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Winter holidays with children: interesting travel routes abroad and at home

Fascinating winter holiday with family and children

Long New Year holidays are pushing for adventure. What to choose — to stay in Russia or go on a trip abroad? Find the perfect holiday with legkopolezno.ru!

European resorts are beautiful not only in summer but also in winter. France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria annually take hundreds of tourists. Skiing, tobogganing, horseback riding, deer and dog riding — how much fun do you know? Pack your bags and go on the road!

Castles and museums

Luxurious ancient castles look like a dream come true for children. Among the most popular are Neuschwanstein (Germany), Tower (London), Prague Castle, as well as a special gift for little Harry Potter fans — the Cathedral in Gloucester (Scotland) and Alnwick Castle (Northumberland county).

What is your child interested in? In the countries of Europe you will find museums for every taste: historical, military, scientific, art, as well as specially focused on children. The latter includes the «Corps» in Holland — with a one-hour tour of the depths of the human body.

Gloucester Cathedral in Scotland

Amusement parks

Many parks are closed for the winter, but there are those in which at this time everything is just beginning. For example, the Hunderfossen winter park in Lillehammer (Norway). This is a world of ice and snow, where guests are waiting for a lot of adventure. Swim the river in a diving suit, ride a snowmobile in the forest and win a crushing victory in snow throwing competitions.

Efteling Park in the Netherlands is known for a fabulous kingdom, magical castles and breathtaking attractions. With the cold, it is completely soaked in the spirit of Christmas. Festive illumination, colossal skating rinks, slides and ski trails, as well as traditional Dutch snacks and drinks will surely be remembered by anyone who visits here.

Winter is the time of sales in all cities of Europe. Clothes, shoes, accessories and other goods can be bought for 20–30% of the initial cost. Include Lafayette Gallery (France), Harrods (London) and KaDeWe (Berlin) department stores in your itinerary.

Non-standard option

Do you know how to build a real needle? In the resorts of southern France, you can independently build a small house of snow blocks. And also to take part in a hike on snowshoes, go skating, sledding, skiing and snowboarding, dine in the open air.

Not enough unusual impressions? Spend the night in a huge snowball in Yokmokka (Sweden). Do not worry, inside is quite comfortable. Each improvised bedroom is insulated, tourists are given individual sleeping bags. The whole family will receive a lot of bright emotions, especially children!

How about vampires? Journey to Dracula’s homeland, in Transylvania, is interesting in itself. You will see amazing Gothic castles, the picturesque Carpathians, the Bran castle, which belonged to Vlad Tepes. In order not to lose the magical atmosphere, stop at the ice hotel Ice Hotel, where everything, even the furniture, is made of ice.

Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania

In Switzerland, you can stroll through the snow-capped mountains with the St. Bernards, legendary dogs who have only recently been looking for freezing travelers. Now the breed is no longer used in rescue operations, but remained one of the symbols of the region and, in particular, the Bolshoi St. Bernard monastery, where the dogs were bred.

The thermal resort of Oravice in Slovakia will give you a surprisingly pleasant dissonance: when it is deep winter outside, it is so nice to put on a swimsuit and plunge into the hot bath! Parents prefer relaxation pools and saunas, children like slides and wave pools.

The Kuusamo region in Finland invites everyone to a swift dog sledding trip. Husky team will carry you through the snow-white landscape — you can imagine yourself in Narnia and look for the snow drifts of fauns and satyrs. Everyone will try to control the dogs, and after a walk everyone will have a delicious dinner and a hot sauna.

In another region of Finland, the legendary Lapland, a deer farm is worth a visit. Reindeer can be seen, fed and ironed. The culmination of the excursion will be a trip on a reindeer sleigh to the “wild nature”, where your family will witness one of the most amazing natural wonders — the northern lights.

Choosing an active holiday with children? Deep in the heart of Snowdonia (Wales) there is a mountain sports center, where even beginners can take a winter mountaineering course. You will learn how to work with an ice pick, use metal cats, learn the peculiarities of orienteering in the mountains, get practical tips for spending the night in the snow, etc. Naturally, the theory is supported by practice.

If ice skating seems like a calm sport to your family, perhaps you are fit with ice-pickers. This is a light boat or platform with a sail, which is rapidly sliding on the ice. The most ambitious highways await you in Nida (Lithuania).

Riding on the boat in Nida

The youngest travelers can give a world of favorite fairy tales. And for this you do not need to leave the borders of Russia. In the list of leaders:

  1. Residence of Santa Claus (Great Ustyug). This is where the main symbol of the New Year lives. His granddaughter, the Snow Maiden, settled in Kostroma, in a high tower on the banks of the Volga.
  2. Hut on chicken legs, where Baba Yaga lives. It is located in the village of Kukoboya (Yaroslavl region), it looks very colorful.
  3. The kingdom of Berendeevo in Pereslavl-Zalessky. Together with the masters, children learn to paint wooden toys in the traditional manner.
  4. House Kolobok in New Bedenge (Ulyanovsk region.). Here they arrange folk festivals, make pots and treat guests with fresh, hot buns.

Cult places of our country

Baikal, the deepest lake on the planet, is known all over the world. This masterpiece, created by the hands of nature itself, is very popular among tourists from Russia and foreign countries. In winter, you can go skiing, quad biking, dog sledding, ice-diving and even play golf on an ice field.

Karelian open spaces invite all those who are not afraid of the harsh winter to spend time in sports centers and ski resorts. There are all conditions for lovers of nature and skiing. You can rent a house in the forest and enjoy the complete absence of people. Teach children to identify animals by footsteps in the snow, play snowballs, build snow fortresses, and in the evening be sure to go to the bath!

Elbrus resorts attract thrill-seekers. The total length of the ski slopes exceeds 35 km, there are gentle slopes for children and beginners. The territory is shrouded in mystery and riddles, they say, this is where the legendary Shambhala is hidden. Another bonus is very tasty Caucasian cuisine.

Travel Tips

First of all, get rid of the fantasy picture, as you sip hot tea in a cafe and watch how children skilfully ride on a sled. Winter, that in Russia, that abroad — is the time for noisy games and active entertainment. And you are unlikely to be able to stay away, moreover — it is unlikely to want to!

  1. Acceptable price. For example, European apartment hotels offer discounts for living in the off-season up to 30–40%. Special offers are also available when renting apartments.
  2. Less tourists. If in the summer, at the peak of the tourist season, the queues at the Hermitage or the Louvre may scare away even a true connoisseur, in winter access is completely free.
  3. The locals are friendly and friendly. In the summer, crowds of visitors spoil the mood and annoy even the calmest of them. If you like to talk with shop owners, waiters and guides — travel in winter.
  4. Comfortable climate. Of course, not everywhere — the legendary frosts of Russia are very much to the amateur. But in Europe there is a mild, pleasant atmosphere that is much better suited for sightseeing than a hot, sultry summer.

Before the trip, be sure to check if the work schedule of the museum or exhibition of interest has changed. Some facilities are closed for the winter holidays — a common practice both in Russia and abroad. If you take care of the preparation for the trip in advance, you will avoid unpleasant surprises on the spot.

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