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Where to go to the Crimea to rest in 2017?

Where to go to rest in the Crimea in 2017?

Rest time is always a long-awaited time. It just remains to solve the main question: where to spend it? We will tell you about where it is better to go to the Crimea in 2017. Believe me, your vacation will be unforgettable, wherever you go there.

How to choose a place

Before you decide what place in the Crimea you choose, it is worth considering several factors.

  1. Determine for yourself how active your rest should be.
  2. Consider the features of the place, if you plan to go along with the child.
  3. Decide what month you plan to make the trip.

The most important thing — remember, whatever you expect from a vacation, it should leave in your memory the most pleasant impressions!

General features of the peninsula

Crimea has a unique geographical location. It allows anyone to find a rest for themselves. The fact is that the peninsula is located in several climatic zones. So, each part of the coast has its own special attractions and differences.

Where to go to rest in the Crimea for the sea?

In different parts of the peninsula, the sea has its own characteristics. If you are planning a vacation with children, you should pay attention to a resort like Kerch or Saki. Here, the entrance to the sea is more gentle, which guarantees the safety of children who cannot swim. The beaches in these cities are mostly sandy and very wide.

Theodosius, the New World and Ordzhonikidze are surrounded by mountains. Log into the sea is not too deep. The beaches are covered with small pebbles. Nature here resembles the one that usually grows in the steppe zones. That’s just the air is truly Crimean! These places are especially convenient for those traveling by car or even prefer tent rest. It is inexpensive, and there is a full opportunity to immerse yourself in the hospitable hands of nature, to inhale the Crimea with a full breast. And all this will be relevant in September 2017!

Yalta is rightly called the real pearl of the Crimea — a city located in the very south of the peninsula. The city has its own special climate. It is surprising that even the weather conditions can differ significantly from the cities surrounding it. She is wonderful at any time of the year. But if you decide to go to Yalta in September, this holiday will remain in your heart for a long time.

Determine the appropriate season

How to determine the appropriate season in 2017 for a good rest? The southern coast in Crimea is relevant not only in the summer hot months. He impresses with his picturesque and magic at any time of the year. Whenever you find yourself in the thrill of evergreen trees or tropical palms, this land will always meet you with new sensations. However, you will get a special impression if you visit this part of the Crimea in September — October.

In the first autumn months of 2017, however, as always, the velvet season reigns on the Southern coast of the Crimea. This is an amazing time of year that is completely different from the others. You will not be exhausted from the heat of the day, because a fresh breeze will always cool you. The evenings will be especially warm. The air is filled with amazing smells of cedar, juniper and essential oils. The sea is still warm and gentle, and the mountains reflect all the transparency of the crystal clear air.

There is an opinion that the South Coast of Crimea is a place only for people with incomes above average. This is a common misconception. Even there you can relax inexpensively in 2017, but on condition that you plan your rest carefully and in advance.

However, Crimea is good not only in September. If you do not plan to actively attend various excursions (of which there are many), you can go on holiday in the summer. Below, we will discuss in more detail the most popular resorts and see how to relax inexpensively, where to go with your child, so that you can remember the rest in Crimea, and how not to get lost among the hundreds of excursions offered.

Consider in detail visiting these places:

Where better to come? Judge for yourself.

Sights of Alushta

Big Alushta usually means not only this city, but the whole village council. The city is the first major tourist destination on the way from Simferopol on the highway. By the way, both to Alushta and Yalta can be cheaply reached by trolley bus (if you, of course, do not travel by car). Interestingly, this trolleybus route is considered the longest in all of Europe.

If you go to the Crimea with a child in 2017, Alushta is worth a visit. This is one of the central resorts of the Southern Coast in the Crimea. The sea here is warm, the climate is mild. However, in addition to these major attractions, Alushta is rich in other features.

Where better to go?

  1. Dolphinarium. Here you can not only watch the show, but also swim with the dolphins.
  2. Underwater aquarium, where you can get acquainted with the diversity of the underwater world.
  3. Be sure to go to the museum «Crimea in miniature.» There are collected the main attractions and copied exactly, only in a reduced form.

