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Yaroslavl: the sights of the ancient city on the Volga

Sights of the ancient Russian city of Yaroslavl

For a thousand years on the banks of the Volga stands a beautiful city, founded by the Grand Duke Yaroslav the Wise. It amazes the majestic domes of churches, ancient towers, beautiful promenade, luxurious mansions of merchants and modern architecture. If you want to touch Russian history, visit these places. Here you will find museums, squares and wonderful parks. This is a small list of what to see in Yaroslavl.

It is difficult to study the city in one day, because there are about 800 priceless historical monuments there. Before traveling to this pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia, it is better to determine in advance the main sights that need to be seen, because it will not be possible to cover all the museums and interesting places in a short time.

Where to begin?

Tourists who come to the city must walk along the embankment and along the famous Strelka, where the Kotorosl and Volga rivers merge together. From this place began to build Yaroslavl. The Grand Duke erected on the dais of the Volga Kremlin to defend the settlement. Now nothing is left of him, since he was made of wood.

Strelka is a favorite place for city dwellers where they come every weekend. It has an amazing feature, from any point it offers a beautiful view of the historical places of Yaroslavl and the Volga.

  • From there you can see the wonderful golden domes of the Assumption Cathedral. The temple was built recently. Its opening was timed to celebrate the millennium of the city.
  • In the distance, the outlines of the church of St. Nicholas gleam. The ancient cathedral was erected on the site of a dilapidated chapel in the 17th century. According to local legend, it was built during the lifetime of Yaroslav the Wise.
  • On the other side of the river you can see the Church of St. John Chrysostom in Korovniki. The harmony and beauty inherent in this attraction are striking from afar.

If you stay in Yaroslavl longer than one day, be sure to take a trip to unique places and see these facilities.

Particular attention should be paid to the fragile gazebo, built in 1840. Residents call it the “Heart of Yaroslavl” and very much cherish.

In 2010, the city adorned Arrow with a beautiful park, where every day there are many children and adults. They come to admire the light-music fountains, themed flowerbeds and the two-meter stele installed in honor of the anniversary of Yaroslavl. Take a walk there in the evening with your child, look at the embankment flooded with lights.

Churches and temples

Here at every turn museums and interesting sights. All tourists should go to the Transfiguration Monastery. This is one of the most unique historical monuments in Russia. There remained a monumental painting of the 16th century and the rarest frescoes of the times of Ivan the Terrible. Approaching them, it is worthwhile to pause for a while and carefully peer at the old images.

Over the centuries, the monastery was rebuilt more than once, new structures appeared. Now there is the headquarters of the historical and architectural museum-reserve. Passing through the walls of the monastery, you will see:

  • belfry of the 16th century;
  • holy gates;
  • the temple of Yaroslavl wonderworkers;
  • refectory;
  • Transfiguration Cathedral and other attractions.

Museums on the territory of the monastery will tell about the history of the region. There you can learn interesting things about the unique heritage of ancient Russian culture — the “Lay of Igor’s Campaign”. After all, this work was found in the library of the monastery.

All ancient temples of Yaroslavl are wonderful museums of ancient architecture. One of them is the Holy Vvedensky Tolga Monastery, built for women more than 700 years ago. The icon of the Mother of God is kept there, attracting hundreds of pilgrims every day to the shrines of the shrine. Its snow-white arches and walls are a remarkable monument of architecture. Inside the monastery are Vvedensky Cathedral, the church of St. Nicholas, the Savior, the Chapel of Alexander Nevsky, Trifon and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Visit the Kazan nunnery. Not all museums compare with him by the number of unique attractions. The ancient monastery is famous for the miraculous overflow of church bells and the image of the Kazan Mother of God. Believers can kneel before the relics of St. Agathangel. Churches and temples located on the territory amaze with the beauty of all visitors.

Not far from the monastery stands a recently built planetarium named after the first woman, cosmonaut V. Tereshkova. It’s good to go there with the children so they can see the enchanting beauty of the universe.

