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Where to rest in the Crimea with children: recommendations from experienced travelers

Best places in Crimea: where to relax with children

Crimea is one of those unique places where you can combine active tourism with the study of ancient cities and beautiful natural places. Lovers of quiet pastime with pleasure to relax on the beach, enjoying the warm water and the sun. For young travelers also created a comfortable environment. On the question of where to rest in the Crimea with children, the inhabitants of the peninsula unequivocally answer: «Everywhere, you just need to take into account some of the nuances.»

General recommendations

Traveling to new places of interest brings tremendous benefits for children’s development. So be sure to come to the Crimea! The babies benefit from a mild climate, clean sea air and a variety of fruits grown under the gentle sun of the peninsula.

Planning a vacation with children is desirable in advance. The first thing you need to decide what time to go on a trip.

Kids will be comfortable here in June or early August.

The air temperature during this period is usually kept at around 25 degrees, the sea warms up to 22 degrees, and there is no sweltering heat, which is often exhausting in the middle of summer. If you relax with a child in the Crimea, it turns out only in July, it is better to go to the resorts of the south-west coast. The climate there is less arid and great for children’s recovery.

The southern coast of Crimea is famous for its healing mountain air. The only negative — pebble beaches, many steep steps and descents. Resting here, you need to constantly be alert and closely monitor the child.

Before you choose a city or town to visit, study the information about it. Pay special attention to:

  • The coastal zone. For children, sandy beaches with a gentle shore are preferable. They are safer and more comfortable. It is important that the sea was shallow. Then the kids will be able to swim in the water without fear.
  • Infrastructure, which includes the proximity of shops, pharmacies and hospitals. Small children have difficulty acclimating. Choosing where to go to the Crimea, you need to be sure that you will have the opportunity to see a doctor if necessary and purchase the necessary medicines.

Many parents are interested in, where in the Crimea is it better to relax with children — in a boarding house or in the private sector? Hospitable hosts everywhere provide comfortable conditions. If you decide to stay in a boarding house, buy tickets to where three meals are offered. This will eliminate the need to cook yourself.

When you are traveling with a small child who needs a special diet, find out if there are children’s stores nearby where you can buy the necessary products and mixes.

Renting privately owned housing is much cheaper than living in a hotel or in a boarding house. This has its advantages. In order not to be disappointed, it is best to check in to a number of proven owners and take into account many related factors:

  • availability of equipped kitchen and shower in the house;
  • the proximity of housing to the sea;
  • remoteness of shops, pharmacies and places for kid’s entertainment.

If you come to the peak season, it’s safer for children to relax on a private beach or in a small village where there are no influx of people. A large crowd of people on the sea often leads to outbreaks of rotavirus infection, which can darken the most wonderful vacation.

Going to the Crimea with children, do not forget to take their birth certificates from the house and be sure to grab insurance policies in order to feel calm and confident.

Where to go?

Choosing a place where it is better to relax, pay attention to the famous resort town of Evpatoria. It is located in the southwestern part of the peninsula and is great for children. This is facilitated by wide sandy beaches, gentle descent and shallow water in the coastal zone. At the beginning of summer there are no cold currents here, so the water is always warm.

The only drawback of the city is its population. Hundreds of tourists come to a popular place every day, so there is always noisy, and there are few free places on the beach. If you want to relax with your child measuredly and calmly, explore the villages on the coast nearby the city. There is the same useful steppe air, warm sea, but no crowding and crowds. In the popular villages on the west coast there is everything for an unforgettable children’s holiday.

  • In the village of Chernomorskoe there are sanatoriums, recreation centers and private mini-hotels, the cost of accommodation in which you will be pleasantly surprised. This is a good place to spend holidays with your family and improve small children. Nearby are three lakes with salt water. Tourists often go there to admire the unique nature and to collect healing mud.
  • In the village of Peschany interesting for adults and children. Developed infrastructure includes a lot of entertainment. On the coast there are water rides and small safe slides for kids. The sea is clear, the depth increases slowly and smoothly.
  • In the village of Zaozernoe, which is located 10 km from Evpatoria, children really like it. This is a famous health resort for kids. It is famous for clean beaches with white and yellow sand, salt lakes and mud therapy.

