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Where to go to the sea in June: the best Russian and foreign destinations

Where to go to the sea in June: popular destinations for a great holiday

The beginning of summer is a great time to relax on the seashore. The cost of the tour has not yet reached dizzying heights, and the beaches are not crowded with tourists. However, at this time, the sea water is not yet sufficiently heated by the rays of the sun, and the thermometer does not reach high levels in all countries. Therefore, to answer the question of where to go to the sea in June, you need to carefully study the information about the country you are going to visit.

Russian resorts

In June, Russian resorts open the season. This month, the Black Sea coast is just starting to receive the first guests, because the sea is still cool, and the air did not have time to warm up well. The weather in early June can bring surprises in the form of heavy precipitation or alternation of heat and cool during the day. The most popular resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are traditionally considered:

The average air temperature here is about 25 ° during the day and 20 ° at night. The water warms up in June to 22–23 degrees.

The main resort of the Krasnodar Territory, Yeisk, is great for families with children. The sandy beach, the shallow and warm sea will allow kids to get enough fun on the beach under the rays of the June sun. Children will look forward to the next trip, asking parents every day: “When will we go to the sea again?” The average air temperature in June at this resort is 26 ° degrees during the day and 20 ° at night. Water warms up to 24 °.

Crimea in June is also preparing for the July influx of guests. The weather is unstable, giving surprises to tourists who decided to still go to sea in June. The most favorable climate is the western and southern shores of the Crimea, where you can enjoy the heat from the beginning of summer. Theodosia, Sevastopol, Yevpatoria and Sudak are the most favorable, and therefore the most popular destinations for vacationers in June.

Summarizing information about the Russian resorts, we highlight the pros and cons of their choice for a beach holiday in June.

  • Advantages: affordable prices, lack of a language barrier, a wide range of excursion programs.
  • Disadvantages: unpredictable weather, poorly heated water at the beginning of the month, insufficiently developed infrastructure.

Since holidays in June in Russia can spoil the weather surprises, the eyes of tourists are often directed to resorts abroad. When deciding where to rest in June 2017 abroad, look at the options below.

Many want to go on holiday to Greece, because here you can not only enjoy the comfortable climatic conditions, but also see great historical monuments with your own eyes.

  • Advantages: the possibility of developing cultural recreation, quality service, warm air (up to 30 °) and water (about 25 °).
  • Disadvantages: possible storms in the island parts of the country.

Bulgaria is famous for its beautiful resorts with an unforgettable atmosphere and attentive attitude to tourists.

  • Advantages: wide beaches, developed infrastructure, comfortable rest with a small child.
  • Disadvantages: a relatively small number of attractions, high cost.

If you want to spend your holidays in June with comfort and benefit from the sea, then go to Italy. At this time, the doors of the Italian resorts are already wide open for tourists.

  • Advantages: clean and comfortable beaches, comfortable family rest, favorable climate for adults and children (water — 22 °, air — 26–28 °), a wide cultural program (you can go to the most famous museums, get acquainted with the most interesting history of the state or see the bright art collections).
  • Disadvantages: rather high cost of tours to the most famous resorts.

Where to go without a visa?

Leadership among all visa-free areas is still in Turkey. At the beginning of summer, you should choose the southern regions of the country, which have managed to warm up better. And at the end of June you can relax in any other place.

  • Advantages: low prices, comfortable air temperature (26–32 °) and water (22–26 °), focus on Russian-speaking tourists.
  • Disadvantages: flight difficulties (temporarily not supported by direct flights between the countries).

Israeli resorts located on the Mediterranean Sea have a cooler climate, and in the Red Sea, you can enjoy the hot sun in June.

  • Advantages: quality service; the choice of comfortable climatic conditions (in the Mediterranean Sea, the average air temperature is 27 °, water — 23 °; in the Red Sea, average temperatures are about 9 degrees higher).

One of the leading tourist countries, where it is better to rest at the very beginning of summer. In the first half of June, rest in the country is most comfortable, since by the end of the first summer month the heat becomes unbearable for many.

  • Advantages: heat is already at the very beginning of summer (the air is heated to 26–28 °, and water is up to 23–36 °), high-level service, sandy beaches, the absence of a large number of tourists in early June, a visa is issued electronically.
  • Disadvantages: a small list of attractions and excursions, language barrier.


This country attracts tourists, leading an active lifestyle, and connoisseurs of natural beauty. Tourists who have visited Montenegro leave home with a strong desire to return to this amazing country.

  • Pluses: beautiful landscapes; A 30-day stay without a visa for Russians, the possibility of a rich sports recreation (trekking, mountaineering, fishing is not a complete list of active entertainment).
  • Disadvantages: rainy weather is often set, low temperature of water and air (on average 23–26 °).

Dry air allows you to tolerate heat comfortably, but by the beginning of July the heat becomes almost unbearable.

  • Advantages: warm sea (up to 28 °) and hot weather (about 35 ° in June), reasonable prices.
  • Disadvantages: problems with security and air traffic.

Where in June you should not go

Going to exotic countries (Cuba, Seychelles, Maldives, Thailand, etc.) at the beginning of summer, you risk to spend large sums of money, but not to catch the sun’s rays. Here it is often in June rainy weather with thunderstorm and wind. The end of the form

When deciding where to go in June, think carefully about the purpose of the trip. People who want to enjoy the warm sea waves and hot sunshine should study the climatic conditions of the countries better, and those who like active or cultural holidays should pay attention to how you can spend your free time in the country if you are bored with just being at the seaside.

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