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Yacht Club in Pattaya: Sailing in Thailand, description, photo, video

World Class Yacht Club in Pattaya

Not all tourists traveling to Thailand know that this Asian country is one of the best places in the world to go sailing. There is everything you need for this: a large number of routes, relatively simple navigation, a light breeze and many islands with stunning nature, which are so nice to go on a yacht!

Yacht Club on Jomtien Beach, Pattaya

Despite the fact that Phuket Island, another tourist center, Pattaya, is not the unofficial center of Thai yachting, has also not hit the face, because here is the largest world-class yacht club in Southeast Asia. It is called Ocean Marina Yacht Club and is located in the southern part of Jomtien Beach.

Here, without exaggeration, there is something to look at: hundreds of yachts are parked at the berths of the club, and among them there are those that belong to the luxury class and are truly exclusive. Those who do not have a yacht, with pleasure come to the pier to look at the court swaying on the muddy waves of the Gulf of Siam.

Only here with photography there can be problems: the security guard does not interfere if tourists try to take a photo on the phone, but categorically objects to attempts to go to the pier with a professional camera — probably due to the fact that yacht owners may not like homegrown «paparazzi» with mirror lenses interested in their property. Large regattas are often held on the basis of the yacht club, since this is the only platform in Thailand that allows you to organize large-scale competitions. By the way, the school of yachtsmen is also here, in the lessons in which everyone is told about the rules of controlling the ship, the features of navigation and other nuances, and then accompany the newcomers during practical exercises. So, if you have always dreamed of driving a yacht, you can easily learn this in Pattaya!

Sailing in Pattaya

Professionals claim that Pattaya is a great place for yachting, and its geographical position contributes to this. It is protected from such a danger as a tsunami, when compared with other places popular with yachting enthusiasts, such as Phuket. There is always kept a light breeze, favorable for swimming.

In addition, mariners do not have to be bored, because Ocean Marina Yacht Club regularly organizes competitions for them! Every month, sailors take part in races around the islands, and these regattas are very popular. In addition, many people like to go on yachts to tropical islands, which are located near Pattaya and have an incredibly beautiful nature.

World class yacht club

As mentioned above, without exaggeration, Ocean Marina Yacht Club can be called one of the largest Asian marinas, and it continues to evolve and expand. The club is equipped with modern ground and water equipment and has all the necessary infrastructure for organizing competitions of the highest class.

The marina is equipped with floating moorings and a concrete platform of impressive size. There is a breakwater, which is issued in the sea for a half kilometer. The port is equipped with a mobile lift, which is able to move vessels with a displacement of up to 75 tons. In the Ocean Marina Yacht Club there are workshops for repairing yachts and their parts, shops where you can purchase the necessary components, in addition, there are skilled craftsmen who quickly identify faults and qualitatively eliminate them. In a word, everything that a yachtsman needs is concentrated in this place! For those who have not yet managed to acquire their own yacht, the club offers ships for rent, in addition, here you can also take a catamaran, perfectly adapted for boat trips. Marina works all year round and is very popular with both tourists and the local population.

Representatives of the club believe that it has excellent prospects, including for the further development of yachting in the Gulf of Siam. For example, the nearest plans of the owners of the Ocean Marina Yacht Club include the expansion of the number of berths, so that about four hundred yachts can moor to the dock.

Life around the yacht club

A stone’s throw away from the yacht club is a four-star hotel of the same name, as well as luxury apartments. This place is located a little more than ten kilometers from Pattaya on the western side of the Sukhumvit highway: the tuk-tuk road from the city center takes about twenty minutes, and the bike can be reached even faster.

To find out that you have reached the object you need, you can by the twin towers, which are a kind of «calling card» yacht club.

The northern skyscraper is the Ocean Portofino condominium, and the southern one is a hotel that has everything you need for a comfortable stay: there are two swimming pools, several restaurants and bars, a conference room and five dozen high-class rooms, whose stylish design is maritime-themed. Inhabitants of the condominium and the hotel expects a pleasant bonus — a stunning view of the harbor and the sea, looking at which, sometimes literally you are speechless!

Rooms here can be rented for several days, weeks, or even years — depending on how long you want to stay in this wonderful place.

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