In addition to attractions in the city itself, there are interesting places in the vicinity. If you are by car, you can go to the Jur-Jur waterfall with a valley of ghosts, or visit the ruins of the old fortress of Aluston. For lovers of the underwater world, it makes sense to swim to the monument to Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

If your goal when visiting Alushta is to visit waterfalls, you should not go in the hot summer. Most of the water in the dry season dries up, and you will not see anything except a thin streamlet. June is better for such a holiday (even the first half of it is better), spring months. You can try to see the waterfall in September after the rains.

Sights of Yalta

One of the visitors to this amazing place once said: “Yalta is a city to which you want to return.” And indeed it is. Visiting this unique place once, you can not not come to it again. It does not matter if you travel by car or use conventional transport.

Yalta is the pearl of Crimea, which annually attracts its guests at any time of the year. It is beautiful and under the cover of snow, and immersed in greenery and flowers. This is a place with an amazing atmosphere. It will be liked not only if you are going to rest with a child. If you are interested in youth recreation, then this city is also for you. There are a lot of entertainment and interesting places that will attract the attention of any man in the street.

Immediately I want to make a reservation: if vacation for you is to sunbathe on the beach from morning to evening, Yalta is not for you. This is a place where beach and outdoor activities, excursions are superbly combined. However, spending time without visiting places of interest is simply a crime.

Where to go in Yalta? In short, the city itself is an attraction. One has only to go to the embankment and evaluate everything yourself. Here you will be greeted not only by the stunning mountain-sea landscape and the slight sound of the surf. This is the most important holiday destination in the city. Street musicians, sailing yachts, palm alleys create a unique atmosphere. This is a city in which there are no ugly places. And all this will certainly be in September 2017!

In a special way, the embankment appears before the guests in the evening. It is never the same. Here you can always see something new and interesting. Evening lights that light up with the onset of twilight give a special romance. There is so much light in Yalta that the constant presence of celebration and celebration reigns in the air. You should not drive a car, just walk along the streets and breathe in this air filled with sun and resin of perennial cedars!

If you decide to spend your vacation in 2017 in Yalta, you should plan a program in advance. So as not to miss anything significant and important, make a list of places you want to go. If you are planning a holiday with a child, many places will not leave him indifferent. Particularly beautiful Crimea in September.

In your travel program you should definitely include such places:

  • Yalta cable car;
  • Livadia Palace;
  • Massandra Palace;
  • Zoo «Fairy Tale».

These are just some amazing places for which you should visit the Crimea and spend your holidays there. More details on their features.

Yalta cable car

This road passes over the city itself. Even if you are traveling with a child, it makes sense to ride on it. After disembarking at the top point, you will have the opportunity to walk along a small viewing platform and enjoy the view from above.

Livadia Palace

The structure of the old architecture, which has retained its former grandeur and state. This palace won its fame not only because of the historical value of those times when the imperial family lived in it. Many people associate this building with the Yalta Conference, which was held in 1945 and was significant in the history of the modern world.

By visiting this place, you will not only enjoy the magnificent architecture. The huge park that surrounds the palace perfectly frames the building and gives coolness even on the hottest day.

If you decide to go there by car, you’d better go to the South Coast Highway, which connects some of the cities on the coast in the Crimea. Need to move in the direction of Sevastopol. Between settlements only about 3 km.

Massandra Palace

If you want to explore the whole of Crimea, you should visit here. The park is small, but the ancient architecture is really impressive. If you do not go by car, you will have to walk for a long time from the trolleybus, about half an hour. City routes that follow to the Nikitsky Botanical Garden (which, by the way, also glorified Crimea with an annual parade of chrysanthemums) will do. The fare will be inexpensive, and get a lot of impressions.

Zoo «Fairy Tale»

If you want to have a good time with children, you definitely need to visit this place. This is not only the best zoo in the Crimea. This is a place where animals feel good.

Often people think that zoos are not the most pleasant objects. But if we are talking about such institutions in the Crimea, the opposite is true. In 2017, the ticket price is 500 rubles. It may seem a lot. However, for the joy you feel there, it’s inexpensive! You can get there by car or by the 24th bus from Yalta from the Spartak stop.

If you decide to visit the Crimea in September 2017, be sure to do it. For the happiness you get there, it will be quite inexpensive.

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