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Where to rest in Bashkiria: tips from experienced travelers

Where in Bashkiria you can relax?

Closer to the vacation in front of many people the question arises, where to go to get a pleasant experience. The Republic of Bashkortostan can offer numerous leisure options.

When asked where to rest in Bashkiria, the answer is quite easy. There are many camp sites, resorts, guest houses with excellent service and interesting excursions. Walking in the mountains and caves, kayaking and catamaran rafting in the summer and skiing and snowboarding in the winter, sightseeing of Ufa and other cities — all this will make the holiday unforgettable. Numerous sanatoriums, boarding houses and recreation centers of Bashkortostan provide comfortable rest for visitors throughout the year.

What is worth seeing?

Anyone who asks where to relax is recommended to visit the following places:

  • Akhunovo village, in which the ancient megalithic complex is located;
  • Bashkir Reserve;
  • National Park «Bashkiria»;
  • Mountains: Iremel, Shikhany;
  • caves: Kapova, Pobeda, Sumgan;
  • Rivers: White, Zilim, Inzer;
  • sports complex Kandrykul;
  • Pavlovka — a village on the banks of the Pavlovsky reservoir, located near the Red Rocks and the Red Key.

You can go to these places from Ufa by train, bus or by car.

Guided Tours

Bashkiria is known for many historical and natural landmarks. Of the first, the megalithic complex in Akhunovo is the most famous. Megaliths, more precisely, menhirs, are the most ancient observatory. The complex consists of 13 granite tetrahedral stones:

  • 8 form a circle;
  • 4 — aside;
  • 1, the largest, — in the middle, on it from antiquity the outlines of a growing moon have been preserved.

According to archaeologists, menhirs were established during the late Paleolithic.

Nature lovers should visit the Bashkir State Nature Reserve in the Burzyansky District of the Republic. This is a huge area of ​​50,000 hectares, covered with unique grasses, trees and shrubs. Many plant species are listed in the Red Book. Diverse here and fauna. In the reserve there is a Museum of Nature, which conducts a variety of excursions. It is a lot of routes, each vacationer can choose a path on the taste.

Similar recreation offers national park «Bashkiria». The most attractive objects here are as follows:

  • Kutuksky tract: karst caves with an abundance of stalactites, craters, wells and springs;
  • Kuperl karst bridge: formed as a result of the erosion of the cave by the river of the same name (part of the cave collapsed, the rest became a kind of bridge);
  • «Bear Glade»: relic area of ​​the ancient oblique onion.

Also, the national park is famous for a variety of plants and animals.

Any tourist should definitely visit the various mountains of the republic, first of all Iremel. This is the largest array, famous for a large number of relict plants and large rocks. It is divided into Big Iremel (plateau) and Small (tops-hills). Here are the sources of the main river of Bashkortostan — White and many glaciers. Climbing Iremel is quite difficult due to changing weather, but as a reward for this work, the tourist gets a magnificent panoramic view of the mountains and sailing near the clouds.

No less interesting is Shikhany. Thousands of years ago there was an ocean on the place of Bashkiria, and these mountains were a reef, so far there are fossils of those times in them.

The numerous caves are worthy of attention;

  • Kapova (or Shulgan-Tash) is famous for its numerous cave paintings of the Paleolithic era and a huge number of passages and halls;
  • in the Victory Cave is the largest glacier in the republic;
  • Sumgan cave is known for its limestone.

River rafting

This is another very popular form of recreation that Bashkiria can offer tourists. Usually alloys are held on Belaya and include a variety of routes:

  • 4-day: to the reserve Shulgan-Tash (inspection of the eponymous cave, museum of bortnichestvo and well apiary);
  • 7-day: in addition to traveling along the river, includes climbing the Three Brothers rock, an excursion to the Aldar-Batyr cave, a tour of the Shulgan-Tash reserve;
  • to the Yumaguzinsky reservoir and many others.

There are also rafting on the upper reaches of the river Zilim, the mountain river Inzer and other rivers of the republic.

Places for rest

A large number of attractions in Bashkiria contributed to the development of tourism in it and the emergence of many resorts and recreation centers, which offer a variety of services:

  • active and passive rest,
  • treatment methods of traditional medicine.

They go here as a whole vacation, and on weekends.

Fairly well-known recreation centers:

  • «Agidel». Located near the river Belaya. Tourists live in cozy guest houses, entertainment is offered mainly sports: river rafting, mountain tours, billiards, table tennis. You can also always go for a walk around the base and the surrounding area.
  • «At Kapova». Located next to the reserve Shulgan-Tash, so the main service of this base is an excursion. Since in these parts widespread beekeeping, tourists can try the real Bashkir honey without impurities. Also at the base are horse riding and koumiss tasting.
  • «Red key». This is a recreation center on the Pavlovsky reservoir. The name received from the eponymous source nearby. The main attractions that guests can see are the Red Key itself (the 2nd largest karst spring in the world), Red Rocks (covered with red moss, with a magnificent panorama), Lysa Gora and Pavlovskaya hydroelectric station (a huge dam, from which You can admire the surroundings). The water in the Pavlovsk reservoir is clean and warm, so in the summer it is very comfortable to swim there.

And where to rest in Bashkiria in the summer, and improve your health? There are many similar resorts in the republic, where you can improve your well-being at the expense of the natural resources of the surrounding area. The most popular are:

  • «Yangan-Tau.» It is located near the mountain of the same name, from which burning gas escapes, because of which there is never snow on it. The main profile of the sanatorium is treatment with such gas as well as mineral water from the Kurgazak spring. These manipulations remove various wastes from the body, improve the work of muscles, joints, metabolism, and have a positive effect on blood.
  • Yakty-Kul. Built on the shores of the lake of the same name and surrounded by mountains overgrown with herbs and flowers. Diseases of the connective tissues, urogenital and nervous systems are treated here. Silt-sapropelic mud is used for recovery, which is mined from Lake Bezymyannoe-1.
  • «Assy». Located in the Ural Mountains on the bank of the river Inzer. Near it are mineral springs, the water of which is used for treatment: low-mineralized — for drinking, highly mineralized — for baths (balneotherapy). Improves health and clean mountain air.

Ski resorts

There are many ski resorts in the republic, the rest on which will be remembered for a long time. Most visited:

  • «Kandrykul» on the shore of the lake of the same name. It can be considered the most popular resort of Bashkortostan. It has 3 open trails of different lengths and with different elevation differences. There is a lift and a special lift for children. In winter, there are regular competitions in alpine skiing, biathlon and snowboarding, an ice rink and rental of skates, skis and snowboards.
  • «Kush-Tau» — a resort on the slope of the eponymous mountain. It has 5 runs, 4 lifts, rental of skis and other equipment. Inexperienced athletes can order instructor services.
  • “Abzakovo” is one of the largest resorts, there are 13 slopes on it (of different difficulty levels), there are 7 lifts, the chairlift also works, so there are almost no queues for lifting and skiing. The ski season lasts until May, because in the spring artificial snow is applied on the slopes. Frequently held competitions in winter sports.

Bashkiria has long been a special tourist brand due to its many natural and cultural attractions. Everyone can spend time here as he likes. Whatever type of holiday he chooses, he will remember his vacation in this republic for a long time. That is why, in determining where to go, you can safely give preference to Bashkortostan.

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