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Wintering in Thailand: prices, features, budget calculation

How to plan a trip to the winter in Thailand

To spend the winter in warm terrain is a normal desire of a person living in temperate or, especially, in northern latitudes. Wintering in Thailand entered the practice of our compatriots about twenty years ago. Often they did this: they rented an apartment in their homeland, and lived on the sea with the money they received. Someone who was bored even took a job.


The climatic advantages of a Eurasian winter in Thailand are obvious:

  • air + 30 ° C and above;
  • water in the sea + 28 ° C;
  • from December to April — almost without rain.

Where to winter

Conventionally, Thailand can be divided into three parts:

  • southern (resort areas of the Malacca Peninsula);
  • Central (Bangkok, Pattaya);
  • north (Chiang Mai).

Which part to choose for longer stays, everyone decides for himself, depending on what he expects to receive. In the southern part of Thailand for the winter usually choose Phuket, Samui or the country’s oldest resort — Hua Hin. These options are suitable for those who need a round-the-clock beach and the sea. Features of the resort area in winter:

  • there is a tourist business, but there is little real Thailand;
  • many tourists;
  • to rent a house you need long before the start of the season;
  • expensive.

In the resort part it is customary to live in houses. Rent per month — from $ 300.

If we talk about the central part, Pattaya is comparable to the southern resort cities: food and restaurants here will cost a bit cheaper than, say, Phuket, but housing is closer to the capital price. Bangkok is likely to be not at all convenient for longer stays. First, it is a huge metropolis, stone jungle in the tropics. Secondly, it is the most expensive city in Thailand and for rental housing, and nutrition, and travel. One-bedroom apartment (or one bedroom) will cost from $ 500 per month.

A great advantage of the northern part: few tourists, but a lot of Thailand. If you do not need sea and bustle, and you want to buy vegetables, fruits and other products in a half to two times cheaper than in the south, then phlegmatic Chiang Mai is what you need. In addition, there is the most inexpensive housing: a two-room apartment in the city center can be rented for $ 150- $ 200 per month.

How much money will be required

Everyone has their own preferences and requests. Someone will be satisfied with a small apartment on the outskirts for $ 100, the other will not agree for less than 2-room apartments for $ 600 or for the whole house with its own swimming pool. Keep in mind the following:

  • living in the north is 1.5-2 times cheaper than in the south;
  • living in the south is a bit cheaper than in the capital.

In order to sort out, we have compiled a survey table with minimum and average prices for goods and services in Thailand.

Table. The cost of goods and services in Thailand.

If you spend the winter on a medium-budget basis, prepare food at home, go to a cafe 2-3 times a week, then the two actually meet the $ 700-800 per month. If you wish, you can save more (flat — $ 150, food — $ 200, other expenses — $ 150) — a total of $ 500 — if it’s completely downshifting.

On the other hand, no one will sit in the four walls all winter. He wants to visit the sights of Thailand, perhaps rent a car and drive around the country. Being in Thailand for a few months and not visiting neighboring Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia is somehow wrong. And this is a completely different cost. To spend the winter is not boring, for two you need to have $ 1500- $ 2000 per month.

Visa restrictions

Multiple or annual visa to Thailand costs $ 200 and is given for 6 months — which is more than enough for wintering. Continuously allowed to stay in the country for no more than 2 months. This is a good incentive to go outside of Thailand for a trip to a neighboring country, for example, to see the Indonesian temple complex of Borobudur.

Many simply cross the border and come back on the same day — they do the so-called “border run”. Unlike the “visa run”, it is not prohibited. But if you have continuous border wounds in your passport, the next time you may not give a visa.

Medical and other insurance

Entry rules to Thailand do not require mandatory insurance. But if you go to winter for 3-4 months, then it makes sense to insure. Recently, the Ministry of Tourism of this country offers convenient and low-cost insurance plans under the Thailand Travel Shield program covering up to 2 million baht (approximately $ 55,000). Such insurance for 2 months costs 3,150 baht (about $ 87), for a year — 12,000 baht (about $ 330).

Thailand Travel Shield Features:

  • You can choose an insurance plan with coverage of up to 1 million baht and significantly save on costs ($ 87 for three months).
  • They insure children from 1 year old, there are no raising factors.
  • They insure not only against an accident or illness, but also against robbery, travel delays, loss of personal belongings, as well as civil liability.
  • Does not cover accidents resulting from riding a motorcycle, diving, climbing, any other active recreation.
  • Valid only on the territory of Thailand.

The last two items are not convenient. Because even if you don’t go climbing, nobody will refuse to go for a walk to the neighboring countries.

Many use the services of private insurance companies: ERV Travel, Liberty, Zetta, SUPPORT or any other. Their insurance covers all countries listed in the paperwork, acts for a certain time continuously, regardless of whether you are in Thailand or have left for neighboring Cambodia. Covers cases resulting from active leisure activities, including when riding a motorcycle, but with a multiplying factor of 1.5-2. And you should know why you need insurance in Thailand.

Do these insurance and cons:

  • Children are usually insured with a multiplying factor.
  • Many insurance companies establish a deductible, to the extent of which the insurance person is responsible. The size of the franchise can be $ 30 or $ 200. Insurance coverage starts when the deductible amount is exceeded.
  • More expensive than Thailand Travel Shield, even with relatively identical tariff plans. Depending on the options and the duration of the insurance can cost $ 200- $ 700.

When insuring directly with insurance companies, you should pay attention to the assistance company, which, when an insured event occurs, works with a client within the host country. Today, all insurance can be purchased online.

Wintering with children

Many overwinter in Thailand with the whole family. There are obvious reasons for this:

  • Kids like it in this country.
  • Most of the time the child spends not in a gassed city and apartment, but in nature, breathes clean air.
  • If the age of the child allows, he can go in for daily swimming, strengthening and developing his body.
  • An abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables — the most correct and healthy food.

Wintering in Thailand with children is not a bad option. However, there are opponents of this approach. Their main argument is that in order for a child to have a proper immunity, his first years of life should grow in the environment and in the climate in which his future life is expected. And fruits and vegetables can be consumed daily, living in Moscow, Kiev and any other city.

In general, the question — whether to go to spend the winter with the children — is debatable, and every parents decide it for themselves.

The following considerations may be taken into account:

  • With young children (under 2 years) in Thailand should not go. Immunity of babies is only being formed and it is not enough that. It is worth remembering that medicine in Thailand occupies one of the leading places in Asia.
  • A child of school age needs to go to school in the winter and also socialize in the circle of his peers, with whom he will have to go on living further.

The optimal age of the child for wintering in Thailand is 2-6 years. In his memory, this trip will remain for life, and the body will receive the right impetus to development.

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