Historical monuments

The city offers to visit different historical places. In the center is the Church of Elijah the Prophet — an outstanding example of old Russian architecture. It has survived to this day with little or no change. Beautiful domes, white-stone walls, carved windows reflect the original ancient culture. If you go inside, you will see an old carved iconostasis, unique icons and frescoes with biblical scenes.

The church has long been under restoration. Now it is open again, and worship services are held in it.

All the museums of Orthodox history, for which the city is famous, are difficult to enumerate. Arriving in Yaroslavl for one day, make time to visit the Metropolitan Chambers. The manor was built in the 17th century for Metropolitan Jonah and included a two-story house, two outbuildings and a small church. The manor was rebuilt more than once, and during the last reconstruction it was returned to almost the original look.

Now there is a museum of art of ancient Russia, which presents the rarest of icons.

If you come to the city for the weekend, explore the museums of Yaroslavl in more detail. There you can go:

  • in the art museum (it is located on the Volga embankment, and there are collected unique works of ancient and modern masters);
  • to the museum of the history of the city, which shows the main events in the life of Yaroslavl from its foundation until today;
  • to the museum to them. L.V. Sobinova (the house keeps rare documents, stage costumes, photos of an opera singer, and much more interesting);
  • to the Museum of Modern Art, where exhibitions of paintings by local artists are often held.

These are not all museums worth paying attention to. The city has reserved for visitors unusual places and attractions. One of these is the “Music and Time” complex. There are shown the most interesting collections of fancy bells, ancient clocks, musical instruments and gramophones. The complex also hosts exhibitions of ancient porcelain and samovars that will be fascinating to explore with your child. Museums can be viewed independently or with a guide, telling in detail about all the wonders. They say that when it starts ringing bells, you need to make a wish, and it will come true.

Family holidays in Yaroslavl

Children need to instill a love for their native land. A trip to the city of Yaroslavl will impress them and introduce them to history. Give your baby a real adventure. After visiting churches and monuments, go see the children’s railway. There you will plunge into a wonderful atmosphere, having made a fascinating journey from the 19th century in our time, you will feel yourself as a train driver and you will get a lot of positive emotions.

Do not forget to show the children the magnificent landscape zoo, where the animals live in conditions that are closest to their natural habitat. This is the uniqueness of the picturesque place.

If you decide to stay in the city for a few days, take a trip to Dubki, where the dolphinarium is located. It presents an extensive entertainment program. In addition to the performance of marine animals, there you can see the hall of exotic butterflies and admire rare tropical specimens. For children there are various games that are fun to play with friends after the show. In the dolphinarium it is interesting to spend the whole day and even stay overnight in small hotel rooms.

Parks and squares

Yaroslavl is a city immersed in greenery. There are many parks, squares, striking in its magnificence. Walking through the center, you will notice a high beautiful fence. Behind it lies the wonderful Gubernsky Park, founded in 1821. This corner is filled with peace and tranquility. It is interesting to walk around with a child, to show him snow-white sculptures, blooming flower beds and a large fountain. If you walk into the depths of the park, you can discover a romantic swing. Today, this Yaroslavl Park is considered a museum where many people come to see the composition “Sculpture in the open-air”.

There, where two rivers merge with each other, Damansky Island is located. On it is a wonderful park and other interesting places. In summer, rides for children and adults work in the square, dance floors are open, where guests and residents of Yaroslavl have fun.

The island can be reached by passing on the Damansky bridge. He is very fond of the newlyweds. According to the tradition, the groom must transfer his beloved through him in his arms, and then they fasten their union by hanging the “lock of love” on the cast-iron fence of the bridge.

In winter, the park is also not empty. Those who wish to ride with children on snow-covered paths on skis, snowmobiles, sleighs and in every way fun.

Amazing places of Yaroslavl are adorable all year round. In the autumn, lush parks greet guests with a waterfall of golden foliage, in the summer the air is filled with the scent of blooming flower beds, in spring the young greens make the city very beautiful. The time spent here will be remembered for a long time, because this cozy corner is filled with greatness and freedom.

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