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Where to rest in Spain: popular resorts of the country

Where you can relax in Spain: the best options

A country with a rich history and culture, magnificent nature and a gentle climate … Spain is good at almost any time of the year! Prices for holidays in its hotels are somewhat higher than in Egypt or Turkey, but the true European quality and impeccable service will delight the most demanding tourists.

However, deciding where it is better to rest in Spain — at sea or go to the cities — many find it difficult because of the wide and rich choice. In the article we will tell in detail about what constitutes a holiday on the islands and on the continent, where it is better to go to a family with children, a youth company or a couple of solid age.

Spain is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the extensive coastline of the continental part of the country, there are also islands — the Canary Islands and those belonging to the Balearic Archipelago.

Beach holidays in mainland Spain

  • Costa Brava. Located on the border with France and is the coolest area of ​​the Spanish Catalonia and the country as a whole. However, this does not detract from the quality of holiday at sea, the beaches stretch for 214 kilometers from the French border. You just need to decide which hotel to go to. You cannot choose the first one you see — many hotels make interesting offers.

Costa Brava is probably the most picturesque corner of the coast of the country. Spurs of the Pyrenees, overgrown with emerald pines and fir trees, secluded rocky bays, azure-golden beaches — all this is amazing.

Historically, the Costa Brava offers a cheaper package of services specifically for Russian tourists. The nearest airport is in the major city of Barcelona. It is only an hour from the resort region. Barcelona, ​​where many prefer to go to admire the architecture of the famous Gaudi, wander through the old streets, go to the grand cathedral — a real gem for tourists and connoisseurs of the beautiful.

Costa Brava is an ideal place to relax with children. One of the most popular resorts is Blanes. A luxurious water park attracts families with children to its hotels. Popular here and outdoor activities, especially everything related to the promotion of the mountains. Mountaineering and mountain bikes, on which you can go to remote areas, many of the first time to master it here.

  • Costa del Maresme. It follows the Costa Brava, located just south of the coast. Go to this resort area — a great solution for a budget holiday. Many hotels, being in close proximity to the purest sea with silvery soft sand, make it possible to relax without worrying about anything: they work on the principle of “all inclusive”. On the Costa del Maresme it is ideal to go with children: only half an hour by bus — and you are in a huge water park or in a marine zoo.
  • Costa del Garraf. This area is located about fifty kilometers southwest of Barcelona. The shores are represented by picturesque rocky bays, bays with magnificent beaches. The central coast city of Sitges is a kind of cultural seaside capital. Artists live and create there, a large number of events take place.
  • Costa Dorada. From Spanish, the name translates as “golden coast”. Here are great beaches, warmer than in other coastal regions. Costa Dorada will appeal to lovers of exciting excursions that are organized inland, as well as young people who want to have fun and relax. Numerous restaurants and clubs are scattered along the coast.
  • Costa Blanca. The White Coast is justly proud of the fact that there are more than three hundred sunny days a year. This is a place where tourists from all over the world prefer to go. White beaches, turquoise sea and all-inclusive hotels are combined with a rich history of the region, cultural recreation and a lot of entertainment. This resort is good for all types of tourists.
  • Costa del Sol. Sunny south coast is famous for its excellent beaches, however, the water in the sea does not warm above +22. Costa del Sol — a place where it is customary to go with children. It is calm and completely safe. Arab influence has created a special atmosphere of this place. A tour is worth a visit to see the local mosques and the remains of Moorish architecture.
  • Costa de la Luz. Unlike other coastal regions, it is washed by the waters of the Cadiz Bay of the Atlantic Ocean. These are not the most popular resorts, but they are calm, with a particular ethnically oriented lifestyle, an abundance of coniferous groves.

On the Costa de la Luz, it’s convenient to surf or sail — great weather and the perfect sea are suitable for such entertainment. Resorts are not cheap, hotels are mostly fashionable and small, beaches with white sand.

Canary Islands

Going to rest on one of the picturesque islands of the archipelago, stretching in the Atlantic Ocean, is the cherished dream of many families. The Canary Islands are considered an autonomous Spanish province, and the Saint-Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria give each other the right to be a capital once every four years.

Formally, these islands are Europe. Nevertheless, in the opinion of tourists, they look like absolutely exotic lands. Beaches with black volcanic sand, valleys of frozen lava, tropical trees and unprecedented fruit — all this attracts lovers of the unusual, who wonder where to go on your vacation.

You can only get to the Canary Islands by air. There are no direct flights from some countries, but there are connecting flights with connections in several European cities.

Canary Islands are the perfect place to surf. Moreover, there are inexpensive schools that teach those who got on the board for the first time, and the opportunity to improve their skills and achieve new records for real athletes.

  • Tenerife. The island, which can offer a variety of recreation — and active, and club, and calm meditative. The first is good at the resorts of Las Cristianos and Las Americas. There are many discos and various fun activities that are convenient to combine with a beach holiday. Puerto de la Cruz — a quiet rocky coast with amazing nature. Lovers of quiet rest prefer to go there. True, there are practically no comfortable beaches here, so tourists swim in the pools at hotels.
  • Gran Canaria. This is a unique island, where they prefer to go completely different categories of tourists. Here you can swim in the sea and have fun in clubs, explore local attractions and surf, sea fishing, sail. Gran Canaria provides an opportunity to fully relax with the children. In addition to swimming on warm and clean beaches, you can go to the water parks and attractions.
  • Lanzarote. Among all the splendor of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote stands out for its amazing volcanoes reserve, where fans of new impressions go.
  • Fuerteventura. The first wide and desert beaches of the island of the archipelago.

Balearic Islands

Located in the Mediterranean. As a rule, vacationers choose where to go between two options — Ibiza and Mallorca.

  • Ibiza This unique island is a preserve of fun and even riotous club holidays. It is mainly young people who want to “get off in full”. In Ibiza, real life begins at night, music rumbles everywhere, lights sparkle and merry crowds walk. Therefore, people with children and those who prefer to sleep at night and rest quietly during the day, choose other options for where to go as part of the Spanish resorts. Ibiza is suitable for tourists with different incomes. There are fashionable hotels and modest hostels that even students can afford.
  • Majorca. This island requires sufficient funds. Resting on its resorts are representatives of the political and financial elite, show business stars. Mallorca, which can be reached by plane, is unusually comfortable and quiet. Going here with children is an excellent decision, because 22 local beaches proudly hoisted the blue flag awarded to them — a sign of the purest sea.

A direct plane follows from Moscow directly to Majorca, which is very convenient: you don’t need to worry about transfers and you can even go with small children, for whom flight connections seem tedious.

Spanish resorts are good because they provide a huge choice of places and hotels, depending on financial opportunities, family circumstances and individual preferences of tourists. It is only important to carefully examine all possible options for where to go within the country, to understand what you want from the rest, to get the maximum pleasure from it.

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