoes, high hills and yellow sand. Come to Zakynthos and its unique sights will forever conquer you.

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