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Where to go to rest in the fall in September, October, November

Where to go in the fall in 2017 and relax with comfort?

Holidays in the fall allows tourists to have fun without ado. The velvety calm of this season is not only happy with a comfortable temperature, but also with a mass of events that are as good as the summer holidays. And if your vacation is scheduled for autumn 2017, then we offer you an overview of the best places where you can go both independently and with children.

Who is at sea? — September is calling!

In September 2017, you can soak up the gentle rays of the sun on the beaches of many overseas resorts. Warm sea, clean sand and peace — what else is needed for a quality holiday?

The southern coast of Spain in the autumn is more than hospitable. In September, the water temperature here warms to the level of + 24 ° C, the air is also quite pleasant — about + 28 ° C.

  • With children in September it is quite possible to relax in the coastal hotels of the Mediterranean, for example, in Valencia.
  • Costa Brava differs in a cooler climate, but from this the September rest becomes as comfortable as possible. Such conditions are ideal for inspecting local architectural monuments.
  • Barcelona is the pearl of Spain, which attracts its guests with bright entertainment.

If you need a more budget vacation, then in September 2017 it is advisable to stop the choice on Greece and its islands. In early autumn, it is especially good to spend time with children — developed infrastructure, plenty of entertainment and heated water pools. And if the sea is turbulent, then in the first-class hotels in Greece, you may well have something to do.

Many tourists in September 2017, seeking to go to Cyprus. The sea in the fall is especially warm here — about + 26 ° C. Air temperature is also favorable — + 30 ° C. Service in the resorts of Cyprus is developed quite well and can suit absolutely any category of tourists, including families with children. Kids will love the huge water park “Fasouri Watermania” and will leave indelible impressions in their memory.

The sea in autumn in Cyprus is especially warm — around + 26 ° C. Air temperature is + 30 ° C.

September continues — which excursion tour to choose?

In September, you can relax not only at sea. In the autumn, especially at the very beginning, sightseeing tours are popular. Where can you go at this time of year? Tourists who wish to go abroad, for the purpose of cultural pastime, are waiting for the following countries:

In September, the choice of routes is incredibly rich, plus everything, prices in this period begin to decline gradually. Holidays with children at this time of year are most interesting in Switzerland, where large and small amusement parks will operate.

In addition, before those who have to go on vacation in September 2017, offers an amazing opportunity to make a tour covering three places at once — Kenya, India and Brazil. To the gaze of tourists, amazingly beautiful landscapes will open up and they will have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine in all the countries listed. Be sure — you will have enough impressions until the next holiday!

«Velvet» September … in the mountains?

You can relax in September in the mountains. For those who prefer ski resorts, and at the same time can not wait for their opening, open French Tin and Austrian Sölden. There are glaciers that do not get tired of receiving a huge number of guests every year.

In September, many travelers want to go to Switzerland, where they can go skiing in Zermatt and Saas-Fee. Tourists will love the rather high areas for skiing, where everyone can be delivered by special lifts.

Tourists will love the rather high areas for skiing in Zermatt (Switzerland), where everyone can get special lifts.

What will delight tourists rainy October?

Do not be upset if your vacation in 2017 fell in October. There is a sufficient number of resorts, where you can go to relax with a budget of different sizes.

A special attraction for many are visa-free countries. In addition, in October 2017 the prices for such trips are very comfortable. So, you can choose:

  • Tunisia — it miraculously combines an unusual for us mentality and ancient traditions. In October, it is especially good to spend time at sea, as the sweltering heat gradually loses its position in front of a milder climate. During the day, the air temperature reaches no more than + 26 ° C, water — + 23 ° C.
  • Cyprus — in October it is still open for holidaymakers who prefer to bask on the beaches. The weather at this time of the year here is quite comfortable, and the abundance of fruits and delicious cuisine will surely delight travelers.
  • Israel is one of the best options for a holiday in October. The calm atmosphere attracts tourists with children here in the fall. The Red Sea is still warm — about 27 ° C, and the air warms up to + 30 ° C during the day. Particular attention should be paid to the resort of Eilat, where the rainy season begins only in November, unlike other places where rainy weather “peeks” as early as October — mainly in the second half of the month.

Love the exotic? — October will provide it!

In October, tourists may well visit exotic countries. Such a vacation is more expensive, but gives a truly unforgettable experience. The most attractive are the islands that are located in the center of the ocean. These include:

  • Mauritius;
  • Canaries;
  • Dominicana;
  • Maldives.

Would you like to plunge into summer paradise in October? Then choose one of these islands. They will meet you with amazing landscapes and an abundance of tropical fruits. Here lovers of diving and windsurfing will find for themselves and will be able to come close to the wonders of the underwater world.