Another city on the west coast, where you can relax with children, is Saki. This famous resort is famous throughout the Crimea with healing mud, mineral water, mild warm climate, turquoise sea and a gentle golden sand beach.

Kids, improving their health in Saki, are less likely to get sick, thanks to the ionized steppe air, saturated with sea salts. To leave only pleasant impressions, try to book a room closer to the sea. Otherwise, you will have to drive up to the beach by shuttle bus, and in the summer heat it is inconvenient. Do not forget to buy an umbrella before the trip. On the beaches of the city there are no large canopies that provide shade for everyone.

East Coast

If you do not know where it is better to go to see the wonderful nature and plenty to swim with children, go to the east coast. There are not many people here, prices are affordable, and there are all conditions for comfortable living.

One of the best resorts in this part of the peninsula is Feodosia. The mountains are low, there are few steep slopes, but there are wonderful beaches covered with small pebbles and golden sand. Almost the entire coast within the city is gently sloping, shallow and clean. On it, little travelers are waiting for the carousel and rides on the water.

The city has a lot of recreation, entertainment and attractions that are interesting to see with your child. Be sure to take a trip with your baby to the Karadag Reserve. Walking along the «ecological path», you can admire the fascinating landscapes and see the plants listed in the Red Book.

Not far from Feodosia, in Koktebel, there is an aquapark where you must take your child. It is advisable to leave early in the morning. A huge number of children’s slides and pools will not be bored and remembered for a long time.

On the east coast you can go to rest in other wonderful cities:

  • Zander. It is located in a shallow bay, where there are practically no waves. The beaches are small-pebble and sandy.
  • Koktebel. He will please you and children with numerous festivals and holidays. The gentle, shallow shore of the sea makes swimming not only pleasant, but also safe.
  • New World. This is a small village where you can relax on the shore of the wonderful protected bays with clean gray sand. Juniper groves growing here make the air incredibly fresh and useful, which has a beneficial effect on children’s health.

If you wish, it is easy to book an excursion for children in any city of the east coast and visit the famous places of the Crimea, explore their sights, parks and squares.

Where better to stay on the southern coast?

The South Coast is the famous and expensive resort area of ​​the peninsula. Despite the mountainous terrain, pebbly beaches and the deep sea, it is also possible to have a great rest with your child there, if you are ready to overcome steep descents to the sea every day, and then go up.

The two most prestigious and largest cities on the coast are Alushta and Yalta. It is easy to find good hotels where there are all conditions for children: shallow pools, swings, private safe beaches and much more. The problem is that during the season the prices here soar up to heaven, besides there is an incredible amount of holidaymakers. If you want to spend your holidays in peace, enjoying nature, take a look at small towns. So, where to rest in the Crimea with children, if you choose the South Coast?

  • Gurzuf. The village is surrounded on all sides by mountains, so there is no strong wind. It is here that the Crimean camp «Artek» is located, where children from all over the world come to rejuvenate. On the beautiful promenade it is interesting to walk with your child and have a snack in the open-air summer cafes.
  • Livadia. It is in close proximity to Yalta. There is a well-developed infrastructure, there are many private resorts and hotels aimed at children’s recreation. The descent to the sea is very steep, but some beaches are equipped with special lifts used by vacationers. While here, show the children the Livadia Palace and the organ hall, where classical music festivals often take place.
  • Gaspra. This is a beautiful village, within the boundaries of which is the famous Swallow’s Nest. There are other sights here: the Golitsyn Palace, the ruins of the Kharaks fortress and an old pistachio tree growing on the top of Cape Ai-Todor. Locals say that the plant is over 1000 years old, and they consider it the oldest on the peninsula. Go down to the beaches hard. But they are covered with small pebbles and quite comfortable.

Do not be afraid to go to the Crimea with a child. In any part of the peninsula vacation will bring unforgettable impressions and improve health. If you cannot decide where to rest, go to the steppe areas. It is most comfortable for young children.

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