If in October 2017 you are looking for a more budget option, then in this case you should pay attention to exotic Indonesia. But going to rest in this country in the fall, you should remember about its tropical climate. For example, Bali is characterized by hot heat — about + 33 ° C during the day, and torrential rains often occur at night in Sumatra, with high humidity. However, at the same time, all the inconveniences are fully compensated by the warm ocean waters, the temperature of which reaches + 27 ° C.

Going to rest in Indonesia in the fall, you should remember about its tropical climate. For example, Bali is characterized by heat, while in Sumatra it rains and high humidity.

And what October festivals do you know?

In October, it is worth going to one of the holidays in Europe or Asia.

  • Feast of love — it is celebrated in October in Israel. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Soviet holiday of the First of May — multinational columns parade parade, while advocating for love and friendship.
  • Camel races — this action takes place in October in the United Arab Emirates. Desert ships take part in races, and the winner’s owner receives a cash prize and a golden sword. The spectacle is quite ambitious and deserves attention.
  • Festival of vegetarians — it is held in Thailand. Phuket invites all travelers in October to see this event with their own eyes. For nine days there has been a strict ban on meat and alcohol.

November prices are the lowest!

Holidays in November 2017 may be available. In the fall you have the opportunity to go as the sea with the children, as well as in search of active entertainment.

Especially attractive in the fall is Pattaya, where all those who wish to rest comfortably and inexpensively go. Here travelers are greeted with white sandy beaches, picturesque nature and clear sea waters. In addition, the rainy season ends in November, during the day the air temperature does not exceed + 30 ° C, at night it falls a little — to + 25 ° C, and the sea is still warm — about + 27 ° C.

In the fall, many opt for the resorts of Vietnam. A beach holiday there in 2017 promises to be especially comfortable. The optimal temperature of water and air, dry climate and gentle sun — these conditions are enough to go to rest in the southern part of Vietnam with the children.

Eilat and its Dead Sea collect a huge number of tourists on their beaches in November. In the autumn, especially at the end, the weather here is cool, there is no rain, the average daily temperature reaches + 28 ° C, water — + 26 ° C. It is also quite possible to come with children.

Dominican Republic will provide the most diverse beach holiday. Even in November you can go diving, surfing and snorkeling. To help diversify the program sailing on yachts and various sports right on the beach.

At the end of autumn you will not get bored!

If in November 2017 the sea does not attract you, then you can relax in a different way.

  • Halloween is a spectacular event celebrated in Germany not far from Darstadt, where those who lack thrills rush. On the streets you can see vampires and witches, meet the hanging gallows, devils and other vermin. Carnival opens in November — the 11th, and lasts until Lent. And if your vacation will take place in the fall, be sure to visit the ruins of Frankenstein Castle, where you will get a large portion of adrenaline and fun.
  • Elephant Festival — it is also held in the fall in Thailand. In November — 15-16 numbers — the real show begins, the main characters of which are elephants. About hundreds of huge animals perform various stunts, thereby delivering an indescribable pleasure to the audience.

November is a great time to visit Mexico.

The best places for November and trips that are worth giving up!

Immediately you should pay attention to the country where to go in November is not worth it. In the top anti-resorts are:

This is due to the fact that the beach season is already closed in the first three countries in November, as the temperature of the water and the air has dropped significantly, and cold winds start blowing with special force. In Sri Lanka, an intermonsoon period falls at this time of the year, so there is a high probability of heavy rains. In November, a significant amount of precipitation is also expected in Bali, although the water and air temperatures remain at an optimal level for excellent rest.

Better head for the Canary Islands. They are practically near Africa itself, so the water in the sea there is warm throughout the year. The air temperature, which is + 26 ° C in November, contributes to getting a tan and does not cause discomfort during excursions. Plus, in 2017, the cost of tickets to the Canaries is quite acceptable, but tourists still have to pay for the highest level of comfort.

In November you can head to Mexico. Beach vacation there is truly beautiful and is considered one of the most prominent in the world. Some hotels in Mexico offer travelers to stay in rooms with glass walls, looking through which it seems that the sea is very close — you just reach out and you can touch the blue azure of the waves and collect a handful of white sand.

Goa is also a suitable place to spend your holidays in November. At this time, the air temperature there is more than comfortable, and the climate becomes dry, which allows you to bring the quality of rest to the ideal rate. The average water temperature is + 27 ° C — the waves will be warm and gentle.

Autumn is a great time to relax. Holidays at this time of year can be spent in different ways. Choose a country, pack up your bags and go ahead — towards unforgettable impressions!

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